Battle of the Blades : Week 2

10 10 2010

Canada’s favourite past-times collide on Thanksgiving weekend… with week two of Battle of the Blades.

The bar was set uber-high last week (the first week of competition), and this week…the guys truly set a new level for the bar. There were flips and throws and death spins galore! Week two! I mentioned that right?

The theme was” Bringing Sexy Back” (a bit lame…) – We all know that hockey stars are ‘sexiest’ when they are rocking the helmet hair and spitting out teeth on the bench…(*you can judge the sarcasm), so this was a stretch!

A recap of the  performances tonight:

  • Theo Fleury is blossoming and with his partner, Jamie Sale, guiding him and working him lke a pro… he’s really embracing this new sport. A great skate, not the marks to fit in my opinion.
  • Todd Warriner is smooth and has a great chemistry with his partner, although, I’m afraid he’ll get lost in the shadows because he lacks the thrills in his performance. It doesnt hurt to counteract that with the firecracker Shae Lyn Bourne!
  • Patrice Brisbois showed that a great attitude will pay off. He comes to practice because he enjoys the process and he is really becoming one to watch in this competition.
  • Valeri Bure was stunned ot be in the bottom 2 last week…so this week, he came out with a killer performance FULL of thrills and finesse.
  • Kelly Chase is a big man lacking in artistry…but there’s something intriguing about him. He’s very raw, and has authentic emotions. It worked for him tonight!
  • George Laroque. What can I say. I look forward to seeing him every week more than any other. The tricks he can do likely in his sleep…but the mix of gentile with galoot is captivating and exciting!
  • PJ Stock…holy Bulging with the Blades! This guy is ripped! But beyond that, he had an incredible skate tonight…darkhorse? I think so!


I have to say, the performance level has made huge leaps in professionalism and dedication from the Hockey Players since last season, and it makes for some fantastic TV!


Battle of the Blades: The First Skate

3 10 2010

Sounds like a Spielberg sequel doesnt it?

This show could only work in this country…and because of that, I embrace it wholeheartedly (with a Timmies in hand!)

The level of finesse and professionalism has been raised three rungs higher than last season. All of a sudden, these bruisers want to win, and want to WORK to win. It’s amazing, there wasnt a bad performance in the bunch, and it was only the first night of performance!

Here’s what went down in the Arena:

  • Brisbois and Shaye Lyn are a power couple. He’s got the physique and Montrealers on his side.
  • Kelly Chase looks a bit like Shrek, but has potential and a whole lotta heart.
  • Todd Warriner attempted a double throw…?!?! O…M…G… If they had landed it, they wouldve gotten the score of the night. They will have a next time to perfect it guaranteed!
  • PJ Stock is a little bit out of his league here. He’s still a frosh boy at heart, and I dont see him acquiring finesse in a week.
  • George Laroque is….massive. But the man is flipping his partner like a pancake (or as Pelletier would say ‘like a seal’- that’s why we love the French!) with utter masculinity…oh, and a smile on his face the whole time.
  • Val Bure has potenital because of his speed and fluidity… that wouldve been grounds for a fight in the old hockey days i’m sure! But in this arena…it accounts for high scores.
  • Russ Courtnall had a few rough spots, and it doesnt say much when the judges say ‘that was the best I’ve seen you skate that routine’… but he has a great spirit and is skating for more than recognition.
  • Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale are arguably the penultimate couple to beat. They are both workhorses and have fire in their eyes.

A great way to start of a season, and hosts Ron and Kurt are such great MC/navigators – kudos to the CBC for hiring such a classy group of professionals…minus the addtion of Jeremy Roenick to the panel.

Battle of the Blades : Preview

25 09 2010
 Sunday night TV is getting a little more interesting this week. CBC’s sleeper hit of last year Battle of the Blades enters a new season… but how will it far without the star power of Tie Domi? It goes one better.
Now that the formula is proven, and ex-NHLers see the DWTS-like career rebirth the show offers…the stars lined up!
Here’s the new cast of Battle of the Blades: Season 2:
The Hockey players:  

  • Patrice Brisebois (we know who the Montrealers are voting for)
  • Valeri Bure (married to Full House chic…and has a pretty famous brother)
  • Russ Courtnall (big guy…his lack of finesse will be intriguing)
  • Kelly Chase (another tough-guy…)
  • Theo Fleury (fresh off the book promotion)
  • Georges Laraque (resident tough guy and Domi nemesis)
  • P.J. Stock (newbie ‘journalist’ for HNIC)
  • Todd Warriner (a Leaf-fan favourite)

A good crop of notables. And their partners are nothing to sneeze at either… here are the women given the task to make their partners into Plushenkos:

  • Isabelle Brasseur
  • Jamie Sale (sans hubby…tear!)
  • Kyoko Ina
  • Ekatareena Gordeeva
  • Violetta Afansieva
  • Shaye-Lyn Bourne
  • Christina Hough-Sweeney
  • Anabelle Langois

The show starts tomorrow, Sunday September 26th on the CBC network.

