AGT Recap: Top 48 Group 2

11 07 2012

I’m finally at a point where I will be watching Americas Got Talent on a consistent basis, and will be able to post recaps and discussion. To be honest, I find AGT hard to watch in the beginning stages – there’s alot of the same kind of thing, there’s a lot of useless judge banter, there’s too much of Nick Cannon being a one-man Nick Cannon show, it’s uninteresting to me. And if I have to hear one more story about perseverance, overcoming the odds, and the American Dream… I will find a cruel and unusual way to end my life. Just saying.

Now that I’ve explained myself, let’s talk about last night’s acts…shall we?

Lion Dance Me – I don’t understand the name of the group, the grammar is incorrect… is it supposed to be? Is it ironic and I’m missing it? Whatever the case may be, I didn’t find the performance to be particularly earth shattering. There’s a Chinese festival every other weekend in Toronto… and you’ll see the same thing performed as part of a parade every time. Next…

Turf – the contortionist dancer got rave reviews from the judges. But I ask you, could this guy sustain a 60 minute headline show in Vegas? I agree, he’s talented and pretty unique… but the guy needs to be in a Kanye video, and make lots of money as a sideshow dance act… i don’t know if he’ll WIN but he was one of the most entertaining acts of the night.

All-Ways – a rock band? I guess. They look like they dressed up as a rock band for Halloween, it feels a bit forced, and I dont know if they’re any more talented than your neighbours kids’ garage band. They sang a Lady Gaga/Beyonce song with an 80’s tenor rock n roll vocal. Strange.

Hawley magic– a husband and wife magic team that lacks finesse and mystery. I could totally guess how the act was done, and that’s not really a good thing. I’m still waiting to be slack-jawed by a magician this season. They are charming, and I think they could be better…they’ve got a shot.

Lisa Clark Dancers – had some awkward exchange with the judges over their choreography. To be honest, I didn’t mind the choreography or the performance as a whole. I thought it was quirky and fun, and stands apart from the high flying, pop locking hip hop we ALWAYS see. However, Howie is right to say that you could walk into any recital and see something similar… it’s just not incredible enough.

Aurora Light Painters – the group that was supposed to be this year’s Blue Man Group, completely failed to WOW last night. I got it. I just didn’t like it. It was boring! I thought it would be creative and mystifying, instead it was just a cute children’s story told in black light. Too bad.

Danielle Stallings – a young singer, with not a lot of …gravitas. She doesn’t command a stage, and she doesn’t really have the BEST voice we’ve heard on this big stage. It was one of those performances you hear at a church, and later you marvel at the courage of the cute little girl… and you congratulate her parents. I actually switched the channel about halfway through, it was  pretty dull. However, the judges seemed to see something that I didn’t… she may have a shot.

Big Barry – is a big inside joke, and I don’t know if HE knows that. He performs Sinatra, brings out pretty women to pat him on the head,wears white suits and rocks a comb-over. He isn’t singing, he’s wailing. He sounds like a human kazoo. I absolutely, 100% agree with Howard Stern that he is jeopardizing the credibility of the show, and taking up the space of other talented acts who had their heart broken when they didn’t make Top 48. He’s the reason I don’t watch this show until the final rounds.

Donovan & Rebecca  – an acrobatic duo with some seriously amazing bodies. Their talent could just be standing still and flexing and they might just win. Wow. Their act was high-flying and controlled artistic movement – certainly a disciplined talent. I think I’ve seen a lot of THIS particular kind of thing – but Howard is right, if Rebecca is showcased for the strength she has, that would be something different enough to captivate an audience.

(sorry, I missed this act the first time around… thanks to a reader for catching the omission!)

Tom Cotter – has the impossible job of delivering a Stand up act to a theatre of people, ranging in age from 5-95,  in less than 90 seconds. Somehow, he pulled it off, and came across very funny and charming. I think his ‘every-man’ persona works for him (middle america) but you can tell he’s got a raunchy edge, which I love.

