American Idol Top 9: Results

30 03 2012

After a night of unmatchable Top 9 performances, I was seriously dreading the American Idol Results Show last night.

Eliminating one of these singers seems unjust after such a stand out week of performances. It seems impossible pick the best or the worst of such a strong group. I guess this is where personal preference comes into play.

Did America dig Colton the way I digged Colton?
How many country fans are out there voting for Skylar?
Is Joshua starting to bore people with his abilities?
What is Deandres ‘target market’?
Is Heejun just a joker and playing us all?
Should Philip try to mix it up?
Has Elise finally found a fan-base?
Can Jessica ever really TOP her Whitney song?
Will criticism from the judges affect Hollie’s votes?

America voted, to my absolute pleasant surprise, the same way I wouldve voted last night.

Bottom 3: Skylar, Hollie and Heejun

the final result? Heejun was eliminated and sent home – after arguably his best week.





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