AMA’s 2011 Recap and Review

21 11 2011

I was going to Live Blog from the AMA’s last night, but I decided a review and post-show recap would be good enough.

And seriously, did you need to know frame by frame what happened last night?

There was no Gaga there to create drama and/or confusion. I hear she’s filming a Thanksigivng special, which might actually be more blog-worthy than the Ama’s last night. OUch. Sorry, it slipped.

Can I tell you what I really thought of the AMA’s last night?  Safe. Too safe. 3 Hours of safe.

The performers were not bringing their A game, half the time they weren’t even lipsynching to their A-game potential. J-Lo is NOT fooling anyone anymore. I don’t understand why she even pretends to pretend to sing… it’s getting ridiculous.

As far as the performances go (and that’s the real reason we have these Award shows…) – here’s a mini recap:

Nicki Minaj – decided to go with the (tired) Robot/Tron/Tranformers theme that has been clinging to for a few years now. Girl is usually a killer performer, I didnt see alot of creativity here, but the producers predicted a big night for her…. and they were right. She swept most of the Rap/R&B categories.

Justin Bieber – must suck to only be able to sing Christmas music from october – March, but that’s exactly what the Bieb has to do. Putting out a Chrsitimas album means yule-hell for 5-6 months… and even at Award shows. Yikes. Can’t think of a worse hell. However, this time last year, Bieber still had an insurance policy on his haircut, no girlfriend and no license…what a difference a year can make. Now he’s ditched the ‘Flick back’, got himsef a trophy-gal and crashes Bentleys with the best of them.

J-Lo (x2) – Yep, mama Lopez is single and ready to flaunt it…again. Girl can certainly rock a tassle outfit. But Jenny from the Block is so far from it, and is relapsing back into full diva Bennifer syndrome. I thought it was hard to sit through her car commercial, but then to make the car part of your performance? Shameful. So blatant, so icky, so sell out. Not that it’s a new thing for J-Lo… but this could be a new low. Meh, everyone deals with break ups differently… and with J-Lo we definitely see a pattern emerging.

Chris Brown – Before you ask, No Riahnna wasnt in the audience, and yes he DID lose to her in the award category. The world keeps rooting for Rihanna and resenting Chris Brown. Honestly, I’m a believer in second chances. But there is something about THIS guy that makes it hard for me to get behind (or infront …watch that left hook! sorry) Every time i see him perform I think of 2 things: 1. the picture of Rihanna’s battered face 2. MJ poser. Ever since someone made a reference to him being the next MJ, he has crafted every performance after the iconography of the Prince. It’s never new…Chris we get it, practising the moonwalk infront of your mirror all through your childhood is finally starting to pay off, right?

The Band Perry – finally, an act that just stands on stage and belts out their #1 song. That’s what I want to see… the songs I like, being sung live. Something tells me this band has a long way to go before it’s Lady Antelbellum… like for instance, another hit song.

Kelly Clarkson- an interesting perfomance of her new song… girl’s got a killer voice that needs no spectacle. But is there something eerily passe about her? She needs a reinvention a la ‘my life would suck without you’.

Maroon 5/Xtina – Did Adam Levine really thingk this through? When he decided to include Christina in his song, did he realize that it meant she would have to follow him around wherever he performed it? It’s a great song, i just wish someone onstage WOULD actually ‘move like jagger’… Christina can’t even breath in her spanks, and Levine is a skinny white boy lacking in material.

Katy Perry– can someone please tell this poor girl that she was only VOICING Smurfette, she doesnt need to dress like her every time she goes out. Mercy. However, it was nice to see her stripped down (not what you think) paying acoustic guitar to her new ‘weepy’.

There were other performances – Mary J Blige, Pitbull, LMFAO, Mark Anthony, One Republic…

Oversights? How about the fact that Taylor Swift swept the night… but didnt perform. And seriously ABC…when did you promote Chris Harrison to be the Ryan Seacrest of your network?

It was very much a ladies night – Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, J-Lo, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele all taking home awards. Guess the ladies are dominating the airwaves and raking int he hardware this year!



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