The Bachelor March 6th: ‘Women Tell All’

6 03 2012

I used to think the ‘Women Tell All’ show was filler, a throw away, completely fake and unimportant to the ‘flow’ of The Bachelor season.

I’m never thrilled when it airs, because I generally speaking don’t learn anything new, nor so I care what the eliminated women have to say.

I was of the same mind this year, but I am loyal to the show (and to my readers who have to sit through the same sloppy TV that I do…) so I tuned in again last night.

I’m not a fan of recapping each girls ‘journey’ on the show – who cares? We’ve already seen it. This is a tactic used to give Chris leading questions, show a split screen where each girl cries over lost love and ABC gets another 2 hours out of the franchise.

Last night, there was a lot of recapping.

But there were some interesting moments that made the show worthwhile to me this year. First, notice that the girls had elected a spokesperson and ringleader… Emily (campaigning HARD for the next Bachelorette… after the OTHER Emily of course). Her right-hand mouthpiece was Blakely (of all people?). They ran the show. They allowed other to speak, of course, but were in control of the room the entire time. Anytime a girl wanted to chime in, you saw them look to one of those two first for permission and then for acknowledgement. Strange.

The only TRULY must-watch moment in the entire show, was when they brought out Courtney to stand trial against the other girls. Honestly, the ladies had been talking smack about Courtney for an hour and a half, and then Chris brings the poor girl out to face the music. Cruel and unusual punishment and torture in my opinion. Even if she WAS a cold hearted, fake, scene stealer… having to sit as a firing squad of overtly dramatic ex-roomies air their rage on national TV is almost a cheap shot pulled by ABC.

Do you agree?

Yes, Courtney on this show was hard to read, and Yes she said some things that were grounds for some discontentment. But girls, you know just as well as I do that when ladies are forced to share space for a long period of time under stressful situations and emotional highs/lows… we arent always poised and rational. Am I wrong?

In my opinion, from what I’ve seen on TV, what I’ve read, even with the brutal edit the show gave her… Courtney is kind of an introvert who can’t connect and work the room with charm in the same way others could. She’s not an Emily who makes up silly raps and makes friends easily. I bet Emily is the life of the party everywhere she goes. She’s not overly warm, like a Kacie B, who attracts people to her genuine disposition.

She doesnt have a TON of charisma, so she probably felt the need to fake it for the purposes of the show and to mask her awkwardness. She strikes me as someone who gets along better with one or two people in a room, rather than a huge party of extroverted individuals.They wanted their 15 minutes of fame too… they just went about it a different way. Now they judge.

Blakely. She called you a stripper because you look like a stripper. You paid to look like a stripper. You bought stripper clothes for the show, and you never met a bikini that was ‘too small’. Maybe you’re a nice person. Maybe you’re a good friend, a good sister, a good daughter. But you CHOSE a role and a ‘look’ for this show. It’s like dying your hair bright purple and wondering why people are ‘always loooking’ at you.

Anyways, they lambasted Courtney to the edge of a breakdown. I don’t think Courtney was capable of much more in terms of her emotional authenticity. It was quite frankly overwhelming. Hard to watch even. The girls were ALL trying to say their piece, ALL trying to lay the smack down, ALL demanding of a ‘sincere apology’.

Havent we all been in a situation where we’ve been misunderstood, and it finally comes to a head? This was it for Courtney. She faced her den of wolves, with no help from anyone, no support, no friends.

Kinda sad right?

Not if she ‘wins’ in the end… so stay tuned.
It DOES beg the question though… is Ben REALLY worth it?




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