DWTS Season 14 Premiere

20 03 2012

The first episode of DWTS Season 14 kicked off rather impressively last night!


Usually the premiere is more about ‘potential’ and setting up the backstories we’ll follow all season. This season, it felt a little bit different. There wasnt quite as much emphasis on the Celebrity back story, as there was on executing a good first dance. Don’tfret… the sob stories, the metaphors, the weight loss cover stories… it’ll all come. But I was pleased with the pace and the week 1 talent that stormed the stage.

Celebrities are getting up for this now. It’s a chance at rejuvenating and recessitating a feldgling careeer. It’s a ‘role’ that is campaigned for shamelessly behind the scenes. It is a HUGE paycheque depending on the success of the Star. And those two factors are driving the Celebs to compete.

ut everyone has to start somewhere…

let’s get to the week 1 performances shall we?

We start with Maria Menounos who, has somehow acclaimed notoriety and a house bigger than yours despite a terrible and paralyzing affliction… her laugh. Yeah, it’s bad. Google it. However, she makes up for it with some charisma, a killer ‘bod’ (which she gets because she’s ‘sporty’) and the Ace in the hole… Derek and his army of grandmothers who will vote for him no matter WHO he gets as a partner. She was good. She’ll get better, and she’s easy to throw around and dance around.

Next Jack Wagner – who thinks very highly of himself and his career. I had to Google him and I’m still a little foggy on his ‘Star’ status. I would say at this point, his partner might be more of a celebrity than he is… that’s what happens when you’re on a hit show 14 seasons running. Anyways, he didnt blow me out fo the water, or make me a fan… but apparently his entire fan club was at the show last night.

Donald Driver, Greenbay Packer receiver – the guy’s got GREAT legs… he showed them off  in practice. I’d kill for those calves. His dancing was a bit frenetic at times, it think the excitement of the lights, the audience and the pace of the dance was a bit overwhelming. But he has potential – he’s definitely got the character, the smile and the atheticism to go far.

Gavin Degraw might be one of the biggest names on t he show this season… but his unassuming personality, and quiet wit might get overshadowed by some of the larger spotlight huggers clawing at a career rebirth. His dancing was exactly what you would expect for a ‘week 1’. He was a bit stiff, a bit slow… but very eager to learn and get better. Thats what you need to make it on this show… plus, he’s in good hands with Karina.

Obligatory Disney Star. They all look like poor boy versions of Jonas brothers to me. Roshon is young, toothy and already has ‘the moves’. I don’t know that his particular fan base watches THIS show, so he’ll have to have a break out performance quickly. He was pretty on point last night, but he used a lot more Michael Jackson/Usher moves than traditional cha cha . 

Anyone else get the idea that Sherri Shepherd has been campaigning for this job for a LONG time? She’s SO happy to be on this show, and that’s something I can connect with. Imagine getting teh role of a lifetime on your favourite show? She has a true edge because the same audience that watches The View, watches this show. She will be able to boost The Views ratings with her ‘insiders’ perspective and she’s a figure a huge auudience in a certain demographic see EVERYDAY at 11am. She delivered, because her first dance was great…

Melissa Gilbert,  who my mother knew right away as Little House on the Prairie girl. I knew her as the woman with the drug problem on Oprah. Funny, she never mentioned that in her intro. She’s very lucky to get Maks, but I forsee a lot of bickering as the competition moves onward. Does she have a big enough Star to shine? Is this her career comeback? Watch for her on People if she makes it much further. I get that vibe from her.

the Mexican Brad Pitt. Ooh lala. I see he brought a lot of fans with him. He and Cheryl are going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long time in this competition. His good looks, accent and latin american community of fans will propel him. He had a good first dance, all he really needs to do is wiggle his hips for an audience reaction… let’s see how well he does with tricky technique in coming weeks.

Tennis champ Martina Navratilova has a dancefloor at her home? Really? That’s what it looked like. I also noticed she had American flags hanging in the background of anywhere the camera landed. It’s slight, but you know the intent. She’s not ‘American’ and Foreigners do NOT do well on this show. I’m not playing the race card… it’s just a fact, and she knows it. No, she did not look comfrotable in that dress even though yes, she does still have a bulging forcep muscle! Unfortunately for her, she’s not the only athlete on the show, and she happens to be in the ‘older’ crowd.

Katherine Jenkins  –  who? Right. She’s a semi famous Brit (they LOVE those on this show!). They couldnt get Adele, so they got her. She’s lovely. She’s blonde, fit and has an accent. She also dances with Mark ballas who can make ANYONE look ‘cracking’. She received very high scores for a well executed foxtrot.

Redefining the role of ‘token old legend’  Gladys Knight took the stage and the audience by storm! She moves extremely well, has charm and personality for days and nothing to lose. Her career doesnt hinge on winning or losing. She’s here simply to edify her own interests and satisfaction. She may not win, but she wont be a shrinking, shriveling old violet that withers and lets age become an issue.

The final dance was performed by Jaleel White- AKA Urkel! One of the most classic TV characters of my generation. I was geeking out at the chance to see him again. THIS guy is exactly the right ft for this show. A guy who needs a career jumpstart after years of laying low, in the shadow of his iconic character. And he could be a contender! He was fantastic this week, and its only week 1! I  am so pleased to see him blossom into a starpping young man and a heck of a good dancer.








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