A week in pre-view

4 07 2010

Stay Thirsty my Friends…

That is to say… just because it is vacation season,  the day ends a little later and the smell of BBQ’s lingers til after 9pm – no need to go without TV Nights, Reality show gossip and news from the tube.

Unfortunately, I will not be the messenger of this info during the coming week…I will be taking a much needed (and much put off) vacation.

But I cant leave without feeling like I have left you with enough provisions to last until my return. So here are a few sites you should frequent to get your daily dose…again, just until my homecoming 🙂 – TV listings, recaps and news – Especially for my Bachelorette fans…but beware of major spoilers! – A great blog recapping and discussing reality tv (dance fans, bachelorette fans etc)

And the ususal suspects…


This week…while I’m gone, I will be PVR-ing (and taking all of next sunday to review, so dont call me!): Bachelorette, SYTYCD Top 8 (only two girls…oy vey!), Americas Got Talent (Howie is totally making this show for me…) and a week’s worth of Jeopardys…yes, I said it.

World Cup soccer is still going (and the BEST way to watch this is PVR-d….a soccer game in fastforward is just as thrilling as hockey!), I’m a fan of Germany (any wagon jumpers? I wont tell…) I would love to see a Germany Netherlands final…I will be back in time to precap that game!

I think I’ve pretty much tied up any loose ends…now if I could just fit a few more T-shirts and shorts into my suitcase without the zipper popping, all would be right in the world.

We’ll talk TV next weekend…

World Cup day 1

11 06 2010

I guess people are diggin’ World Cup for the next…month right?

Well, it’s no Olympics…but apparantly a few people like it.

I try. I really do. Because I realize it’s ‘the beautiful game’ and it’s the most played sport worldwide…but…where is the action? In a 90 minute game…there might be 4 shots. total. There might be one goal…most likely, not. Many times, it’s a Tie game 0-0…and there’s no winner. After 90 minutes…no winner.

I want to like it, and maybe this time around…I’ll find the ‘action’.

But not today. In the much anticipated first day of competition, it ended in a Tie…both games.

South Africa 1 vs Mexico 1
France 0 vs Uraguay 0


let’s hope it heats up this weekend with a battle for supremacy (arent all games?) pitting Britain (old world power) vs USA (new world power). That’s the marquee match on saturday.

Are you tuning in?

Monday Monday

10 05 2010

Ahhh yes… welcome to another edition of “Monday” ladies and gents.

What do I have planned? Take a wild stab in the dark…and if you skewered “watching DWTS in between the Montreal game” of course…you would be right.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

The final 5 battle it out…will soemone finally emerge as the front runner? They will each dance 2 individual routines. My prediction is this: Evan and Nicole will get some 10’s, and the rest will try…but ultimately end up with 8’s. I had a lovely conversation with my grandmother (an avid watcher…) about her picks…and she says she “likes Nicole, because she’s with Derek“. Interesting. would she have liked Pam An if she was with Derek? Would Doherty have fared better if she was partnered with the wonder boy? You see, Derek represents the grandchild every grandmother wishes for.
So, the fact that Nicole gets away with wearing less than her skivvies, and has no definitive personality to speak of…is probably a tribute to her partner. As your grandparents who they like…see if they come up with the same answer. That’s what you need to win this show… humility, great legs/chest, and the 75 + crowd on your side.
Tune in to see my Nana’s favourite pair dance, 8pm ABC.

And if you are a hockey fan, and/or living in the Quebec/Ontario border region… you will not be wathcing much dancing… Habs face off against the defending champs tonight  at home, 7pm CBC. Football fans take note, the police are calling in for all hands on deck tonight…because win or lose…Montreal is going to be like the epicentre of a Tornado tonight.

Whatever your decide to watch, Have a great TV Night.

March Madness…

19 03 2010

I hope you like basketball.

That’s what’s on tonight…everywhere. We’ve got Raptors, CIS playoffs and March Madness.

My suggestion for tonight is to go for a nice loooong walk, shoot a few hoops and pick 1 of 3 basketball games to fall asleep to.

March Madness. I’ll tell you what makes me MAD in March…cancelling shows for basketball games! Oh and surprise surprise, guess what “won the night” last night in ratings? Basketball. I wonder why….

Have a great TV Night…I’m digging up my old VHS of Space Jam…THAT was entertaining basketball 🙂

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