American Idol Top 11 Results

16 03 2012

This was a big week for the contestants on American Idol.

Making it through THIS round, gave them  a spot in the Top 10, and perhaps even more important, a spot on the American Idol Tour bus. It means, you wont be forgotten AS soon as the people who DIDNT make the TOp 10. It means you’ve got a shot at a recording contract from this gig. It means that EVEN if you DONT win the whole shebang, you’ll oficially have a JOB after this is over.

Even with the departure of the delinquent Jermaine Jones, a contestant woudl be eliminated this week… because FOX has pre-paid for this time slot and Idol has to deliver what they promised. ALthough I wouldnt have minded seeing an entire hour of the Law & Order: AI starring Nigel Lithgow and another British producer, interrogating the unwitting Jermaine Jones in an LA hotel room. That was classic.

So after a fairly low key, mediocre night of competition… it wasnt hard to choose a bottom 3. Not that it was necessarily the ‘right’ 3, but there were definitely more than 3 pretty lacklustre performances last night.

It was an all-girl bottom 3.

Elise, Shannon and Erika.

I’m with the judges, I think Elise shouldve been rewarded for one of the best performances of the night. Unfortunately, thats not how it works. Very rarely do you ‘pick up’ new fans on this show. You need to solidify your fanbase very early on, then it doesnt matter how good or bad your night is… you fans will still vote for you.

But she didnt get eliminated, so with another great song next week… she could work her way back into a contender.

It was between  tall, blonde Shannon and Erika Van Pelt.

Shannon eliminated and sent home.




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