Ben Blaque – scares the you-know-what out of me. He’s a daredevil with a bow and arrow, and he’s gonna hurt someone some day, and it will be irreparable. That’s the danger, that’s what makes this act a knock out! He looks like Tom Cruise circa MI2, and he wields one of the most dangerous weapons ever invented. What an act!

Tim Hockenberry – has ‘The Voice’ of the season. He is phenomenal, and he deserves his shot on this big stage to make a splash (and a record deal). He sang Katy Perry, but it actually worked for me. He interpreted it differently than her, and his voice has such a unique quality. He was a stand out of the night for sure…

Who should make it through? Only 4 move on, there may have only been 4 deserving acts last night.
Here are my predictions:

– Tom Cotter

– Turf

– Ben Blaque

– Tim Hockenberry


DWTS: Season 14 Winner…

23 05 2012

… is probably not who you expected.

Am I right?

By now you’ve heard/seen that Donald Driver (Greenbay Packer) won the coveted mirrorball trophy in last night’s DWTS Season 14 Finale.

I’ll admit it. I was way off. I thought Donald would come third, behind the latin lover, and that the Welsh Wiggler would take top spot. Katherine was in top spot all season long, where other stumbled along the way, she was consistantly the front runner and the one pushing the envelope. But that’s not the ONLY way to win this show. You have to have fan support from day one, you have to peak at the right time, and you have to deliver a knock out in the final round.

I think that William had a chance, but did NOT deliver the most memorable final freestyle. I think Katherine might have peaked slightly early, and did not always have the middle america vote (remember what I said week 1… she’s European, she might have a slight disadvantage. Now you believe me… I’m not accusing America of racism, but it’s a factor). America would much rather see a sports hero from a beloved franchise come from behind and take the title! That’s the story they wanted.

So Donald Driver is the 14th person to win DWTS… congrats Donald, your stock is through the roof, good way to spend an off season.

DWTS Week 7 Elimination

2 05 2012

We had a Classical Gas this week on DWTS (see what I did there? ‘Classical Gas’. google it.) but the results show must go on.

There were some really great performances last night, enhanced by the orchestral sounds of the most classical of classical music (minus the classical version of Bad Romance… of course).

Maria had a perfect 10 score, Donald Driver continued to impress, The Brit stle Karina wardrobe and rocked it, William didnt take his shirt off and danced like a gentleman, Melissa…. tried, Urkel was steady but not stellar, Roshon still looks like a 13 year old dancing at a grandparents 50th anniversary party.

In jeopardy last night? Roshon and Urkel.

I’ll admit, I was slightly surprised.

Roshon I count on being in the bottom, but there were worse dancers than Urkel last night. In particular, I thought Melissa would finally be a bottom dweller… but apparently, she’s got more fan support than Urkel. Is it the audience  demographic? Are there more people my mom’s age voting, than my age? It’s the same thing – she grew up on Little House and I grew up on Family Matters… so is my generation to blame? Roshons generation can’t stay up past 10 pm to vote.

ANyways, the two paris did the new ‘dance battle’ nonsense. However, this time Tom clearly stated, or prefaced,  that the judges would use ONLY that dance to determine the pair to save. They had to make that clear, otherwise the obvious choice is to send home the perennial bottom feeder, Roshon.

It was in their hands, and they chose to save the kid… again.

Urkel eliminated from DWTS, week 7.



DWTS: Week 6 Results

25 04 2012

Last night, we got rid of another dancer on the Week 6 DWTS Results show.

I’m not upset yet.

None of the major favourites have been in jeopardy, therefore I have had little opinion on who should go home on any given week. I didnt want to see Gavin go home, I felt it was too early… but I’m not broken up, he wasnt very good. On this night, there were a few dancers I felt were worthy of leaving based on their performances.

Gladys Knight, Roshon Fagan, Melissa Gilbert and Maria Menunous were ‘in jeopardy’ of elimination last night. I can’t say I’mattached to either one of them, and I wouldnt have really been upset by any outcome.

