American Idol: Top 5 Results

4 05 2012

Results shows are tough at this stage in the American Idol Season.


Even though Randy said this was the best Top 5 ever… I considered 2 or 3 of them mediocre and in danger after wednesday night’s performances. Philip didnt knock it out of the park as he ususally does, Holly was, as always, forgettable at best, Skylar was pitchy in that last song – and they know it now that they’ve watched it back, Jessica has been coasting a bit… the only one that had a stand out night was Joshua, which we have come to expect.

So now people are voting for who they want to win this thing…right? It’s not really about the individual performances of any given night, it’s about their whole body of work to this point, and who people think should be the next ‘Idol’.

We can talk more about this…after we get to the results from last night.

Joshua. Safe

Holly and Philip. Holly in the bottom, Philip safe.

Jessica and Skylar. Jessica safe, Skylar in the bottom.

Bottom two: Skylar and Holly

Holly has had an express ticket to the bottom since the Top 10. Could it finally be her time? Skylar was highly praised last night, but sitting where I was sitting, she was screechy and pitchy in that last ballad.

The person eliminated… Skylar.

Holly slays another dragon.

So, who will the mass voting audience decide is their American Idol? The decision is made NOW.

Is it the raw acoustic Philip Phillips? Not everyone ‘gets’ his Dave Matthews vibe.

Is it the 16 year old phenom with the Whitney voice, Jessica? A few years ago, I wouldve said she was the shoo-win, the perfect picture of what the Simon Cowell regime crowned a commercial goldmine.

Is it Joshua, with ‘the voice’ ‘the gift’… he is literally the male version of Fantasia, and as highly praised as Fantasia was in her Idol stint, she was not THAT successful at finding a broad market later on.

Or… is it the blonde ballad singer Holly. She brings nothing creative or new to the table, except a good voice. Maybe, that’s what America values over everything else.





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