Bachelorette Recap: Final 3

10 07 2012

Emily and the Final 3, make it Emily and the Final 2 on another really pretty Island last night.

There has been a shroud of mystery lingering over the results of this season. Popular spoiler sites have all but thrown up their hands and wondered if there would be a monumental twist that has somehow thrown them off course. The spoilers sopped at Final 3… there was an eerie silence after that. No winner was revealed, except by pure speculation.

No one could ever have speculated the outcome of last night’s elimination.

At least, I was thrown for the first ‘loop’ this season, and perhaps the biggest ‘loop’ since Vienna.

3 dates, 3 men. 2 Roses. 1 Man down…

We start with Sean. Hunky, Ken doll, soft spoken, chase after you in the street just to kiss you one more time Sean. In my opinion, he has been an odds on favourite. Their chemistry seems to be sizzling (re-watch make out scene after make out scene), he seems ready to step in as a father figure for Ricky, and he tics all the obvious boxes.

They frollick and play all day, then they have a serious sit-down discussion about life and love, then they get into a hot tub, and she ends the night with him wanting more… yah, dot, dot, dot.

Next, Jef. Sigh… Jef. I still don’t get…Jef. Apparently he’s independently wealthy, very intelligent and semi-mormon. He also has had more of Emily’s heart than I’ve realized from day one. Even though, he was scared to look her in the eye for the first month, and even more terrified to kiss her. Cooties! I just see him wilt into this pre-pubescent school boy with a big crush on teacher every time he’s with her. Is that a turn on? *shudder*

Don’t worry Sean, hipster-tight-pants didn’t get a full night with Emily either. No dot, dot dot.

Lastly, it’s Ari. probably the true front runner since day one or two. He is confident in his relationship with Emily, and when there’s a lull in the conversation… make out time! Can somebody please put together a mash-up of all the references Emily has made about kissing Ari? She loves it. It’s like, her guilty pleasure. They swim with a dolphin (totally voluntary…right Flipper?) and then retire to have an adult conversation. Ari rambles about how he would be a great father, because he’s…fun. And how first you need to be a child’s ‘buddy’. yikes. Red flag… this guy knows nothing about being a father.

oh and no dot, dot, dot for him either. 3 strike outs.

So, after 3 dates with her 3 potential suitors… Emily is understandably torn. I’m sure she really has developed sincere feelings for each of them, and likely had this top 3 selected in her head for a few weeks.

So who goes home, the week before the proposal?

… Sean.

Told you it was a shocker!

I really wish Emily would’ve provided more of an explanation – anything! ‘I’ve decided I don’t like Blondes’ ‘Ari is just a better kisser than you are’ ‘Jef is vegan’… I don’t know, something! Sean was confused, I was confused… Emily just cried.

So the Final 2… Ari and Jef.



One response

12 07 2012

I new it was gonna be sean… There was something about his eyes and the eyes never lie

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