AGT: Group 4 Results

26 07 2012

Sigh of relief.

After a night full of fabulous entertainment and quality acts… I was worried about a few of my favourites as the results were read on AGT last night.

I’m also ALWAYS worried that ‘America’ is seeing something different than I am. It has certainly seemed that way at times.

So when MY Top 4 from last night made it through… sigh of relief. vindication. justice.

The audience saw the genius in William Close, the artist in Joe Castillo, the extraordinary talent of the Olate Dogs, and the mystery of the man called Dittelman.

Those were my Top 4 last night, and they were the 4 to advance to the next rounds.

We’ll have to wait a little while before that happens… The Olympics will take over your airwaves 24/7 starting tomorrow and ending in 2 weeks.

Oh, and and Sharon promised The Cloggers that they would be one of her selections for the Wild Card. I’m sure there will be a few more from this group selected for another shot at the Finals.


AGT Quarter Finals: Group 4

3 08 2011

One last group to perform in the quarter finals of Americas Got Talent. ONe last hope for someone to knock my socks off!

Well last night had promise, there were some interesting acts and acts with alot of pre-show buzz. Unfortunately, many flopped big time. Seriously, there were some may-jor trainwreck performances.

1. The Kinetic King – ‘ doncha know’ the nerd from Minnesota was one of those acts I was excited to see again. It took him 3 full days to set up his kinetic masterpiece…and in one false move by his sexy ‘helpers’… nothing happened. let me ask you…what is the WORST possible thing to happen on live TV? The answer, is nothing. Nothing! He ended up walking around saying ‘oh dear’ and kicking the coloured sticks around the stage. I’ve never seen anything so tragically dismal.

2. Zuma ZUma – now here’s an act I really DO enjoy. A group of seriously fit men doing acrobatic high-flying stunts on poles in African War get up. Love it, it’s fabulous and it’s a fully fleshed out act that could run in Vegas tomorrow.

3. Avery and the Calico Hearts – excuse me for a minute, if you don’t already know me, this may come across as cold. I hate children acts. Sorry, sorry…I know I know. But here’s why. They are rarely good, they are rarely judged ont he same level and they are rarely likable. For example, you are going to vegas with your girls… are you going to shell out $100 to see 10 year olds sing Bieber songs? No it’s ridiculous. And, Piers finally said what I know to be true of most child acts… they arent GREAT singers, they have charisma and are better than most girls their age. But that’s as far as it goes.

4.Charles Peachock – This juggler wanted to do something different, and he performed one of the coolest acts I’ve seen in a while. He played the piano with his juggling balls (mind out of the gutter please!) It was unbelievable! He didnt miss a note! I’m all excited about this act…then both Howie and Sharon BUZZ him?! I hope voters were as taken with this talent as I was….

5. Sam B – useless. I mean, the man has mastered a funny dance style… record it and share it on Youtube. That’s all it’s worth really. It’s not serious.

6. Taylor Davis – sang one of my favourite songs (Falling Slowly), and before he could even get to the chorus, Piers buzzed him. I hate that. The song was building! This kid has a great voice, has great musical sensibilities and style. I thought he was really strong last night,  but I can see the judges point: pick a song that has more mass appeal and an ‘I’m a Star’ moment.

7. Melissa Villensenor – the impressionist who killed a Kathy Griffen voice in her audition, was back to take on: Drew Barrymore, Owen Wilson, Sharon Osbourne, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. I like her, but I think she needs some work. Her bit isnt funny, her impressions are spot on.

8. Scott Alexander – performed a magic trick with a choir. A creative and theatrical way to perform a trick that was predicatable at best. Is he the best magician i’ve ever seen? No. Was that entertaining? Yes. Am I frustrated because the oldest trick in the book still gets me? I’m not answering that.

9. Fatally Unique – unfortunately, there is nothing unique about this dance crew. They are your run of the mill, hip hop infused dance crew…you see them every year, you see them in every audition city. They were good, but nothing I’d write home about…

10. Yellow Design Stunt Team – Is anyone else a little biy underwhelmed by bike acts? I am. They dont really excite me, and I think the only reason BMX acts work is because they are loud, and make for a good show. Bikes wthout motors dont do the same thing for an audience.

11. Frank Miles – another flop. The set up was long, the intro was not super engagin, and there was little payoff. His crossbows were dangerous, but they didnt hit their targets. I can see him being exciting with some help from circus producers, but right now…he’s just another forgettable act.

12. iluminate – a very cool and visually appealing act. THIS is the kind of act that could run in vegas, tour the world, and keep an audience int their seats for a full 90 minutes. Last night, they told a beautiful story and ended the show on a high note. You cant remember acts like Sam B or Avery and the Chipmunks after that…

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