Amazing Race: Final 4 Recap

5 12 2011

Amazing Race is one of thse shows that a lot of people watch, but doesnt get as much water cooler action as most of the others.  The show does a good job of trying to cast a group of ‘characters’ for people to follow… so far, no ‘celebrity’ edition. But that might be next.

The reason I wanted to write a post about last night’s epsode, is because the only true ‘characters’ on the show…. the snowboarders – made one mistake in the entire race, and were eliminated as a result.


These guys won almost every single leg of the Race… except the one that counted.

double ouch.

other teams have benefited from ‘non eliminaton rounds’ … but this team seriously got the short end of the stick, coming up JUST short of the finals… a final that was theirs for the taking ahving virtually decimated the competition every other round.

But that’s the name of the game. Conversely, I also feel for the FIRST epople who are eliminated form the Race, because I always feel like you need a few legs to really GET your legs in this game. I would be so disoriented and disorganized… think of your last vacation, took you months to plan and it still went wrong, right?

What gets me is the WAY in which it happened. They led from the start, had a brief hiccup with the first clue. They were given costumes to wear and told to figure out who they were supposed to be. Ridiculous, they looked like nobody in particular, you couldve said anything and it wouldve looked right.

Then to find their next clue, they had to de-code from the dresses of dancers. They got the wrong clue. The other teams were just as stumped until their TAXI driver stepped in , and all three teams benefitted!

The boys came back, and were able to decypher the message, but it was too late.

The snowboarders, Tommy and Andy…quite possibly the most dominant and likable team in Race history… eliminated last night.




Amazing Race Premiere

26 09 2011

Just a week ago,The Amazing Race won the Emmy for Best Reality show, just in time for it’s season premiere.

Did you watch last night?

Something that struck me was the quality of teams this time around…. usually you get a cast of characters that couldnt drive stick shift or make a sensible decision if their life depended on it. This season, it looks like The Amazing Race has put a new premium on the type of team that will contend. There are ex-football players, Olympians, the kid that sailed around the world, former Survivor winners, flight attendants (and with all the flying they do, that will come in handy!) and overall, really athletic and competitive people.

However, right off the bat… soemone loses their passport. By the grace of a Twitter-vention… the passport was returned. Really?! Nobody answers me on twitter….evne if I DID say I lost my passport, I’d get spambotted before I’d get a real person come to my aid. Something in that story seems fishy….

Survivor fans will be tickled pink to see another favourite on screen. Ethan Zohn, the nice guy who won a million bucks and landed a million dollar girlfriend the next season, successfully battled cancer and is running this race. Wow. What a story! I’ve never been a huge fan of his girlfriend, but they’ve been together now for 7 years and she has stuck with him through life/death… she must not be that bad.

The premiere kicked it up a notch by sending the teams to Taiwan to start! They had to use their heads early as the clue was impossible to find…especially since it wasnt in english, nor in it’s traditional ‘clue box’ form.

Teams lucky enough to find the clue, had to recite verses, by memory, from Confucious. What a nightmare…when was the last time you had to memorize something word for word? It’s a skill, and obviously, not everything has it!

The next task was dragon boat racing, how cool would that be? I mean, Toronto has a Dragon Boat festival, but there’s a massive difference between racing in Lake Ontario and racing…. in Taiwan.

Team number one was Ernie and Cindy, a dating couple. I’m not going to harp on the race card… but she was obviously slightly more comfortable speaking and navigating with years of chinese school in her back pocket. Hard to tell if they will be the frontrunners all season long.

You know who WON’T be on this journey much longer…. token older couple Bill and Cathi. By the time most teams were passing Phil as the finish line, They were still looking in all the wrong places for the clue. They were not eliminated, because it was a non elimination cop out, I mean round. So they escape the boot early, but will have to face a double elimination and a road block next week. I’d say their clock is ticking…


Amazing Race: the winner and the announcement

13 12 2010

So the first all-female couple won the Amazing Race last night (not quite the cultural impact it was cracked up to be…) Nat and Kat (favourites from the start…) won in a perfectly executed last leg. Congrats ladies!

now… the real meat of the evening.

The news that next season will be a Fan-Favourites season…bringing back favourites form apst seasons to re-compete, calling it the UnFinished Business season. Interested?

How about these familiar faces we picked out of the promo:

  • mother/son Margie and Luke,
  • the Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy,
  • dating Goths Kynt and Vyxin,
  • father/son Mel and Mike,
  • brothers/bull riders Cord and Jet,
  • sisters/athletes LaKisha and Jennfer,
  • poker players Maria and Tiffany,
  • a capella singers Connor and Jonathan,
  • father/daughter Gary and Mallory,
  • father/son Michael and Kevin
  • and home shopping hosts Brook and Claire, from this past season.

where’s Rob and Amber!!!???

Other than that… I’m sure more will be added as we get closer to the show airing in February. Every reality show needs one of these seasons… we expect it now.

