American Idol: Top 7 Results

20 04 2012

This is when it starts getting hard to watch the American Idol results shows.

No, not because they insist on making the contestants sing in Mickey Mouse Club group performances, or the agonizing Ford commercials, or plugging the new record of the demi-celebs in the audience.

Because now is the time in the competition when you look very critically at who remains, and start to make some tough decisions about who really is the Best of the Best.  Did anyone think that Holly would make it past Colton? Or that Jessica would need the judges save last week? Last weel’s bottom three was a complete mystery…

The bottom 3 this week wasnt particularly jaw dropping based on the performances on Wednesday night.

Colton, Holly and Elise.

Colton didnt get rave reviews from the judges, and I wonder if that swayed voters? Holly was stronger than she’s been, but still completely unmemorable (how many Liverpuddlians are voting for her?!) and Elise was highly criticized for her final performance, virtually sealing her fate in the bottom 3 again.

There’s a case for all, I wouldnt have been surprised by any of them leaving. But I didnt WANT Colton to leave, and he did.

If we start voting out the unique artists, we are left with a Jordin Sparks or Dianna DiGarmo situation in the finals. It will be Phillip and Holly in the final 2, and the mass audience will vote for Holly as the safe alternative to the ‘artist’. That’s my nightmare.

So it’s now a Top 6 that has weak links… and we ahve to sit through yet another week of Holly struggling to find the pitch in  a power ballad and the judges telling her how ‘pretty’ she looks tonight.





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23 04 2013
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Very descriptive post, I liked that bit. Will there
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