The Bachelorette: Finale and ATFR

23 07 2012

You found this blog, which means, you have internet access. Check out my deductive reasoning!

So you already know… Emily chose Jef on the Bachelorette Finale last night.

You didn’t really come to my blog to find out ‘the winner’ – you came to discuss last night’s finale and ATFR.

Did you sit through all 3 hours of the Bachelorette last night? I did. And I’ll probably sit through 2 hours of the bachelor Pad tonight… sad right? But it’s Monday night, and it’s the summer. There’s nothing else on and they KNOW it! It’s the ABC Monday night formula: DWTS, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad… start again.

SO let’s talk about last night.

Here’s my question:

If Arie had received the first ‘last’ date after the two met the Parents… would HE have met Ricki, and would HE have been the ultimate ‘winner’. Was he a victim of…timing? of production? of editing? Or had Emily already made up her mind, requesting the show to work the way it did… Jef getting the first date, meeting Ricki and sealing the deal.

An interesting thought.

ONE guy got to meet Ricki – after that, it was all over.

Jef has never been my favourite to ‘win’. I struggled with his school-boy crush attitude he adopted every time he was with Emily. You’re a grown woman, with a child, who has had your share of romance… does it really sweep you off your feet to hear a guy say he was ‘scared’ to kiss you? Is that endearing? Or it that ‘behind the portables at recess’? I just didnt get…them.

However, I also know how much of this show is scripted, edited to tell a ‘story’, and only seconds of a relationship that manifests itself without cameras rolling. I know this. Therefore, I can’t analyse their relationship based on what I’ve seen every Monday night.

ATFR was useless – it followed the exact same format as every other. “When are you getting married” “What do you love about each other” “How does it feel to be public about your relationship?” “is that a Neil Lane rock on your finger?”

Probably the most interesting story line that unfolded last night…was the Ari rejection drama.

Emily showed up at her final date with Arie, and choked out a rejection instead. Arie’s reaction was extremely realistic. As in, I felt like we were watching a real moment between a man and a woman ending a relationship that was unexpected and emotional. Follow that up with a face-to-face ATFR, where we hear that Arie tried to reach out after the show… and Emily would have no part in it. Emily has shown strength and poise through this entire process, however, she seriously lacks the ability to just… say the hard stuff. She could NOT verbalize her feelings to Arie when she was breaking up with him, and she could not bring herself to properly explain her relationship with Jef to him…even now!

So there was a fair share of drama last night – the question of whether this couple will last is moot. They have the same chance as any other… The Franchise doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation for developing long lasting relationships.




The Voice: Post Superbowl Premiere

6 02 2012

Good on NBC. We knew about this timeslot and this premiere a LONG time ago, we have been hearing about it ever since the announcement, we’ve seen commercials, we’ve read articles, Blake and his wife sang pre-show, Betty White got involved in the advertising, heck C-Lo was even on stage with Madonna to promote the show. There was hardly a post-game show… 15 minutes tops, then cut right to the ‘main’ post show event… The premiere of The Voice.

NBC is so proud of this show. This was the show that was filler last season. As soon as there was a crumb to nibble on, NBC made this show a chart topper. It has only been a few months since The Voice wrapped last season, yet here it is again. Capitalize on a captive audience. Also, it doesnt hurt to double bill it with The Superbowl.

Synergy. There’s an entire 30 Rock episode dedicated to ‘Synergy’ of brands… NBC isnt ashamed, nor shy about their synergies. Do you really think it was Madonna’s idea to have Cee-Lo as a guest on HER stage? Please.

Anyways, enough about that. It was a highly promoted premiere in a highly coveted timeslot – and The Voice delievered on it’s promise. Hot talent (without the duds and trainwrecks), Hot judging (with actual celebrities) and a Hot start to the new season.

It’s a great show, it’s not THAT different from American Idol, but it does a better job at straying from the franchise than X Factor.

Last thing:

X Factor=Pepsi
American Idol= Coke
The Voice = Starbucks

I wish I could write more about this. One day I’ll write a full analysis of the pychology of each show based on the brands of beverage they promote. Maybe it’s just spitting in a fresh wound… you know, after watching and critiquing commercials and ‘synergies’ for the past week.

New episode tonight. Boy, I could really go for an overpriced organic free trade coffee beverage with an italian name.

Survivor Pacific Islands: Winner

19 12 2011

The Finale of this seasons Survivor Pacific Islands aired last night.

a 2 hour epic, plus reunion show…. always a great way to say goodbye to the season… kind of hard to recap.

