AGT: Group 4 Results

26 07 2012

Sigh of relief.

After a night full of fabulous entertainment and quality acts… I was worried about a few of my favourites as the results were read on AGT last night.

I’m also ALWAYS worried that ‘America’ is seeing something different than I am. It has certainly seemed that way at times.

So when MY Top 4 from last night made it through… sigh of relief. vindication. justice.

The audience saw the genius in William Close, the artist in Joe Castillo, the extraordinary talent of the Olate Dogs, and the mystery of the man called Dittelman.

Those were my Top 4 last night, and they were the 4 to advance to the next rounds.

We’ll have to wait a little while before that happens… The Olympics will take over your airwaves 24/7 starting tomorrow and ending in 2 weeks.

Oh, and and Sharon promised The Cloggers that they would be one of her selections for the Wild Card. I’m sure there will be a few more from this group selected for another shot at the Finals.


AGT Group 3 Results

19 07 2012

I thought Group 2 was weak… AGT’s Group 3 proved that it can always get worse.

Honestly, the caliber of acts that took to the stage on Tuesday night was at an all-time low, if you ask me. There were one or two deserving of moving into the final rounds. The stand outs were obvious, because their competition was virtually invisible.

I would even go further in saying that the acts that were ‘stand outs’ got a BOOST from their fellow contestants because they performed so badly. It helped their own chances… They LOVED the drag act, the magician and the guy who couldn’t get balanced. They applauded the juggler who set fire to the stage, the kid who actually made a Britney Spears song sound worse than a Britney Spears song, and the out-of-tune Glee club. Mediocrity  lowers the bar, so that acts like The All Wheel Sports, the Comedian and the Untouchables have a chance at a birth in the finals… whether they deserve it or not.

So the acts that have made it through this round of eliminations are…

1. Jacob Williams the Comedian

2. Lightwire Theatre (the only elite level performance of the evening…)

3. The Untouchables mini-salsa-dancers

4. All Wheel Sports



AGT Results: Group 2

12 07 2012

AGT’s Group 2 Results were not very difficult to ‘call’. (I went 3 for 4.) The reason? There were really only 4 really deserving acts based on their performances a few nights ago. There might have been one or two who did well enough to contend for the last spot…. but even with the varying preferences across America, the elite of this group was pretty obvious.

There’s always a slight chance that one of the favourite will get robbed on Results night. For example, I was holding my breath for Tom Cotter the Comedian, willing him to make it through over a song/dance/magician act. (side note: I love magicians, just not the ones I’ve seen thus far…)

I was also off on my Ben Blaque radar… I thought he would be a shoo-in, but apparently he didn’t thrill America as much as he thrilled me (and Howie).

The 4 Acts that have made through this round…are:

1. Tom Cotter the Comedian

2. Turf the Contortionist/Dancer

3. Tim Hockenberry the Singer

4. Donovan and Rebecca the Acrobatic duo

Any surprises?

I will say I was surprised with Donovan and Rebecca beating out Ben Blaque… but again, maybe I was more impressed with his act than the majority of viewers/voters. I was pleased that the judges put them through over the child singer. We don’t need another one of those. Sorry.

I’m happy with the group moving into the next round of competition… it’s surprisingly strong considering the overall weakness of Group 2.


AGT Finale 2011: The Winner is…

15 09 2011

Revealedon last nights finale show, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr is the winner of Americas Got Talent!

Great response on the Prediction Poll… over 60% of you accurately predicted the winner.


I’m surrised that year after year, the solo acts, and in particular the singers, are walking away with the win. Is it because people don’t connect with group acts, or that people get caught up in the backstory of specific personalities… or is it just that people like to award singers for their talent (however, there are other shows for that…)

I just find it interesting… puzzling even.

That being said, Landau Eugene was a perfect choice to win this competition, he IS a Vegas act and he DOES have the talent to be a huge star with his million dollar voice.

