DWTS: Season 14 Winner…

23 05 2012

… is probably not who you expected.

Am I right?

By now you’ve heard/seen that Donald Driver (Greenbay Packer) won the coveted mirrorball trophy in last night’s DWTS Season 14 Finale.

I’ll admit it. I was way off. I thought Donald would come third, behind the latin lover, and that the Welsh Wiggler would take top spot. Katherine was in top spot all season long, where other stumbled along the way, she was consistantly the front runner and the one pushing the envelope. But that’s not the ONLY way to win this show. You have to have fan support from day one, you have to peak at the right time, and you have to deliver a knock out in the final round.

I think that William had a chance, but did NOT deliver the most memorable final freestyle. I think Katherine might have peaked slightly early, and did not always have the middle america vote (remember what I said week 1… she’s European, she might have a slight disadvantage. Now you believe me… I’m not accusing America of racism, but it’s a factor). America would much rather see a sports hero from a beloved franchise come from behind and take the title! That’s the story they wanted.

So Donald Driver is the 14th person to win DWTS… congrats Donald, your stock is through the roof, good way to spend an off season.



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