American Idol: Top 5 Results

4 05 2012

Results shows are tough at this stage in the American Idol Season.


Even though Randy said this was the best Top 5 ever… I considered 2 or 3 of them mediocre and in danger after wednesday night’s performances. Philip didnt knock it out of the park as he ususally does, Holly was, as always, forgettable at best, Skylar was pitchy in that last song – and they know it now that they’ve watched it back, Jessica has been coasting a bit… the only one that had a stand out night was Joshua, which we have come to expect.

So now people are voting for who they want to win this thing…right? It’s not really about the individual performances of any given night, it’s about their whole body of work to this point, and who people think should be the next ‘Idol’.

We can talk more about this…after we get to the results from last night.

Joshua. Safe

Holly and Philip. Holly in the bottom, Philip safe.

Jessica and Skylar. Jessica safe, Skylar in the bottom.

Bottom two: Skylar and Holly

Holly has had an express ticket to the bottom since the Top 10. Could it finally be her time? Skylar was highly praised last night, but sitting where I was sitting, she was screechy and pitchy in that last ballad.

The person eliminated… Skylar.

Holly slays another dragon.

So, who will the mass voting audience decide is their American Idol? The decision is made NOW.

Is it the raw acoustic Philip Phillips? Not everyone ‘gets’ his Dave Matthews vibe.

Is it the 16 year old phenom with the Whitney voice, Jessica? A few years ago, I wouldve said she was the shoo-win, the perfect picture of what the Simon Cowell regime crowned a commercial goldmine.

Is it Joshua, with ‘the voice’ ‘the gift’… he is literally the male version of Fantasia, and as highly praised as Fantasia was in her Idol stint, she was not THAT successful at finding a broad market later on.

Or… is it the blonde ballad singer Holly. She brings nothing creative or new to the table, except a good voice. Maybe, that’s what America values over everything else.



American Idol: Top 7 Results

20 04 2012

This is when it starts getting hard to watch the American Idol results shows.

No, not because they insist on making the contestants sing in Mickey Mouse Club group performances, or the agonizing Ford commercials, or plugging the new record of the demi-celebs in the audience.

Because now is the time in the competition when you look very critically at who remains, and start to make some tough decisions about who really is the Best of the Best.  Did anyone think that Holly would make it past Colton? Or that Jessica would need the judges save last week? Last weel’s bottom three was a complete mystery…

The bottom 3 this week wasnt particularly jaw dropping based on the performances on Wednesday night.

Colton, Holly and Elise.

Colton didnt get rave reviews from the judges, and I wonder if that swayed voters? Holly was stronger than she’s been, but still completely unmemorable (how many Liverpuddlians are voting for her?!) and Elise was highly criticized for her final performance, virtually sealing her fate in the bottom 3 again.

There’s a case for all, I wouldnt have been surprised by any of them leaving. But I didnt WANT Colton to leave, and he did.

If we start voting out the unique artists, we are left with a Jordin Sparks or Dianna DiGarmo situation in the finals. It will be Phillip and Holly in the final 2, and the mass audience will vote for Holly as the safe alternative to the ‘artist’. That’s my nightmare.

So it’s now a Top 6 that has weak links… and we ahve to sit through yet another week of Holly struggling to find the pitch in  a power ballad and the judges telling her how ‘pretty’ she looks tonight.


American Idol Top 9: Results

30 03 2012

After a night of unmatchable Top 9 performances, I was seriously dreading the American Idol Results Show last night.

Eliminating one of these singers seems unjust after such a stand out week of performances. It seems impossible pick the best or the worst of such a strong group. I guess this is where personal preference comes into play.

Did America dig Colton the way I digged Colton?
How many country fans are out there voting for Skylar?
Is Joshua starting to bore people with his abilities?
What is Deandres ‘target market’?
Is Heejun just a joker and playing us all?
Should Philip try to mix it up?
Has Elise finally found a fan-base?
Can Jessica ever really TOP her Whitney song?
Will criticism from the judges affect Hollie’s votes?

America voted, to my absolute pleasant surprise, the same way I wouldve voted last night.

Bottom 3: Skylar, Hollie and Heejun

the final result? Heejun was eliminated and sent home – after arguably his best week.


