SNL Promo: Robert De Niro

3 12 2010

It’s Friday, and time for another classic SNL Promo with this week’s host… Robert De Niro!

I’m dying to see if this guy is ‘funny’…not “Focker Funny” , just funny. In this clip, my favourite person living, Kristin Wiig does a pretty great impression (is there anything she can’t so?) and gives us a taste of what’s to come on Saturday.

Watch the Promo here:

SNL Promo: Robert De Niro.

Love it.

oh, and the guest is “Diddy Dirty Money“… that’s not a new group btw. It’s good old Puff, P-diddy, Sean combs with yet another iteration of his ‘brand’. sigh… I won’t expand on that, it aint worth it.

have a great friday and what looks to be a fock-ing funny Saturday night.



9 04 2010

WOuld you like to know more about the phantom TV Night blogger?

Well… you can now read my Gripping-Tell- All interview (beat THAT Tiger…) at!

Take a gander, you can even VOTE for my interview (I might win a basket of soaps or something…):

I love my loyal readers, you all are quite literally the reason this blog gets mysteriously written daily 🙂 thanks for your readership…now pass the tissues, and enjoy my interview 🙂

March Madness…

19 03 2010

I hope you like basketball.

That’s what’s on tonight…everywhere. We’ve got Raptors, CIS playoffs and March Madness.

My suggestion for tonight is to go for a nice loooong walk, shoot a few hoops and pick 1 of 3 basketball games to fall asleep to.

March Madness. I’ll tell you what makes me MAD in March…cancelling shows for basketball games! Oh and surprise surprise, guess what “won the night” last night in ratings? Basketball. I wonder why….

Have a great TV Night…I’m digging up my old VHS of Space Jam…THAT was entertaining basketball 🙂

Lazy Friday Tidbits

12 03 2010

I could exert alot of energy complaining about last night’s American Idol…But it’s Friday. and I just dont have the chutzpah.

I do however have a few interesting points of conversation to talk about. It’s Friday, so here are some things to think about this afternoon, instead of whatever else you may be doing (or take your mind off the fact that there are a few undeserving 16 year olds who have a chance to wear the Idol crown this season)

  • Heigl is done. I swear I was JUST (not at all) missing her. reports are saying she was supposed to be back for the March 1st episode after taking time off to ‘bond’ with her new daughter (focus on quitting the death-sticks). But March 1st came and went…no Heigl comeback storyline. It would be ridiculous to bring her back at this point, theres only 4 episodes left in the season and it’s simply not enough time to make us care about her again. If you want to see her, you’ll have to invest 8 bucks to see one of her amusing attempts at movie-stardom.
  • It’s daylight savings. Clocks FORWARD this weekend…one hour closer to warm weather and mosquitos.
  • Megan Fox says she has “zero confidence”. My motivation to get up in the morning, or ever step out of my house again just plummetted.
  • It’s safe to say the attempt to remake We Are The World was a bit of a bust…overproduced, over-dramatic, random and not well-timed. Well, Canadian stars just released a similar effort, getting together in Bryan Adams home-studio (thats sooooo rockstar!) to record K’naans “Waving Flag“…and it is EPIC! Check it out, or download it on itunes.
    Musicians include: Avril, Hedley, Knaan, Sam Roberts, Nelly Furtado, Bieber, Drake, Nikki Yanofsky, Julie Black, Metric, Lights, and seriously…every other young Canadian superstar out there. It really is fantastic…I have my copy!
  • Going through Olympic withdrawel? I know you’re missing the Curling. Good news! It’s the Briers this weekend (the national curling championship) and your last chance to watch hours of curling this season. Check out TSN for all the heart-pumping action!
  • There are a BUNCH of new TV shows to check out this weekend! Be sure to schedule your time around the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, and the newest game-show Minute to Win It on Sunday night!

Friday’s Olympic Schedule…

26 02 2010

I have a late-night medal update!
Congrats Joannie Rochette winning a BRONZE last night in the marathon finals of womens figure skating!

Here’s the NEW medal picture:

and the schedule for the day looks like this (its another doozy my friends!)

12- Womens Curling BRONZE: CHI v SUI

1-Womens snowboard

3- Mens Hockey Semis: US v FIN

3:30- Mens speedskating relay Quater finals

4- Four man bobsled heats

6- Womens curling finals: CAN v SWE

9- Short track speedskating 500m

10:25- Shortrack speedskating finals

The medal count should rise substantially again today, with a guaranteed GOLD or SILVER in Curling, and some great hopefuls in speedskating relays and 500m. And women are owning Freestyle snowboard/ski races for Canada, so never count them out! Go Hometeam…!

A golden day 8!

19 02 2010

End of Day 8…and it was a loooong one! No compaints here, infact, I’m still watching a few events as I write.

Here’s a recap of some notable events:

Figure Skating- Ice Dance
THose darn Russians…they come out of the womb skating! So no surprise that the Russian team is on top after the first compulsory dance. And after a beautiful, world-class skate Canadians Virtue and Moir are in SECOND only one point behind the leaders. This is a great place to be heading into the next dance, the Original skate. Oh, and those pesky Americans are in third…yikes.

sounds morbid, but its just Luge…headfirst. In the Womens, Melissa Hollingsworth of Canada kind of cracked, and ended up in 5th. In the Mens, Jon Montgomery was Canada’s medal hopeful going in…and pulled out an incredible run! GOOOOOLLLLLDDD!!!!

**side note: The other canadian, Jeff Pain, has the COOLEST helmet…I want to see HBC use it in their next Olympic line…it’s called the “raging beaver“, and that name should say it all.

So the medal picture grows again today, looking kind of GOLDEN now!

Day 8…

19 02 2010

Its Friiiiiday! I had to look that up…I go by Olympic days, it’s day 8!

Here’s what I’m watching today:

12:30- Ski Jumping

2:30- Super G Skiing

6pm- Curling CAN v Denmark

8pm-Skeleton (finals)

9pm- Ice Dance figure skating

10pm-Womens Curling CAN v Denmark

10:30- Mens Skeleton (final)

Canadian Medal count could rise substantially today with hopefuls in the Supr G, Mens and WOmens Skeleton!

Watch it grow…

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