Here’s the nutshell version:

  • Ozzy beats Brandon in a classic Survivor game of perseverance.
  • Ozzy also wins a challenge, and has immunity.
  • Ozzy then orchestrates the demise of Rick. And reveals the dishonest acts of Coach…at Tribal, infront of the jury.
  • At the most important challenge of the entre season, Sophie comes out of nowhere and beats Ozzy.
  • Ozzy…. voted out, no chance at winning for the 3rd time.
  • Final 3: Coach, Albert and Sophie.
  • At the final Tribal… my favourite 10 minutes on TV… the Bitter Questioning from the Damned. There were no real fireworks, but Albert came across looking like a Twit, Coach looked like a defeated child and Sophie fought back tears the entire time.

I dont think there was a clear winner after the questioning, but I was pretty sure no one was writing Albert. Coach did not play well enough to be confident in his ‘loyalties’ on the jury. Everyone had been burned by Coach…and no one was believing his honour integrity game anymore. Sophie was the throw vote…

The Winner of Survivor Pacific Islands – Sophie.


I’m beginning to think the winning formula on Survivor is this: Be invisible for 3/4 of the game, latch onto a strong alliance, practice solving puzzles in a pinch. In this way, you can sit in front of the jury, with two other slightly more hated people and say “I built relationships, I won challenges, and I was strategic”. You become the least of all evils, and therefore, you get the throw votes.

It seems to be the winning formula…

Was Sophie the obvious choice for winner of the game of Survivor? No. You could put probably, 10 names ahead of her that would make more sense. But this girl stayed in a solid alliance, let Coach be the ‘bad guy’, and won when it mattered.



Amazing Race: Final 4 Recap

5 12 2011

Amazing Race is one of thse shows that a lot of people watch, but doesnt get as much water cooler action as most of the others.  The show does a good job of trying to cast a group of ‘characters’ for people to follow… so far, no ‘celebrity’ edition. But that might be next.

The reason I wanted to write a post about last night’s epsode, is because the only true ‘characters’ on the show…. the snowboarders – made one mistake in the entire race, and were eliminated as a result.


These guys won almost every single leg of the Race… except the one that counted.

double ouch.

other teams have benefited from ‘non eliminaton rounds’ … but this team seriously got the short end of the stick, coming up JUST short of the finals… a final that was theirs for the taking ahving virtually decimated the competition every other round.

But that’s the name of the game. Conversely, I also feel for the FIRST epople who are eliminated form the Race, because I always feel like you need a few legs to really GET your legs in this game. I would be so disoriented and disorganized… think of your last vacation, took you months to plan and it still went wrong, right?

What gets me is the WAY in which it happened. They led from the start, had a brief hiccup with the first clue. They were given costumes to wear and told to figure out who they were supposed to be. Ridiculous, they looked like nobody in particular, you couldve said anything and it wouldve looked right.

Then to find their next clue, they had to de-code from the dresses of dancers. They got the wrong clue. The other teams were just as stumped until their TAXI driver stepped in , and all three teams benefitted!

The boys came back, and were able to decypher the message, but it was too late.

The snowboarders, Tommy and Andy…quite possibly the most dominant and likable team in Race history… eliminated last night.



AMA’s 2011 Recap and Review

21 11 2011

I was going to Live Blog from the AMA’s last night, but I decided a review and post-show recap would be good enough.

And seriously, did you need to know frame by frame what happened last night?

There was no Gaga there to create drama and/or confusion. I hear she’s filming a Thanksigivng special, which might actually be more blog-worthy than the Ama’s last night. OUch. Sorry, it slipped.

Can I tell you what I really thought of the AMA’s last night?  Safe. Too safe. 3 Hours of safe.

The performers were not bringing their A game, half the time they weren’t even lipsynching to their A-game potential. J-Lo is NOT fooling anyone anymore. I don’t understand why she even pretends to pretend to sing… it’s getting ridiculous.

As far as the performances go (and that’s the real reason we have these Award shows…) – here’s a mini recap:

Nicki Minaj – decided to go with the (tired) Robot/Tron/Tranformers theme that has been clinging to for a few years now. Girl is usually a killer performer, I didnt see alot of creativity here, but the producers predicted a big night for her…. and they were right. She swept most of the Rap/R&B categories.

Justin Bieber – must suck to only be able to sing Christmas music from october – March, but that’s exactly what the Bieb has to do. Putting out a Chrsitimas album means yule-hell for 5-6 months… and even at Award shows. Yikes. Can’t think of a worse hell. However, this time last year, Bieber still had an insurance policy on his haircut, no girlfriend and no license…what a difference a year can make. Now he’s ditched the ‘Flick back’, got himsef a trophy-gal and crashes Bentleys with the best of them.

