DWTS: Week 6 Results

25 04 2012

Last night, we got rid of another dancer on the Week 6 DWTS Results show.

I’m not upset yet.

None of the major favourites have been in jeopardy, therefore I have had little opinion on who should go home on any given week. I didnt want to see Gavin go home, I felt it was too early… but I’m not broken up, he wasnt very good. On this night, there were a few dancers I felt were worthy of leaving based on their performances.

Gladys Knight, Roshon Fagan, Melissa Gilbert and Maria Menunous were ‘in jeopardy’ of elimination last night. I can’t say I’mattached to either one of them, and I wouldnt have really been upset by any outcome.

I said last night that the reason Gladys made it to Week 6 was because it wouldve been a horrendous mistake for the producers NOT to have Galdys involved in Motown week. Horrendous, and it wouldnt have happened. So, i mentioned in my blog yesterday that it would be fitting then, that Gladys be eliminated AFTER her (contractua)l involvement in Motown Week.

Therefore, not only was I NOT suprised when the red glow fell on her, I was completely vindicated in my analysis of the situation.

She and Roshon ‘danced for their lives’, but we all knew Gladys would be padded with copious adoration for her iconic career, and sent on her way.






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