American Idol Top 11 Results

16 03 2012

This was a big week for the contestants on American Idol.

Making it through THIS round, gave them  a spot in the Top 10, and perhaps even more important, a spot on the American Idol Tour bus. It means, you wont be forgotten AS soon as the people who DIDNT make the TOp 10. It means you’ve got a shot at a recording contract from this gig. It means that EVEN if you DONT win the whole shebang, you’ll oficially have a JOB after this is over.

Even with the departure of the delinquent Jermaine Jones, a contestant woudl be eliminated this week… because FOX has pre-paid for this time slot and Idol has to deliver what they promised. ALthough I wouldnt have minded seeing an entire hour of the Law & Order: AI starring Nigel Lithgow and another British producer, interrogating the unwitting Jermaine Jones in an LA hotel room. That was classic.

So after a fairly low key, mediocre night of competition… it wasnt hard to choose a bottom 3. Not that it was necessarily the ‘right’ 3, but there were definitely more than 3 pretty lacklustre performances last night.

It was an all-girl bottom 3.

Elise, Shannon and Erika.

I’m with the judges, I think Elise shouldve been rewarded for one of the best performances of the night. Unfortunately, thats not how it works. Very rarely do you ‘pick up’ new fans on this show. You need to solidify your fanbase very early on, then it doesnt matter how good or bad your night is… you fans will still vote for you.

But she didnt get eliminated, so with another great song next week… she could work her way back into a contender.

It was between  tall, blonde Shannon and Erika Van Pelt.

Shannon eliminated and sent home.

American Idol: Picking the Top 13

2 03 2012

The first ‘results’ show of the new season was a 2 hour marathon last night on American idol.

All this to select the Top 13.

I feel like these contestants have been through… alot to get here.

From Auditions, to Hollywood, Groups, Vegas, Solos… all for a shot at making the show. It has been intense!

In saying that, I really wish that this week had been a better effort from each hopeful. I mean, we had some pretty lame, dull and karaoke performances from a group of people who have been knocking our socks off previously. I struggle to come up with answers. It could be the stress of the first ‘live’ show. Could be confusion about song choice. Could be that they got some conflicting advice.

Either way, we had a Top 10 to name, and 3 wildcards to add last night.

Here were the Top 10:

Girls: Hollie, Elise, Skylar, Jessica, Shannon
Guys: Hejun, Jermaine, Philip, Colton, Joshua.


Yep. I would say, I mostly agreed with the girls. The rest of the competition was pretty weak last night, there were really not too many others deserving of the vote. But for the guys? I thought Hejun was less than stellar (but he has an awesome personality… and a dad with 20 cell phones!) and Jermaines performance was cheeseball and old fashioned. I was fairly certain that Adam, or Creighton or Reed would be sitting in one of those chairs.

So the judges picked 6 people to sing for the Wildcard, and 3 would be selected to join the Top 13. With so many of my favourites sitting out, I knew I was going to be disappointed in the end.

Judges chose: Deindre, Jen, Brielle, Jeremy, Erika and Reed to sing for the Wildcard. All of them performed LEAGUES better than the previous nights, Randy is right, they should be singing for their lives with EVERY performance.

In particular Deindre, Erika and Jeremy rose to the occassion and were the judges Wildcard choices.

Little upset that Adam or Creighton didnt get a sniff at the Top 13, but I can’t always have my way.

At the end of the show, they also announced the ‘Theme’ for next week. The guys will be taking on Stevie Wonder, and the Girls will pay tribute to Whitney Houston.

Can we talk about that for a second? There are going to be Whitney Tributes for YEARS, in the same way every time someone sings a Michael Jackson song, it’s a tribute. So, I’m not really surprised they are the first to do a “Tribute show” to the greatest voice of our generation. However, what gets me is that since the very first reality singing competition, contestants have been chastized and criticized for choosing Whitney Houston songs because they are ‘untouchable’. It makes for an easy comparison between a wannabe and The best of all time (arguably). It’s like, the number 1 or 2 rule of this genre. Don’t sing Whitney. So now, next week, the girls are FORCED to take on the biggest songs in Pop history, sang by an unmistakable icon, weeks after her untimely death?

Big shoes. And perhaps a little unfair to foist on them week 1 of Top 13. Just my opinion.

