The Voice – Battle Round 2

13 03 2012

The battle rounds continue on The Voice – and it’s a battle alright. Two singers – One team member goes home, and one moves on to the live rounds.

Last night, we saw a few more duels for the ages, and a few more lopsided performances.

The two strongest power singers from Adams team Kim vs Whitney “No More Drama”: Whitney moves on (is it just a pure coincidence that this woman’s name is Whitney?)

From Christina’s team, an odd couple Geoff McBride vs. Sera Hill, “Chain of Fools”: Sera Hill advances (no surprise, Geoff seemed ill prepared to compete stylistically against the much younger, much sassier Sera)

From Blakes team Lex Land vs. Charlotte Sometimes, “Pumped Up Kicks“: Charlotte won the battle (Lex seemed extremely uncomfortbale with the song, and the duel from the start)

From team Cee Lo Sarah Golden vs. Juliet Simms, “Stay with Me“: Juliet Simms moves on (odd pairing results in a very odd clash of styles… physically and vocally).

Team Christina returns with Lee Koch vs. Lindsey Pavao, “Heart Shaped Box”: Lindsey Pavao wins the round (no surprise, Lee was in trouble with this song from the get-go)

Back to team Cee Lo with Jamie Lono vs. Jamar Rogers, “I Want to Know What Love Is”: Jamar Rogers advances (he truly outsang the sandwich maker, almost an unfair battle).

An entertaining bunch – If I had one kibbitz about the show structure – it’s pairing two totally different styles together. I feel liek the point of these rounds is to weed out the weaker singer. Right? So why not pair two similar singers so that one can rise over the other and the team would be more diverse in the end. When you pair two completely differnt style of singer together, you’re automatically getting rid of a vocal talent and unique style – not comparing apples to apples.

You want the strongest players on your team – so weed out the weaker ones!




One response

20 03 2012

I just don’t get a lot of the decisions made by the coaches on these battle rounds. Whitney did a good job, but Kim won over the passion of Blige’s song! Sure Juliette Simms can growl, but can she sing? I thought Lee and Lindsey melded so well together, but Lindsey definitely took the cake. I actually missed this episode when it aired so I had to find another means to watch it because I haven’t had my new Hopper installed just yet. Once I do get my new whole-home HD DVR I won’t have to worry about my kids stopping mommy’s recording because the Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime feature will have already recorded it for me. It records primetime of the major four networks and stores each day of content for up to 8 days. I cannot wait to watch The Voice every week because I’m starting to think that the coaches purposefully picked weak and strong singers so that the battle rounds will be easier for them to judge. It’s quite the strategy but I don’t think it places vocalists within their best elements.

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