Bachelorette Recap: Week 3

29 05 2012

I am thoroughly and shamlessly enjoying this season of the Bachelorette.

I havent fallen in love with any of the handsome suitors yet, but I have fallen in love with the new touches and navigation of the show Emily seems to have input on.

For example, I love the fact that she had her real-life friends (who should have their own sitcom…seriously!) question the guys and stand around and gossip about them playing with children at the park. I also love the fact that she is taking men on dates to places SHE where she has a connection and memories.  Lastly, I love that she seems to be very confident in her search, and isnt taking any ‘fluff or guff’ from men she doesnt see a fit with…. she’ll just send you packing (heck, she sent 3 home this week!). Atta girl! In fact, I get the feeling if she had it ALL her way, she could pick out the top 5 contenders, and call a limo for the others right now. They’re just a distraction.

Let’s get to last night…

The first one on one date was with Chris – or the child of Gerard Butler and Tim Tebow… c’mon, you see it too! Of course, they climb a building in a thunderstorm. Good thing Chris is such a good man, he was right beside her the whole time (let’s be realistic, he was strapped in right beside her, and I dont know any guy who would just bolt up the building and look back…he’s no hero.) Chris had the motive – he told the camera about half a dozen times that he was going in for a kiss. He got his opportunity after dinner, when the two went country dancin’ in the moonlight. There was some smooching. And a Rose was offered and accepted.

The group date… was just awesome TV. Emilys friends grilled the guys on their preparedness for Fatherhood, their reasons for being here, their previous relationships… and even made them do tricks. If this was a date on The Bachelor… it would be disturbingly masochistic. But men forced to do push ups…. I dont have an issue. Y’all spend hous in the gym so that when the time is right, you can press to impress.

A little bit corny to bring out a busload of children to test the playfullness of the guys. One guy who was not into it, was Ken Doll Ryane Juicehead came over to try and banter with the gaggle of girls and fell flat with some lame flirting tactics. The worst was his declaration (in jest?) that if his woman ‘got fat’ he would still ‘love them but not love ON them’. Classy.

Some guys made a good impression: Sean the Blonde, Doug the Dad…

That evening, Emily gave the Rose to Sean (a guy I hadnt noticed until last night, and who now I consider a frontrunner). Also Tony breaks down over missing his son. He calls him a bunch of times to ma sure he’s still a ‘good father’. Emily sits him down and gracefully extends him the offer to leave because she wouldnt want to take him away from his son jsut to let him go further down the road. She is so poised , this wouldve been an awkward crying, hurtful mess if anyone else was the lead. She comes from a place of honesty, and I think that is essential during this highly emotional process.

The next one on one was with Arie in Dollywood. As usual, they had the complete run of the park grounds – they were the only people there. How much fun can that possibly be? Then Emily leads Arie into the Dolly Parton theatre to write a song… and guess what happened next? Well, land a goshen, spit n’ the ocean… Dolly Parton, the legendary blonde hourglass was there to greet them. Emily tried to pull off gobsmacked… but even Dolly saw through it. ‘You’re surprised? To see Dolly at Dollyland?” Burn! But Emily was genuinely smitten with the whole experience – I dont think it mattered one rednecked dollar who was with her… it was all about her and Dolly.

Arie was there too, and they shared a ride on the carousel before ending the date. There was some smooching, Emily gushed about the kind of man he was, and all of a sudden… Arie is a frontrunner.

At the Rose ceremony, guys continued to put their foot in their mouths. Allessandro told Emily that Ricki was a comprimise for him. Ouch! And Kalon gave Emily the old ‘sit n’ look pretty and let the men do the talking’. Brutal! Emily gave Allessandro the number for a cab, and walked him out. She’s certainly doing alot of her own ‘weeding’ this season.

Emily gave Roses to everyone but Stevie… but the total carnage was 3 last night: Tony, Allessandro and Stevie.






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