AGT Group 3 Results

19 07 2012

I thought Group 2 was weak… AGT’s Group 3 proved that it can always get worse.

Honestly, the caliber of acts that took to the stage on Tuesday night was at an all-time low, if you ask me. There were one or two deserving of moving into the final rounds. The stand outs were obvious, because their competition was virtually invisible.

I would even go further in saying that the acts that were ‘stand outs’ got a BOOST from their fellow contestants because they performed so badly. It helped their own chances… They LOVED the drag act, the magician and the guy who couldn’t get balanced. They applauded the juggler who set fire to the stage, the kid who actually made a Britney Spears song sound worse than a Britney Spears song, and the out-of-tune Glee club. Mediocrity  lowers the bar, so that acts like The All Wheel Sports, the Comedian and the Untouchables have a chance at a birth in the finals… whether they deserve it or not.

So the acts that have made it through this round of eliminations are…

1. Jacob Williams the Comedian

2. Lightwire Theatre (the only elite level performance of the evening…)

3. The Untouchables mini-salsa-dancers

4. All Wheel Sports




AGT Results: Group 2

12 07 2012

AGT’s Group 2 Results were not very difficult to ‘call’. (I went 3 for 4.) The reason? There were really only 4 really deserving acts based on their performances a few nights ago. There might have been one or two who did well enough to contend for the last spot…. but even with the varying preferences across America, the elite of this group was pretty obvious.

There’s always a slight chance that one of the favourite will get robbed on Results night. For example, I was holding my breath for Tom Cotter the Comedian, willing him to make it through over a song/dance/magician act. (side note: I love magicians, just not the ones I’ve seen thus far…)

I was also off on my Ben Blaque radar… I thought he would be a shoo-in, but apparently he didn’t thrill America as much as he thrilled me (and Howie).

The 4 Acts that have made through this round…are:

1. Tom Cotter the Comedian

2. Turf the Contortionist/Dancer

3. Tim Hockenberry the Singer

4. Donovan and Rebecca the Acrobatic duo

Any surprises?

I will say I was surprised with Donovan and Rebecca beating out Ben Blaque… but again, maybe I was more impressed with his act than the majority of viewers/voters. I was pleased that the judges put them through over the child singer. We don’t need another one of those. Sorry.

I’m happy with the group moving into the next round of competition… it’s surprisingly strong considering the overall weakness of Group 2.


AGT Recap: Top 48 Group 2

11 07 2012

I’m finally at a point where I will be watching Americas Got Talent on a consistent basis, and will be able to post recaps and discussion. To be honest, I find AGT hard to watch in the beginning stages – there’s alot of the same kind of thing, there’s a lot of useless judge banter, there’s too much of Nick Cannon being a one-man Nick Cannon show, it’s uninteresting to me. And if I have to hear one more story about perseverance, overcoming the odds, and the American Dream… I will find a cruel and unusual way to end my life. Just saying.

Now that I’ve explained myself, let’s talk about last night’s acts…shall we?

Lion Dance Me – I don’t understand the name of the group, the grammar is incorrect… is it supposed to be? Is it ironic and I’m missing it? Whatever the case may be, I didn’t find the performance to be particularly earth shattering. There’s a Chinese festival every other weekend in Toronto… and you’ll see the same thing performed as part of a parade every time. Next…

Turf – the contortionist dancer got rave reviews from the judges. But I ask you, could this guy sustain a 60 minute headline show in Vegas? I agree, he’s talented and pretty unique… but the guy needs to be in a Kanye video, and make lots of money as a sideshow dance act… i don’t know if he’ll WIN but he was one of the most entertaining acts of the night.

All-Ways – a rock band? I guess. They look like they dressed up as a rock band for Halloween, it feels a bit forced, and I dont know if they’re any more talented than your neighbours kids’ garage band. They sang a Lady Gaga/Beyonce song with an 80’s tenor rock n roll vocal. Strange.

Hawley magic– a husband and wife magic team that lacks finesse and mystery. I could totally guess how the act was done, and that’s not really a good thing. I’m still waiting to be slack-jawed by a magician this season. They are charming, and I think they could be better…they’ve got a shot.

