The Bachelor Finale and ATFR

13 03 2012

You saw it happen, the conclusion of this seasons bachelor ended with Ben getting on his knee and proposing to Courtney with the Materhorn as a backdrop.

A storybook moment, a fairytale.

But as rarely the story ends with ‘Happily Ever After…”, there’s SO much more to talk about, isnt there?

In this case, I was equally as interested in watching the third hour, After the FInal Rose, as I was the previous 2 hours… perhaps even moreso. The lead up was a bit formulaic and dull. The best part was when each girl met the 2 other girls in Bens life, his mom and sister. It was pretty telling when they actually gave their blessing to Courtney. Of course, they liked Lindzi… who wouldnt? She smiles, presents herself very well. Her parents would be so proud. But the thing is, Ben was very obviously in love with Courtney (or at least, he liked her the most from very early on). Lindzi was a prop. IT probably couldve been any other girl in the final two, Ben had made his decision long ago. That’s what I believe, and that’s what his mom and sister picked up on.

Thye both went on final dates – Lindzi spewed out more ingratiating metaphors about falling in love, and Courtney made a scrapbook.

Lindzi got out of the helicopter first, and was given the let down of her life. Then in a final class-less act of desperation, she actually utters the words ” If anything happens, call me”. Oh. Burn. Notice how, things HAVE gone wrong, and he STILL hasnt called…right Lindz?

The proposal was a little bit anti climatic – I couldnt tell if Courtney was happier about ‘winning’ or about getting her man. Hard to say.

Can I just ask… are capes a ‘thing’ now? They both wore capes. Also, Chris Harrison was reduced to the role of greeter and cape holder the entire last half of the episode. Classic.

So are they still together?

Asked point blank in the After the Final Rose, Courtney’s not sure…well, she sorta is, then…well maybe not…tear, tear. Bring in Ben, who STILL hasnt gotten a haircut or realized that the 5 o clock shadow isnt a good look for him. He tells us that he was basically a big shmuck and abandoned Courtney when the you know what was hitting the fan. Girls got trust issues, and you bail because of a bad edit? Yikes.

So she he put the ring on it again… only time will tell if this relationship lasts. Judging by the track record, I’m guessing this time next year… the ring will be back in the Neil Lane box.





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