The Voice: Battle Round 2 Results

11 04 2012

Adam and CeeLo’s teams were shaping up and shipping out on last night’s Voice results show.

The performances were lopsided … you would agree. Everyone would agree. Even Adam (fresh off a devastating breakup, if you believe what you read) looked defeated and let down by his team. Good thing the show is set up for redemption. Any singer can prove themselves anew if they don’t make the first voting cuts.

And last night… they did.

Each singer performed better last night than they did on Monday – something Adam was both proud and disappointed by.

Here’s how the voting shaped up:

Team Adam
» Mathai
» Tony Lucca
» Pip

Bottom: Katrina Parker, Kim Yarbrough, Karla Davis

Team Cee Lo
» Juliet Simms
» Jamar Rogers
» James Massone
Bottom: Cheesa , Tony Vincent, Erin Martin

Adam saved Katrina and CeeLo chose Chessa to rejoin their teams in the next round.

Tough choices, but I think the best from each team are represented in the end.




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