American Idol: Top 24 Girls Night

1 03 2012

The second night of Top 24 was Girls Night…

I came down pretty hard on the boys for their song selection, and to be honest, I didnt have super highexpectations that the Girls would be much different.

I would give them a grade, overall, of about a C. Very safe,  very mediocre at times. NOt only were there some pitchy performances, and disappointing song choices… 2 people sang the SAME Adele song! I kid you not! This is absolutely baffling to me. Yes, contestants get to ;choose their song’ in this round. But isnt there some producer, somewhere, that could quietly suggest another pick? There are about a kazillion songs that would do the trick. And it wasnt even ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

I’m just… totally confused by the contestants lack of ability to pick a great song – they’ve been working up to this point ‘their entire lives’, and have probably had this night on their radar for months. There are songs that you pick to sing on tuesday night karaoke and wings special… then there are songs are meant to launch your career. If you can’t tell the difference…

Let’s get to last night’s performances

Chelsea – Sang Cowboy Cassanova. Sigh. Just because you like that song when it comes ont he radio, doesnt make it right for you. She was waaaay off in places and looked super nervous. Maybe it’s because she knew she had picked the wrong song. Next…

Erika Van Pelt – a DJ with a rocker edge, I was very interested to hear more from her. She sang what About Love – actually, a very good choice for her vocal range and style. I agree with JLo, she probably couldve let loose a bit more. Even though she did a great job at signing the song, she couldve had a KILLER performance and absolutely slayed it with her vocal abilities. I havent seen enough of her, but in comparison to everyone else last night, she’s a Top 10.

Jen Hirsh -the first girl to take on Adeles ‘One and Only’. She was one of my favourite voices from early on, she nailed Holywood week and had a breakout group day performance. I don’t think we saw everything she has in her arsenal, because she took the song down a few notches. But, it’s tough to cram her talents into one song. She’s had better performances in the past, but this was solid.

Brielle – chose Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay… a difficult song for a female to sing because of its low register. She was…. not bad. At the very least she showed that she DOES have a unique soul voice, she chose a good song to prove it, but she’s such a young performer that she may have reached too high with this song at this stage. Sounds a bit like Haley Reinhart from last season. no?

Hallie Day – was a frontrunner from the beginning and throughout Hollywood. She’s had some really knockout performances. I was hoping for another homerun last night, and was OK with her song choice of ‘Feelin’ Good. But it was kind of a let down… minus a few shakes of her hair… the performance was flat as a flapjack, and her vocal decisions werent always the best. Tough one.

Skylar Laine – Did a few things right. First, she was the picture of confidence on stage. Second, she chose a recognizable song and made it fit her style. Where I wasnt a huge fan, was her spastic and uncontrolled performance overall. She wore a very precarious outfit, jumped around in sky-high heels, and had some crazy dance moves. It was either high-octane and perfect for this show, or it was a little awkward. I havent decided yet.

Baylie Brown – Turned the night into the talent portion of a Miss Cruiseship pageant with her rendition of ‘Amazed’ by Lonsestar. I could hardly watch. The song is so ‘lite adult contemporary’, and she’s such a young girl with so much potential. Terrible song choice, the worst of the night in my opinion. Her voice is good, but I couldnt get past the insipid song selection. Is that really her taste in music? Really? To make it worse… the obligatory “well, I had fun” in response to criticism.

I need to move on, I cant take it…

Hollie – Reflection. Sigh. I thought we wereover this song, but apparently theres a whole generation of kids that grew up watching Mulan, and are now trying out for American Idol. Yes, she has a nice voice. But this song lost its emotional oomph the last 50,000 times a young girl with a big voice sang it in competition.

Haley – Sweet Dreams… I had high hopes. It’s a great song! I didnt think I could hate it so much. Haley murdered this song unfortunately. It was all over the place, she dipped when she shouldve stayed on the note, she did runs where it was unnecessary, she was almost a full note sharp pretty much the entire song. It was a vocal hot mess.

Shannon – The volleyball player that Steven hit on in her audition, has been lighting up the competition since Hollywood. She went for the juggular last night with a powere ballad, Go Light Your World. The only problem I had with this choice, was that it showed nothing about her as an artist. What the heck kind of record would she release? Hopefully not a selection of inspirational hits. She was actually one of the better true singers of the night though…

Jessica SAnchez – Made sure to tell us that she has been sick all week, and that her vocal chords are swollen, and that she’ll do ‘her best’ to sing tonight. Then she absolutely lets loose and tears the cover off ‘Love You I do’. I wouldve respected her more if she hadnt ‘pre-warned’ us with a dramatic sob story… just sing girl! Definitely one of the best of the night, however, I have to say she’s still a little bit ‘young’ for me. Not when she sings, when she speaks.

Elise Testone – Ends the night with a soulful version of (the all too familiar) One and Only…second time we’ve heard this one tonight. One of the many reasons why you shouldnt sing the same song as another competitor ont he same show is that it makes it easy to compare one singer to the other. In this case, I think Elise did a better job with the song.

So we HAVE to choose a top 5 plus wildcard from this group eh?
If I had to make a decision,  it would be: Elise, Jen, Jessica, Shannon, Brielle . Wildcard? Maybe Hallie based on previous performances, or Skylar because at least she’s got some personality.








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