J-Lo (x2) – Yep, mama Lopez is single and ready to flaunt it…again. Girl can certainly rock a tassle outfit. But Jenny from the Block is so far from it, and is relapsing back into full diva Bennifer syndrome. I thought it was hard to sit through her car commercial, but then to make the car part of your performance? Shameful. So blatant, so icky, so sell out. Not that it’s a new thing for J-Lo… but this could be a new low. Meh, everyone deals with break ups differently… and with J-Lo we definitely see a pattern emerging.

Chris Brown – Before you ask, No Riahnna wasnt in the audience, and yes he DID lose to her in the award category. The world keeps rooting for Rihanna and resenting Chris Brown. Honestly, I’m a believer in second chances. But there is something about THIS guy that makes it hard for me to get behind (or infront …watch that left hook! sorry) Every time i see him perform I think of 2 things: 1. the picture of Rihanna’s battered face 2. MJ poser. Ever since someone made a reference to him being the next MJ, he has crafted every performance after the iconography of the Prince. It’s never new…Chris we get it, practising the moonwalk infront of your mirror all through your childhood is finally starting to pay off, right?

The Band Perry – finally, an act that just stands on stage and belts out their #1 song. That’s what I want to see… the songs I like, being sung live. Something tells me this band has a long way to go before it’s Lady Antelbellum… like for instance, another hit song.

Kelly Clarkson- an interesting perfomance of her new song… girl’s got a killer voice that needs no spectacle. But is there something eerily passe about her? She needs a reinvention a la ‘my life would suck without you’.

Maroon 5/Xtina – Did Adam Levine really thingk this through? When he decided to include Christina in his song, did he realize that it meant she would have to follow him around wherever he performed it? It’s a great song, i just wish someone onstage WOULD actually ‘move like jagger’… Christina can’t even breath in her spanks, and Levine is a skinny white boy lacking in material.

Katy Perry– can someone please tell this poor girl that she was only VOICING Smurfette, she doesnt need to dress like her every time she goes out. Mercy. However, it was nice to see her stripped down (not what you think) paying acoustic guitar to her new ‘weepy’.

There were other performances – Mary J Blige, Pitbull, LMFAO, Mark Anthony, One Republic…

Oversights? How about the fact that Taylor Swift swept the night… but didnt perform. And seriously ABC…when did you promote Chris Harrison to be the Ryan Seacrest of your network?

It was very much a ladies night – Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, J-Lo, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele all taking home awards. Guess the ladies are dominating the airwaves and raking int he hardware this year!


Battle of the Blades Finale

14 11 2011

The final 3 skated their final performances before the nation-wide vote that would crown one pair, Battle of the Blades Winners.

Can you believe it?

A season scarred by the untimely death of Wade Belak… I almost wondered if it would still go on. But it is simply a shadow in the past now that the season is coming to a close. The performances were fantastic along the way, and seeing these final 3 skate for the last time in competition is a tribute to the hard work, dedication and heart it takes to make it this far.

I don’t know that I wouldve picked this final 3 in the first episode. I knew Tessa Bonhomme had a great story as the first female, and arguably the best partner in David Pelletier. I saw the untapped grace of Boyd Devereaux and the potential he had with his lines and skating quality. In Bryan Berard, I saw an underdog with nothing to lose and everything to gain, his popularity got him only part of the way… his attitude and steady progress got him to the finals.

So who will win it all?

It’s a tough call… and I find myself going back and forth constantly as soon as I try and reason out the ‘best winner’.

Tessa has been flawless… Boyd was always a consistent frontrunner… Bryan has the audiences heart.


We’ll find out tonight in the Battle of the Blades Finale… someone will finally win the Battle, the victor is crowned tonight.

Battle of the Blades: Final 4

7 11 2011

Down to the final 4 skaters on Battle of the Blades : Curtis, Boyd, Bryan and Tessa.

They all showed off their Top 4 skills in last night’s performances – which also included brief solos.

It’s obvious that now, the stakes are higher and the bar has been raised every week, so each skater is trying desperately to stand out form the crowd and distinguish themselves as the true leader. However, I think all 4 have a shot of winning the Battle of the Blades title this season. No help from the judges who are giving high scores to all the skaters now.

I think Curtis may be the strongest male pair of them all. He has the physical strength, but also moves with such accuracy and grace. I can really see his tranformation and growth week after week.

Tessa tried a very difficult stunt, which unfortunately did not pay off. But, she had the most technically difficult routine and pulled off other elements to flawless perfection.

Boyd has become a finesse skater and can channel his performance-side better than anyone else in the competition. He’s starting to look like a figure skater now!

Bryan seems to have the audience and the judges wrapped around his every performance. He still has that oafish quality, but his passion and perseverance is inspiring to watch. I don’t know that I would’ve given them a perfect score…

So who will go home tonight?

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