Lisa Clark Dancers – had some awkward exchange with the judges over their choreography. To be honest, I didn’t mind the choreography or the performance as a whole. I thought it was quirky and fun, and stands apart from the high flying, pop locking hip hop we ALWAYS see. However, Howie is right to say that you could walk into any recital and see something similar… it’s just not incredible enough.

Aurora Light Painters – the group that was supposed to be this year’s Blue Man Group, completely failed to WOW last night. I got it. I just didn’t like it. It was boring! I thought it would be creative and mystifying, instead it was just a cute children’s story told in black light. Too bad.

Danielle Stallings – a young singer, with not a lot of …gravitas. She doesn’t command a stage, and she doesn’t really have the BEST voice we’ve heard on this big stage. It was one of those performances you hear at a church, and later you marvel at the courage of the cute little girl… and you congratulate her parents. I actually switched the channel about halfway through, it was  pretty dull. However, the judges seemed to see something that I didn’t… she may have a shot.

Big Barry – is a big inside joke, and I don’t know if HE knows that. He performs Sinatra, brings out pretty women to pat him on the head,wears white suits and rocks a comb-over. He isn’t singing, he’s wailing. He sounds like a human kazoo. I absolutely, 100% agree with Howard Stern that he is jeopardizing the credibility of the show, and taking up the space of other talented acts who had their heart broken when they didn’t make Top 48. He’s the reason I don’t watch this show until the final rounds.

Donovan & Rebecca  – an acrobatic duo with some seriously amazing bodies. Their talent could just be standing still and flexing and they might just win. Wow. Their act was high-flying and controlled artistic movement – certainly a disciplined talent. I think I’ve seen a lot of THIS particular kind of thing – but Howard is right, if Rebecca is showcased for the strength she has, that would be something different enough to captivate an audience.

(sorry, I missed this act the first time around… thanks to a reader for catching the omission!)

Tom Cotter – has the impossible job of delivering a Stand up act to a theatre of people, ranging in age from 5-95,  in less than 90 seconds. Somehow, he pulled it off, and came across very funny and charming. I think his ‘every-man’ persona works for him (middle america) but you can tell he’s got a raunchy edge, which I love.

Ben Blaque – scares the you-know-what out of me. He’s a daredevil with a bow and arrow, and he’s gonna hurt someone some day, and it will be irreparable. That’s the danger, that’s what makes this act a knock out! He looks like Tom Cruise circa MI2, and he wields one of the most dangerous weapons ever invented. What an act!

Tim Hockenberry – has ‘The Voice’ of the season. He is phenomenal, and he deserves his shot on this big stage to make a splash (and a record deal). He sang Katy Perry, but it actually worked for me. He interpreted it differently than her, and his voice has such a unique quality. He was a stand out of the night for sure…

Who should make it through? Only 4 move on, there may have only been 4 deserving acts last night.
Here are my predictions:

– Tom Cotter

– Turf

– Ben Blaque

– Tim Hockenberry

Bachelorette Recap: Final 3

10 07 2012

Emily and the Final 3, make it Emily and the Final 2 on another really pretty Island last night.

There has been a shroud of mystery lingering over the results of this season. Popular spoiler sites have all but thrown up their hands and wondered if there would be a monumental twist that has somehow thrown them off course. The spoilers sopped at Final 3… there was an eerie silence after that. No winner was revealed, except by pure speculation.

No one could ever have speculated the outcome of last night’s elimination.

At least, I was thrown for the first ‘loop’ this season, and perhaps the biggest ‘loop’ since Vienna.

3 dates, 3 men. 2 Roses. 1 Man down…

We start with Sean. Hunky, Ken doll, soft spoken, chase after you in the street just to kiss you one more time Sean. In my opinion, he has been an odds on favourite. Their chemistry seems to be sizzling (re-watch make out scene after make out scene), he seems ready to step in as a father figure for Ricky, and he tics all the obvious boxes.

