Bachelorette Recap: Week 4

5 06 2012

It feels like this season of the Bachelorette is practically void of the overtly dramatic for-the-sake-of-TV scenarios.

Is it because Emily is keeping it to a minimum? Is it because these guys are bad actors? Or is it because they have to save it for The Bachelor Pad now? All of the above.

Emily has a very subtle, yet totally direct way of rejecting men she isnt interested in. She has very specific questions to ask of them, and if she doesnt get the right kind of response, she is swift to deliver the blow. However, she also has such a genuinely sweet disposition, that her rejections go down like sugar. Half the time, I can’t tell whether the guy himelf knows what just hit him…all of a sudden he’s in a limo!

But it is Week 4, so producers have been able to creat e a little bit of house-drama to keep the franchise afloat. There were a few you-know-what disturbers. The jocks form their clique. Doug gets picked on. Chris is insecure about his age. Ryan’s a crazy person. and we get our first 2-1 date of the season!

Let’s start with the One on One date with Daddy Doug. First stop on the Board of Tourism promotional tour, Bermuda. the two go walking around the isalnd (not difficult to do in one day, I’ve done it.) It’s the perfect back drop, however, maybe next time they ask about the weather on the dates they will be shooting. It looked absolutely frigid. Missing the opportunity to get Emily in a bikini, and the men topless. Huge oversight. At any rate, Doug plays the perfect dad – and Emily questions him on it. She didnt really get what she wanted, but I guess she appreciated the fact that he IS such a nice guy and a good father.

He sticks around and gets a Rose (but not a lot of action).

The group date was a sailing competition, that Emily looked completely uninterested in watching. If she doesnt want to watch it, why would I? I guess there were two boats racing, and it looked super difficult, and somehow the guys who were clearly in the lead for much of the race, were suddenly overtaken in the end. Strange. Those guys got to have more time with her that night, the others were sent back to the hotel.

So guys like Ryan, Jef, Ari etc. got some more alone time with Emily. Ari cemented his position with a good old fashioned make out session on the beach. Jef… hardly looks at her when he talks, looks so uncomfortable sitting beside a woman, and has a bouffant. I dont get it. I dont get him. And I certainly dont get why Emily would have any interest in him. It looks like a school teacher relationship to me…and I’m not OK with that.

Jef, of all people, gets the Rose.

The 2 on 1 date, is by far one of my favoueite features of The Bachelor franchise. I love this date. It’s so painfully awkward, and the silence makes for the WORST TV… so bad it’s good. Usually, the lead will pick two peple that are totally different… to determine which they want to keep around. Last night, Emily picked two very quiet and unassuming guys, John and Nate. Guys I had not payed much attention to, and neither had she. Nate cried when talking about his family and friends. John played the cool card. Neither of them did much to shine or stand out. Girls play this game better. On the Bachelor, the two girls invited ont his date come out guns a blazing – stealing kisses, stealing time, desperately campaigning for their lives on the show.

Emily chose the Cool Confidence of John. I guess if you HAD to choose…

At the Rose Ceremony, Chris confronts Doug about his comment about his age. It did not show any maturity on Chris’ part to pick a fight over something so minor. Doug shot him down with ease and precision. Chrs eventually moped and walked away. That was the extent of it.

Notice how quickly we’ve changed the Top of the Crazy leaderboard? It was Kalon… remember him? Now it’s definitely Ryan. He’s the obvious king of the drama, and most destined for Bachelor Pad next season.

Emily keeps him around for another week. There may be some outcry… but here’s what I figure. Emily has a Top5 or even Top 3 guys that sees any chance of developing real feelings for in the end. But this is a TV show. She cant pick those guys right now, she has to follow a process. So, instead of keeping around guys that are dull as lead, she’ll keep a few ‘fun ones’ around. Why not?

She sends home two guys: Michael, and Charlie





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