The Bachelorette: Week 2

22 05 2012

Emily is a fantastic Bachelorette – I’m sure producers bargained HARD for her! She’s eloquent, she’s ‘put together’, she’s confident – and for such a knock out, she’s extremely unpretentious and grounded.

Ya, she’s a catch.

She’s PERFECT for this show.

The guys? I’m not sure that many of them would be in her category in an average ‘real world’ situation. I don’t know them well enough, but I really feel like Emily has a better chance at meeting a quality guy in the ‘real world’ that she lives in. But that’s no fun…is it?

This week, the dating begins!

The first One on One is given to Ryan – who expects to be swept away on a helicopter to scale a tall building and kiss Emily under a canopy of stars. Instead, Emily takes him home to bake cookies, put away groceries and run errands. I loved this! 100% through the Muscle for a loop and forced him to act happy about it for the camera. Emily deftly shows Ryan ‘her world’. He was NOT a great actor in this situation, he kept expecting the helicopter to show up and it was written all over his face the entire day.

Emily didnt seem to notice, but she did challenge him with some tough questions at dinner. This guy admitted to being all about ‘the chase’. Like Kristen Wiig would say, ‘Red Flag’! Whatever, it’s too soon to tell, so Emily gives him the Rose.

Group date!

Probably the corniest group date in Bachelorette history. Kermit the Frog and Piggy show up at a theatre to teach the guys how to perform – later that day, they will perform WITH the muppets for charity. Emily was forced to act in cheeseball skits, such as ‘Kermit zips up her dress’, ‘Emily kisses the Frog’ etc. Completely moronic.

Later that evening, the guys all try to ‘woo’ Emily with meaningful conversation. And a villain is born (wow, producers wait until week 2! What admirable constraint shown by the Bachelor editors!) Kalon (I know, sounds like a planet, right?) looks like a character right out of Gossip Girl. He’s rubbing the guys the wrong way, and delivers the d-bag remark of the night. “I wouldnt like me if I were you either”. Boom!

The guy with the Bruno Mars hair and the inability to look anyone in the eyes while speaking to them, Jef (yup, one f) gets the Rose. I’m not going to debate that decision, it’s far too  early on to understand her selections.

The last One on One date is with Joe – and he gets the date Ryan wanted. They ride on a private jet to West Virginia. They take a vintage car to the Greenbriar Resort, a scene right out of Gone with the Wind. Southern opulence in fine form.

Joe fails to impress. He has no plans for the future, he also has absolutely no personality. So he does NOT get the Rose and packs his bags.

Not alot of drama to speak of at the Rose Ceremony – it IS only week 2 !

2 guys who we had no emotional connection to went home…

The biggest conversation points fromt his episode is the ‘drama’ between Kalon and most of the other men. He’s going to continue to be a d-bag on camera and a gentleman infront of Emily. But he wont win, so don’t worry your pretty little head about it all. It helps the storyline of the show, enjoy it.




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