They frollick and play all day, then they have a serious sit-down discussion about life and love, then they get into a hot tub, and she ends the night with him wanting more… yah, dot, dot, dot.

Next, Jef. Sigh… Jef. I still don’t get…Jef. Apparently he’s independently wealthy, very intelligent and semi-mormon. He also has had more of Emily’s heart than I’ve realized from day one. Even though, he was scared to look her in the eye for the first month, and even more terrified to kiss her. Cooties! I just see him wilt into this pre-pubescent school boy with a big crush on teacher every time he’s with her. Is that a turn on? *shudder*

Don’t worry Sean, hipster-tight-pants didn’t get a full night with Emily either. No dot, dot dot.

Lastly, it’s Ari. probably the true front runner since day one or two. He is confident in his relationship with Emily, and when there’s a lull in the conversation… make out time! Can somebody please put together a mash-up of all the references Emily has made about kissing Ari? She loves it. It’s like, her guilty pleasure. They swim with a dolphin (totally voluntary…right Flipper?) and then retire to have an adult conversation. Ari rambles about how he would be a great father, because he’s…fun. And how first you need to be a child’s ‘buddy’. yikes. Red flag… this guy knows nothing about being a father.

oh and no dot, dot, dot for him either. 3 strike outs.

So, after 3 dates with her 3 potential suitors… Emily is understandably torn. I’m sure she really has developed sincere feelings for each of them, and likely had this top 3 selected in her head for a few weeks.

So who goes home, the week before the proposal?

… Sean.

Told you it was a shocker!

I really wish Emily would’ve provided more of an explanation – anything! ‘I’ve decided I don’t like Blondes’ ‘Ari is just a better kisser than you are’ ‘Jef is vegan’… I don’t know, something! Sean was confused, I was confused… Emily just cried.

So the Final 2… Ari and Jef.

SYTYCD Season 9: Top 20 Revealed!

28 06 2012

All in one show, we saw the results of Vegas week, met the Top 20,  marveled at the first group performances of the season, and had a guest judge appearance (Zooey Dechanelle). It was jam packed, and very well executed. In the past, shows have played with the format of determining the Top 20 (or Top 10…) and there have been some pretty strange variations on the ‘big reveal’. Remember a few seasons ago, the judges actually went house-hopping to all the contestants to tell them ‘yes’ or ‘no’? It was cruel and unusual punishment for both parties involved. How do you drive a thousand miles, and bring an entire camera crew into a home for the afternoon… just to sit on th couch and say ‘you havent made it’?! That was just plain painful to watch.

Well, Last night I believe the producers at SYTYCD have found a winning formula. The top 20 was selected (on tape) by genre. Then cut to a performance by those dancers, in their own style (designed by this seasons chosen choreographers). It is a showcase of their talents, and a celebration of making it to the Top 20. There was no criticism this week, nor is there a ‘vote’. It is simply the BEST way to give each dancer a moment in the spotlight to shine, before the hammer falls. Someone always has to ‘go’ first – but it is particularly bitter when you havent had any opportunity to engage an audience and campaign for a following. If you were one of the ‘highlighted’ stories, you’ve got a FAR better chance at making it through the first rounds of the vote…it’s simple logic. There are some faces in the Top 20… I dont recall seeing throughout the auditions or Vegas week. How is that possible? They have NO footage whatsoever of a person who has surpassed hundreds (nay thousands!) of other hopefuls to make the Top 20 dancers?! Really?! Is it because they didnt think they were good TV? It does them a disservice when it comes to voting. There are two blondes I’ve never seen before, a couple of brunettes that look the same to me… I will be voting for the flapper incarnate because I saw her dance every week!

I digress… it’s my right, this is my blog.

Overall,  I thought it was a highly entertaining evening – chalk full of fabulous routines playing to each dancers strength (before they are forced to perform WAY out of their genre competancies!).

