American Idol: Top 13

10 03 2011

I love a good two hour American Idol show on a hump-day wednesday.

The weather was aweful (I don’t live in Cali), and the commute was a direct reflection of the circumstances. But I got home JUST in time, for the start of the Top 13  show.

First note, they are going with more broad themes, and adding some professional experience to the process. I like it. For example, this week was ‘Your Idols’ week, whereby each contestant chose a song performed by their own personal idols. This opened the door for a wider range of genre, and a better pool of songs to select from.

Nigel also enlisted the help/advice from legendary …or at least long standing, record producers to gudie the contestants this week. I feel like this really boosted the performances. It certainly helped the song choices. No more shmultzy tired overdone songs… are the contestants getting better or is the advice that good?

As usual, there were highlights and lowlights…but far less lowlights than the norm for this stage in the game.


  • Jacob
  • Casey
  • Pia
  • Stefano
  • James
  • Scotty
  • Naima


  • Paul
  • Thia
  • lauren
  • Ashthon
  • Haley

In my opinion. (please, don’t send the death threats…I don’t read them)

The true stand outs were the front runners: Casey, James, Jacob and Pia.

I loved the range – from Celine Dion to Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker to Rihanna. It was great to hear who the contestants model their careers and styles after.

So who goes home first?

I think Paul is (unfortunately) on teh bubble. He chose a relatively unknown song, and is starting to look kind of goofy on stage.  I also think that Thia and Lauren could be candidates for the axe based on lacklustre performances last night.



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