Bachelorette Recap: Week 5

12 06 2012

Bachelorette fans were waiting for drama this season.

It happened, in week 5.

We will get to it… but first lets talk about the events in week 5.

The next stop featured on the Bachelorette Tourism Network… London. Oh look! A famous London landmark. And another…

The guys gather at Trafulgar Square to receive their instructions for this week of dates. As usual, 2 one on one dates and a group date (they should be getting the hang of it by now…)

The first one on one date goes to Sean, the hunky soft spoken man of God. Producer forgot to plan the first part of their date, they were walking around a random park, talking to buskers…or something. Then they had a private dinner in the Tower of London, where Emily tried desperately to remember the script she wrote about the history of the place, and Sean pretended to be impressed. How many times do you think they had to shoot that ‘scene’? Didn’t seem to matter, these two have a good conversation and an easy connection. They share a smooch overlooking London night lights… very romantic; he gets the Rose and becomes a frontrunner in my opinion. This is the kind of guy she was looking for in Brad. Someone with heart, with passion, with integrity … unfortunately she got a bit of a rotten apple when his ‘passion’ turned into intensity. Different animal altogether…

The group date was another ‘acting challenge’ for the guys. I should be keeping count. How many dates have the guys been forced to ‘perform’ or put on costumes? Since  I doubt Emily has any input on the dates, the producers are clearly having a creative block.

The guys recited Shakespeare and Ryan got his first kiss with Emily while she was acting the role of Juliette’s corpse… oh, how romantic. Ari came out of his ‘comfort zone’ by playing the nurse complete with wig, dress and tights. There’s nothing more attractive…

The only one who looked like they were actually enjoying being in Shakespeares hometown, re-enacting one of his scripts to woo a fair lady, was Travis. I hope we’ll see a little bit more of him, he has yet to be ‘featured’, but he is certainly fun.

In the after party, it was Kalon’s spotlight. Apparently a few guys heard him have a conversation about Emily’s daughter being ‘baggage’ for whoever wins this show. Yikes. Ouch. That’s just…vile. There is nothing that awakens the protector gene in a mother more than insulting her child. It’s like throwing rocks at baby geese- you’re only safe until their mother turns around… then you better run.

Once this was brought to Emily’s attention, it didn’t take long for her to address it, like a mother goose. She attacked the subject head on – brought the guys into the room, called out Kalon and gave him one question to answer. ’Did you say this?’ his answer, was of course, ‘yes, but….’ No explanation needed. ‘Get the F… out’. Perfectly executed , Mother Goose.

The next one on one date was given to Jef. (I keep having to tell spellcheck that’s not a typo) I was looking forward to seeing this. Jef is confusing me. The skinny jeans, the side bouffant, the boyish shyness… is this really Emily’s man? She says she’s really into him. I don’t see it. And even though they had some good conversation, and he got his first smooch of the season… I’m still not convinced of this pairing.

At the Rose ceremony, not much to report. The drama went down in the pub at the group date. Ari was scolded for not telling her about Kalon earlier. But he’s a safe bet every week… so in the end, Alessandro was sent home.




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