Things I LOVE about the Top 20…

1. Ballet is back baby! Yep, this year there are 3 ballet dancers… and there’s nothing I love more than watching Da Vinci chiseled bodies fly through the air in perfect form. Usually, I’m chowing down on a guilty ‘after 8 pm’ snack and kicking myself for not going to the gym for the last 5 years (maybe I’ll start tomorrow). They are magnificent, and I love having their calibre of technique as part of this show.

2. The Girl/Guy split. New this season, Nigel has announced that there will be two winners… Best Girl, Best Guy. This elvels the playing field in my opinion. Consider the demographic (mostly female and begrudging husbands), and consider the results of seasons past… there’s a bit of a theme emerging (take note American Idol). The contestants that do very well in this competition are the good looking guys, who look great without a shirt and who can dance hip hop but blossom in contemporary (unter Mama Mia’s tutilage). If a girl wins, they look like Selena Gomez or one of her friends. My point is, no longer will the votes be one-sided based on gender. Apples to apples. I like this decision, and I’m very interested to see it all play out.

3.  Variety – there have been a few seasons that heavily favour one genre over the next. Ahem-contemporary… ahem-Hip Hop… This season has ballroom, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, even a bellydancer…

Looking forward to next week for the official start of competition – but after last night, I have very high hopes for a memorable season 9!


Bachelorette Recap: Week 7

26 06 2012

Emily decided last week to keep 2 guys, so this week there were STILL 6 guys in the running for her affection. In my opinion, there are probably only 3 guys with any REAL chance at her hand and her heart. She knows that too… which is why she got rid of 2 guys this week, without so much as a bat of an eye.

Next stop on the Bachelorette Travel network – Prague.

There are 4 dates planned: 3 one on ones, and a group date.

1. One on one: Ari

Has a secret! If you’ve read the tabloids recently, you already know what the ‘secret’ is (weeks ago, right?)… he was in a relationship with one of the producers a few years ago. However, what they failed to mention in the show, is that they are still very much close acquaintences. It’s the reason he made the show. Scandal! Do you really think each contestant comes to the show honestly? Of course not! Each contestant has been hand ‘casted’, selected, and it doesnt hurt to have a connection. c’est la vie! But Emily is right, they couldve been very open and honest with her about the relationship, and Ari ‘hiding’ it like a Playboy Magazine, is juvenile.

It doesnt matter…because according to Emily, the producer missed out because Ari is such a good…kisser. I cant make this stuff up. Those words came out of her mouth. A grown woman.

Ari kissed his way to full redemption and forgiveness… she has a really, really big crush on this one.

2. One on One: John

What an agonizingly boring person. He is terrible on camera, hardly looks at Emily when he speaks to her, and has nothing overly compelling to impart. They go into a dungeon for dinner, and he pretends to be scared along with emily. Then he tells an ’emotional’ story about a girl that cheated on him, and instead of being sympathetic, I found it extremely awkward to watch – and he called his date a homerun. Yikes. Delusional.

And is there anything more immasculating than your roomate stealing the girl behind your back? Sean waited until John returned home, and slipped out to steal some alone time for himself. Homerun? I think Sean got MUCh closer to a homerun than John did that night! They were rounding second in the alley!

3. Group date: Sean, Doug and Chris

This group date turned into a 2 on 1 very early on – Cartoon Doug was sent home, or graciously set free, by Emily after a long chat about their future. Doug ‘saw’ it. Emily was not ‘feeling’ it. Doug reminded me of a nervous promdate… and no one feels comfortable sitting next to THAT guy. The lowlight of the entire episode, was watching Doug ‘go in for the kiss’. She was in the middle of rejecting him, and he went for it. She thanked him sweetly and hardly skipped a beat. 5 seconds later, he was packing his bags.

Remember Sean’s romantic gesture last night? Well, Emily sure did. Chris didnt stand a chance in this 2 on 1. But you know what definitely didnt help? His intense scowl, and reprimand of Emily’s decision to include him in a group date and not a 1 on 1. Like a petulent child. Like somehow, it was his god-given RIGHT to spend time with her. Verging on Kalon-esque.