Amazing Race Premiere

26 09 2010

Couldnt have asked for a better way to spend a sunday night – watching the premiere of the most consistently exciting show on TV: The Amazing Race.

Like I said in the preview, this show NEVER need to change its format…it doesnt need writers (otherwise I’d be on the staff) to create drama and thrill. I’m sure there is some ‘set up’…but generally speaking, it is the adrenaline of the race, and the ordinary people that take us through it with them.

This season, there are already some great personalities. The Docs are my early favs, along with the Southern Belle and her Dad, and the Nerds. Who doesnt love a good nerd?

There are always the feuding couples, and the blonde chicks stuck in an abusive relationship…sometimes hard to watch actually. Honey, just because “he used to play football” doesnt mean he can lambast you with insults every step of the way…you’re in denial.

The most intense moment of the night came half-way through the watermelon challenge, when the melon projectile backfired into the face of a contestant. It was beyond ‘laughable’…it was scary. The girl didnt get a pie in the face or slip on a banana…she got a rock hard, head sized melon – to the melon! (sorry…)

She got right back into the game uttering  “I cant feel my face” as they ran ahead. Girl, you’re lucky your forehead and nose didnt change places after that blow. Here’s the Watermelon Headshot heard around the world… I warn you, this is PAINFUL.

First group eliminated? The Broadway Boys. Got lost and never caught up.

Any early favourites? I have mine!

Amazing Race preview

26 09 2010

Good Ole Sunday night TV is back this week… nothing like the Amazing Race to (make you want to quit your job) take you into another Monday.

A new cast, a new season… not that the formula needs to change much. There are the usual suspects: Mother daughter, Father Son, Father Daughter, Nerd best friends, BF GF, Confused/strained relationships, Barbie and Kens… and this season you can throw in Broadway Boys and A Biker and his girlfriend.

Again, the format need not change… the show couldnt be more exciting and dramatic if it was scripted.

Tune in tonight for the premiere, and if you’re like me…you’ll choose a favourite within the first 15 minutes. (and watch for the muich talked about “watermelon backfire”…Youtube it folks.)

weekend wrap party…

9 05 2010

it WAS a party…and I spent it infront of the tube, with my amazing mother:)

Saturday night was SNL-gasmic!
Holy Tina Fey-bulous! Holy Mya Rudolf-tastic! Holy Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Molly Shannon all came back! and the hostess with the mostest…Betty (I’m 88…and?!) White!

My favourite moments of the night were: NPR and the Dusty Muffins, “She’s a lesbian” skit, “Really?!” with Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (the old gang back in fine form!), Tina fey/Betty white in a census taker skit (“ascertain…that was my stripper name…”)

Big ratings on saturdy night for SNL…biggest numbers for the show since the 2008 Tina Fey as Sarah Palin high.

Sunday was the finale (and the least exciting episode…) of the Amazing Race.
Sorry, maybe I’m bitter because my team didnt win. I’ll cut to the chase- The Gay Brothers won.
The promos promised a twist…something to throw the teams for a loop.

Nothin’. Nada. I saw no twists, turns, surprises at all. I was certainly waiting for something exciting to happen.

Celebrity Apprentice:
Holly is delusionally controlling, Cyndi is delusional AND entertaining…and I can no longer say anything bad about Bret (the man almost died last week…I’m giving him sanctuary until he’s healthier). I gave him alot of flak early on, but now, he’s becoming on of the most interesting people on the show, and someone who rides the line between creativity and tact…
Anyways, Sharon is still a rock star and won the task, sending Holly/Bret and Cyndi to duke it out infront of Trump. In the end (and after painful back and forth banter for close to 20 mins…) Smug unknown Holly finally got rid of the most creative energy in the competition…goodbye Cyndi. The best character on TV. sad day.

“Mother” of all TV Weekends…

7 05 2010

Heck of a weekend ahead folks – especially if you’re a mother and already have a reservation…anywhere.

But actually, you’ve got a tonne of reasons to be pumped for this next few days…

Here’s what I’m watching this weekend:

Playoffs: sports fans…the second round is heating up…teams are pulling ahead, teams are pulling even…teams are failing to rise to the occasion. Where does your team fall? All teams are playing at least one game this friday through sunday so check local listings to catch them all!

Jeopardy: If you know me, you know that my absolute favourite show is Jeopardy…seriously. I never try to foist my obession with the show onto my readers…but tonight is an exception. It is the finals of the Celebrity Jeopardy (non SNL version) Million Dollar tournament. That’s right…a million dollars to a charity tonight, and some steep competition. Tune in tonight at 7:30 in most areas!

SNL: My hands are shaking with excitement as I type this…last week was a teaser (re-run), but this week… the epoch and most anticipated episode of the season is upon us…BETTY WHITE hosts! EPIC Television…do not miss it!

Amazing Race: The finale! This sunday 3 teams go for the WIN in the race around the world. It’s Cowboys, against models, against Gay brothers… can it get much better than that? Tune in, Sunday night 8pm (take mom for an early dinner!)

I know what I’m doing this weekend… watching TV…with my mom.

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