American Idol: Picking the Top 13

2 03 2012

The first ‘results’ show of the new season was a 2 hour marathon last night on American idol.

All this to select the Top 13.

I feel like these contestants have been through… alot to get here.

From Auditions, to Hollywood, Groups, Vegas, Solos… all for a shot at making the show. It has been intense!

In saying that, I really wish that this week had been a better effort from each hopeful. I mean, we had some pretty lame, dull and karaoke performances from a group of people who have been knocking our socks off previously. I struggle to come up with answers. It could be the stress of the first ‘live’ show. Could be confusion about song choice. Could be that they got some conflicting advice.

Either way, we had a Top 10 to name, and 3 wildcards to add last night.

Here were the Top 10:

Girls: Hollie, Elise, Skylar, Jessica, Shannon
Guys: Hejun, Jermaine, Philip, Colton, Joshua.


Yep. I would say, I mostly agreed with the girls. The rest of the competition was pretty weak last night, there were really not too many others deserving of the vote. But for the guys? I thought Hejun was less than stellar (but he has an awesome personality… and a dad with 20 cell phones!) and Jermaines performance was cheeseball and old fashioned. I was fairly certain that Adam, or Creighton or Reed would be sitting in one of those chairs.

So the judges picked 6 people to sing for the Wildcard, and 3 would be selected to join the Top 13. With so many of my favourites sitting out, I knew I was going to be disappointed in the end.

Judges chose: Deindre, Jen, Brielle, Jeremy, Erika and Reed to sing for the Wildcard. All of them performed LEAGUES better than the previous nights, Randy is right, they should be singing for their lives with EVERY performance.

In particular Deindre, Erika and Jeremy rose to the occassion and were the judges Wildcard choices.

Little upset that Adam or Creighton didnt get a sniff at the Top 13, but I can’t always have my way.

At the end of the show, they also announced the ‘Theme’ for next week. The guys will be taking on Stevie Wonder, and the Girls will pay tribute to Whitney Houston.

Can we talk about that for a second? There are going to be Whitney Tributes for YEARS, in the same way every time someone sings a Michael Jackson song, it’s a tribute. So, I’m not really surprised they are the first to do a “Tribute show” to the greatest voice of our generation. However, what gets me is that since the very first reality singing competition, contestants have been chastized and criticized for choosing Whitney Houston songs because they are ‘untouchable’. It makes for an easy comparison between a wannabe and The best of all time (arguably). It’s like, the number 1 or 2 rule of this genre. Don’t sing Whitney. So now, next week, the girls are FORCED to take on the biggest songs in Pop history, sang by an unmistakable icon, weeks after her untimely death?

Big shoes. And perhaps a little unfair to foist on them week 1 of Top 13. Just my opinion.




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