American Idol: Vegas Week

17 02 2012

From the initial auditions, to Hollywood solos, Hollywood Groups, then to Vegas where each will performa in a group and then likely one more solo in order to make the Top…whatever. American Idol is a GRIND, like… it’s serious business. I highly doubt, that with this format we are going to see subpar performers anywhere CLOSE to Top 10. In the past, we’ve seen people like Sanjaya make it to the Top 10… that could NEVER happen with the rigourous audition process the contestants are put through in recent seasons.

Not only do you have to blow the judges away acapella, you have to stand out from a group, work with vocal coaches, create choreography, sing on massive Vegas stages and work with a full band behind you. And every time, you have to be a Star. You have to out perform the people in your group, outperform your last performance and outperform previous performers. Intense! There will not be a ‘filler’ voice in the  group once this is all said and done.

I think the process is long, a little bit confusing ( why did they go to Vegas?) and seems to be making people seriously ill (I’ve seen more people ralph on this show than on Fear Factor). However, I feel like in the end, we are going to have a VERY strong Final group which will translate into a VERY entertaining season. Usually, there are one or two real stand outs… from my calculation, there is a group of about 10 that I am already certain haev the potential to make huge waves in this competition and beyond.

The groups performed ‘the full package’ last night. And kudos to the producers for letting us see most group performances from start to finish rather than chopping each song into sound bites and snippets. These numbers were like watching a Broadway or Vegas audition – they were professional, they were rehearsed to a tee, they were theatrical and inspiring. The talent these people have is insane. I wish for jsut one day I could feel what it’s liek to have THAT kind of power and beauty in my voice. Each person that hit the stage has a true gift… and that’s what’s exciting about watching this show. When do you ever get to see so many fantastic performances by such a wide variety of voices? Don’t say GLEE… it aint the same.

I’m happy as a clam to see these artists hit homerun after homerun, song after song…

It’s going to be a GREAT season, but a hard season… one where I’m torn every week, and spitting mad at the ‘voters’ every thursday night.


Greys Anatomy: January 5th

6 01 2012

Those who have followed this blog for any amount of time knows my love-hate relationship with Greys Anatomy.

It’s ironic… there is no grey in Greys Anatomy. It’s either really good, comelling, must see TV. Or it’s a bust with terrible storylines like ghost-love, hospital bickering,  or Meredith mellow drama.

More times than not, Greys Anatomy has the content, the storylines and the characters to raise their game. And I think it’s safe to say we are past some of the excruciating pitfalls of previous seasons. One thing Greys does better than any other show on TV is rebound with a bang. Season premieres, Season finales, Events, Post Super bowls… Greys delivers big time.

End of last season, we were left on a cliff (not literally) hanging (not literally) as two major storylines developed.

1. Henry, Teddys husband was secretly given to Yang as a surgery patient. He died on the table… we ended the episode as Owen told her who the patient was… gut wrenching stuff.

2. Meredith and Alex were sent on a mission to save a very fragile preemy – enroute, their ambulence smashed into an oncoming car, and the damage was fatal… 6 bodies brutally maimed strwen across the road, in a rainstorm, oncoming cars.

So we pick up where we left off – Meredith and Alex quickly triage, and realize it is an entire family ( 3 children, parents and a grandmother). Meredith manages to hail down an oncoming truck… and the patients are rushed to Seattle Grace.

In the meantime, Teddy still has not been told of her husbands death, as she is arm-deep, trying to repair a heart during surgery. It’s such a tricky procedure that she calls specifically for the talents of Yang to assist. Worst… situation…ever. Yang has to pretend the prior surgery went well, focus on the task at hand, and play along with the secret.

At the end of an exhausting emotional surgery – Yang also has to tell Teddy the news. The only one with the guts…

The injured family is dying one by one… the eldest daughter watches as firs her grandma, then her mom cannot be revived. Her father is in a very unstable condition… and cannot breath or function on his own. She makes the ‘family’ decision as the new ‘leader’ that her father not be revived again.

In the end, it is just her and her brother and sister that remain… in an instant, how life can change.

At the end of the episode, we get a nice uplifting (and welcome) surprise – Meredith and Derek get Zola back for good!


In my opinion, a very good follow up episode to a suspensful and riveting finale.

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