American Idol: Season 11 Winner…

24 05 2012

…is Philip Philips.


You shouldnt be.

A white guy with an acoustic guitar has won this competition A LOT! IT seems to be the recipe for success.

I’m not complaining, I downloaded his single after he won last night – it’s a great tune! I jsut think it’s interesting to point out the pattern that has emerged. In the first few seasons, the Whitney power singers were always considered the frontrunners and the producers were always on the hunt for the ‘full package’ Star – the tide has changed… has the audience?

Philip Philips is an artist – but he is not the ‘Star’ Idol producers want to be the face of the franchise. It wont matter if he sells enough albums… but it is going to be a painful entrance to superstardom for Philip. He’s going to make the morning show rounds and stumble over his humility on live TV. He’s going to be forced to sing songs he hates, and go on tour with the other Idols. He’s going to HATE his new single after singing it ad nauseum from now until… lets face it, forever.

I’m happy that my favourite won, I just think it will be a very interesting study in ‘making a star’ out of a pawn shop artist.



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