I said last night that the reason Gladys made it to Week 6 was because it wouldve been a horrendous mistake for the producers NOT to have Galdys involved in Motown week. Horrendous, and it wouldnt have happened. So, i mentioned in my blog yesterday that it would be fitting then, that Gladys be eliminated AFTER her (contractua)l involvement in Motown Week.

Therefore, not only was I NOT suprised when the red glow fell on her, I was completely vindicated in my analysis of the situation.

She and Roshon ‘danced for their lives’, but we all knew Gladys would be padded with copious adoration for her iconic career, and sent on her way.



The Voice: Battle Round 3 Results

18 04 2012

Last night on The Voice, the most significant cuts were made, rounding out the group of Semi Finalists.

Christina and Blakes group lost another member – they each started with 4 on Monday, and are left with just 2 after last night.

Two decisions were made – the first person was saved by voters, the remaining two contestants then sang for their lives, and one was saved by their coach.

Let’s start with Blakes Team: RaeLynn, Erin and Jermaine Paul.

Jermaine Paul received the voters save.

Country pumpkin Raelynn went very safe with her song choice, picking The Band Perry (guess which song?) and Erin chose Proud Mary… I’m sure Blakes heart was breaking, because deep down based ont he performances, the country sweetie pie was definitely the weaker of the two. But, she IS the most commercial. He went with the more powerful singer, and chose Erin Willett. He also knows that RaeLynn will emerge as a budding country phenom with one phone call…and he’ll make it.

Christina’s Team: Lindsey, Ashley and Chris.

Chris Mann saved by the Voters.

So black sheep Lindsey vs fresh faced Ashley. Ashley chose You and I, an odd choice… she is anything BUT Gaga. However, her vocas were strong. Lindsey picked an emotional little known song and stuck true to her art. Christina cried alot. Too much. She cried to make a spectacle, not becasue her heart was breaking. In the end, she chose the more unique artist in Lindsey Pavao.

So, Blake and Christina have just 2 people ‘representing’ them in the semi’s.

Blake has Jermaine Paul and Erin Willett.
Christina has Lindsey Pavao and Chris Paul.

Strong teams?

DWTS Season 14: Week 5 Results

18 04 2012

The new ‘dance for your life’ duel made it’s debut on the week 5 DWTS elimination show last night.

The bottom two couples danced a pre-reheased cha cha, side by side, to give the judges one last look at them. Apparently there have been some issues with ‘fan favourites’ going home too early… tell that to Sherry Shepherd who missed this last chance ‘dance off’ by one week.

This week, Gavin DeGraw (who struggled mightily with his Salsa) and Urkel (who received high praise for his latin moves) danced in a lopsided ‘battle’ for the judges save. This was not Gavins night… nor was it his dance.

So the judges unceremoniously gave Gavin the boot, and Urkel lives to dance another week.

Thoughts about the new ‘dance off’? I personally found it hard to follow… a bit confusing, and probably a tad unecessary. But c’mon. It’s Dancing with the Stars . Nothing is ever done out of necessity.

The Voice: Battle Round 2 Results

11 04 2012

Adam and CeeLo’s teams were shaping up and shipping out on last night’s Voice results show.

The performances were lopsided … you would agree. Everyone would agree. Even Adam (fresh off a devastating breakup, if you believe what you read) looked defeated and let down by his team. Good thing the show is set up for redemption. Any singer can prove themselves anew if they don’t make the first voting cuts.

And last night… they did.

Each singer performed better last night than they did on Monday – something Adam was both proud and disappointed by.

Here’s how the voting shaped up:

Team Adam
» Mathai
» Tony Lucca
» Pip

Bottom: Katrina Parker, Kim Yarbrough, Karla Davis

Team Cee Lo
» Juliet Simms
» Jamar Rogers
» James Massone
Bottom: Cheesa , Tony Vincent, Erin Martin

Adam saved Katrina and CeeLo chose Chessa to rejoin their teams in the next round.

Tough choices, but I think the best from each team are represented in the end.

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