4. One on One: Jef

Where Jef uses a puppet as his mouthpiece to say ‘I love you’ to his girl. It’s just so cheeseball, and so immature. but then , their relationship is that. She is a different Emily when she is with him. She is goofy, she allows herself to get wrappe dup in his clumsy charm, she accepts the skinny jeans…

I just don’t picture that family photo! An Emo hipster and his southern Belle. It’s just… baffling. However, Jef IS a nice guy, and they seem to have a good time canoodling and talking about life, love and other mysteries. Could he be a father figure…like yesterday… for Ricky? I don’t see it, but maybe she does.

At the Rose Cermony – Emily makes up her mind without a cocktail reception, and Chris couldnt be more panicked! He stops the Rose Ceremony for one last chat with Emily. He apologizes, and pleads his case – it’s exhausting isnt it?

It seemed to be convincing enough for Emily, she keeps Chris and sends John home. Shocked? Nope. Do I think she flip flopped after Chris’ empassioned apology? Perhaps. But she knew that Doug and John, and likely Chris were never going to be her husband… so it was a pretty easy decision this week.


Bachelorette Recap: Week 5

12 06 2012

Bachelorette fans were waiting for drama this season.

It happened, in week 5.

We will get to it… but first lets talk about the events in week 5.

The next stop featured on the Bachelorette Tourism Network… London. Oh look! A famous London landmark. And another…

The guys gather at Trafulgar Square to receive their instructions for this week of dates. As usual, 2 one on one dates and a group date (they should be getting the hang of it by now…)

The first one on one date goes to Sean, the hunky soft spoken man of God. Producer forgot to plan the first part of their date, they were walking around a random park, talking to buskers…or something. Then they had a private dinner in the Tower of London, where Emily tried desperately to remember the script she wrote about the history of the place, and Sean pretended to be impressed. How many times do you think they had to shoot that ‘scene’? Didn’t seem to matter, these two have a good conversation and an easy connection. They share a smooch overlooking London night lights… very romantic; he gets the Rose and becomes a frontrunner in my opinion. This is the kind of guy she was looking for in Brad. Someone with heart, with passion, with integrity … unfortunately she got a bit of a rotten apple when his ‘passion’ turned into intensity. Different animal altogether…

The group date was another ‘acting challenge’ for the guys. I should be keeping count. How many dates have the guys been forced to ‘perform’ or put on costumes? Since  I doubt Emily has any input on the dates, the producers are clearly having a creative block.

The guys recited Shakespeare and Ryan got his first kiss with Emily while she was acting the role of Juliette’s corpse… oh, how romantic. Ari came out of his ‘comfort zone’ by playing the nurse complete with wig, dress and tights. There’s nothing more attractive…

The only one who looked like they were actually enjoying being in Shakespeares hometown, re-enacting one of his scripts to woo a fair lady, was Travis. I hope we’ll see a little bit more of him, he has yet to be ‘featured’, but he is certainly fun.

In the after party, it was Kalon’s spotlight. Apparently a few guys heard him have a conversation about Emily’s daughter being ‘baggage’ for whoever wins this show. Yikes. Ouch. That’s just…vile. There is nothing that awakens the protector gene in a mother more than insulting her child. It’s like throwing rocks at baby geese- you’re only safe until their mother turns around… then you better run.

Once this was brought to Emily’s attention, it didn’t take long for her to address it, like a mother goose. She attacked the subject head on – brought the guys into the room, called out Kalon and gave him one question to answer. ’Did you say this?’ his answer, was of course, ‘yes, but….’ No explanation needed. ‘Get the F… out’. Perfectly executed , Mother Goose.

The next one on one date was given to Jef. (I keep having to tell spellcheck that’s not a typo) I was looking forward to seeing this. Jef is confusing me. The skinny jeans, the side bouffant, the boyish shyness… is this really Emily’s man? She says she’s really into him. I don’t see it. And even though they had some good conversation, and he got his first smooch of the season… I’m still not convinced of this pairing.

At the Rose ceremony, not much to report. The drama went down in the pub at the group date. Ari was scolded for not telling her about Kalon earlier. But he’s a safe bet every week… so in the end, Alessandro was sent home.


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