Programming note

4 07 2014

Between the ages of 0-13, it was my mothers’ mission to keep me from becoming a couch potato. We had a TV that was used for rented VHS from the library. We had a pair of antennae that picked up a grand total of 3 stations. CBC, a fuzzy local CTV, and a French channel.

Guess what happened?

Liberation and a revelation. Eventually, we got a cable hook up – and I began to watch TV like a religion. Like a habit. Like a hobby. I went on the study mass media and film in University. My first job? A runner at the CBC. My second job? Communications and copy writing for a film and TV studio in Toronto.

Guess what I still want to do every night, any night, when I get home from work? TV is a hobby. I am not ashamed of that. I’ve read some statistics that suggest 99% of the western world has a TV set. This is a bigger hobby than soccer, football, scrap booking or piano lessons.

I started this blog to have that conversation. To talk about the hours of enjoyment I can thank my TV for. To pay tribute to what it has given me: a window to the world, a good laugh, a good cry, monumental news and events, curiosity, a lullaby as I fall asleep and a common bond with so many friends and fellow-watchers around the world.

While I have stepped away from nightly recaps and commentary – rest assured I have not abandoned my TV habits. Nor should you. Keep watching, keep enjoying, keep talking about what lights up your screen every night.

Feel free to leave comments TV hobbyists. It has been a pleasure to spend my TVnights with you.

To be continued…


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