I was surprised that Team iLuminate was not in the final 2, not surprised that Poplyfe wasnt in the running, and then not a bit surprised that Landau won over Silhouette. Also not surprising? The amount of sheer filler they can cram into a finale show. Holy cow Batman, were they ever milking it!

Congrats to the winner, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr…. Viva Las Vegas!

AGT Final 4: September 7

8 09 2011

Last night on AGT The Top 4 acts were revealed…

The results were as follows:

First group, Team iLuminate and Smage bros

I’ll give you one guess, one guess as to who makes it through… Team iLuminate (were you right??)

Next group, Miami All Stars and Lys Agnes

Don’t make a guess, neither of them made it through, not surprisingly.

Poplyfe and Landon Swank take the stage

Nick says this was a close one… the votes were splitting hair at 1% difference. But in the end, Poplyfe received more votes and will advance to the finals. Wow.

Next, Silhouettes vs West Springfield dance

Silhouettes on the heels of a gret performance advance to the finals.

One more act will make it,  singers Anna Gracemand and Landau Eugene take the stage. WIll it be the little girl with the big voice? Or will it be the old fashioned crooner?

Landau Eugene is the final act through!

So the Final 4 looks like this:

Team iLuminate


Landau Eugene


I love the variety; 1 singer, 1 band, 1 lightshow, 1 dance group… there is no comparison between them, so America’s final vote will be interesting.



AGT Results: The Top 10

1 09 2011

So last night’s semi final results solidified the Top 10 of this years Americas Got Talent.

The results last night, were as follows…

First group to take the stage for results, Silhouettes, Gymkana and Steven Retchless (to me this should’ve been the easiest decision ever… one group ended up on fire, and one called himself obsolete…) Silhouettes are the first ones to advance into the Top 10.

Next, my favourite crooner Landau Eugene and young songstress Anna Graceman. To my absolute horror, Nick reveals that Anna Graceman is the only one movingt hrough!! Shock, devastation… but only for a breath moment, when Nick psyches everyone out by retracting and telling Landau that HE IS moving forward! Nick… it aint funny, or cute, or dramatic.  You must stop this.

Next group, Professor Splash, Fatally Unique, Summerwind Skippers and Landon Swank. The hunky Alaskan illusionist Landon Swank makes it through. I called it, but he was paired with an interesting group of hopefuls…a good result.

Lastly, 2 more acts will make it through from the final group: The Kinetic King, Smage Bros. Riding Show and Snap Boogie.

The first act sent home…. Kinetic King. (which just means that the poor guy has to continue making stick-shows in his basement.)

It comes down the the judges choice between Snap Boogie and the Smage Bros. Danger always wins…. Smage Bros advance and are the final act to make the Top 10.

So it’s set then… Here is the AGT Top 10:

  • Lys Agnes
  •  Team iLuminate
  • Miami All Stars
  • West Springfield Dance
  • Landon Swank
  • Anna Graceman
  • Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
  • Silhouettes
  • the Smage Bros. Riding Show


AGT Wildcard results: August 17

18 08 2011

The Wildcards had their LAST shot on last night’s AGT Results show.

No more chances…

4 Acts would move on, the rest we will never see again.

First groups to take the stage: Shevonne, Yellow Design Stunt Team and West Springfield Dance Team

Westfield Dance Team advances. The best of the bunch for sure.

Next, Avery and the Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Those Funny Little People and The Kinetic King.

The Kinetic King lives to see another performance. Wow, I mean, I think he redeemed himself last night, but if it proves anything, it’s that his act is a little bit…untrustworthy. I’m just thrilled not to sit through another Avery and the Chipmunks performance.

Next group, the duel of the magicians: Landon Swank and Seth Grabel

Landon Swank moves forward. He was the better act last night.

So it comes down to J. Chris Newberg, the Summerwind Skippers and The Fiddleheads.

The Summerwind Skippers take the final spot. I had no opinion really, none of the acts tickled my fancy particularly last night. Good for the skippers, I wonder what they’ll do next round… my guess is, skip.


The semi finals are set in stone now – interesting to see all the acts again, competiting against worthy opponenets (for the most part).

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