The Bachelorette: Week 2

22 05 2012

Emily is a fantastic Bachelorette – I’m sure producers bargained HARD for her! She’s eloquent, she’s ‘put together’, she’s confident – and for such a knock out, she’s extremely unpretentious and grounded.

Ya, she’s a catch.

She’s PERFECT for this show.

The guys? I’m not sure that many of them would be in her category in an average ‘real world’ situation. I don’t know them well enough, but I really feel like Emily has a better chance at meeting a quality guy in the ‘real world’ that she lives in. But that’s no fun…is it?

This week, the dating begins!

The first One on One is given to Ryan – who expects to be swept away on a helicopter to scale a tall building and kiss Emily under a canopy of stars. Instead, Emily takes him home to bake cookies, put away groceries and run errands. I loved this! 100% through the Muscle for a loop and forced him to act happy about it for the camera. Emily deftly shows Ryan ‘her world’. He was NOT a great actor in this situation, he kept expecting the helicopter to show up and it was written all over his face the entire day.

Emily didnt seem to notice, but she did challenge him with some tough questions at dinner. This guy admitted to being all about ‘the chase’. Like Kristen Wiig would say, ‘Red Flag’! Whatever, it’s too soon to tell, so Emily gives him the Rose.

Group date!

Probably the corniest group date in Bachelorette history. Kermit the Frog and Piggy show up at a theatre to teach the guys how to perform – later that day, they will perform WITH the muppets for charity. Emily was forced to act in cheeseball skits, such as ‘Kermit zips up her dress’, ‘Emily kisses the Frog’ etc. Completely moronic.

Later that evening, the guys all try to ‘woo’ Emily with meaningful conversation. And a villain is born (wow, producers wait until week 2! What admirable constraint shown by the Bachelor editors!) Kalon (I know, sounds like a planet, right?) looks like a character right out of Gossip Girl. He’s rubbing the guys the wrong way, and delivers the d-bag remark of the night. “I wouldnt like me if I were you either”. Boom!

The guy with the Bruno Mars hair and the inability to look anyone in the eyes while speaking to them, Jef (yup, one f) gets the Rose. I’m not going to debate that decision, it’s far too  early on to understand her selections.

The last One on One date is with Joe – and he gets the date Ryan wanted. They ride on a private jet to West Virginia. They take a vintage car to the Greenbriar Resort, a scene right out of Gone with the Wind. Southern opulence in fine form.

Joe fails to impress. He has no plans for the future, he also has absolutely no personality. So he does NOT get the Rose and packs his bags.

Not alot of drama to speak of at the Rose Ceremony – it IS only week 2 !

2 guys who we had no emotional connection to went home…

The biggest conversation points fromt his episode is the ‘drama’ between Kalon and most of the other men. He’s going to continue to be a d-bag on camera and a gentleman infront of Emily. But he wont win, so don’t worry your pretty little head about it all. It helps the storyline of the show, enjoy it.


The Bachelorette Finale : August 1st

2 08 2011

I’m sure you’ve all heard the result of last night’s Bachelorette finale.

There’s no use subjecting you to a full recap before telling you that JP was the  man Ashley chose.

Last night, both met her family (more on that later), both proposed (the most awkward 15 minutes of TV all year)… but only one walked away with the final Rose.

I am a pathelogical critic, so in my opinion when ‘reality tv’ seems too scripted, it probably is. When it seems too ‘real’, it probbaly isnt. That’s why last night was intriguing to me, particularly the storyline about AShley’s sister. When she met JP,  she was certain, without a doubt, and after 2 questions that JP was not right for Ashley. She said he was too mature, and that Ashley didnt act ‘herself’ around him. Actually, what she was saying was that Ashley is still too young to have an identity, to be in a committed relationship and to be married. That’s really what she was saying. and isnt that was Brad said about her before she got the boot? Arent her ‘insecurities’ the ones all 13 year olds have? Just sayin… I think her sister was being realistic about her sister, not about the choice in man.

Of course, Ben walks in and the whole room changes. Ashley does silly voices, Ashley jumps around, Ashley laughs louder than any person ever should… we are left believing that Ben would fit right into the family – especially if the opinion of family is as important to Ashley as she says it is.

After one more date – it is time for the Neil Lane infomercial (yes yes Neil. your rings are sparkly, and you know women so well that you can even coach the guys on their love life as they choose a ring)

As I said, both men proposed. Ben was so sure of himself, that he got right down on his knee and popped the question. (I’m sorry, what kind of sick producer allows that to happen?!) to which Ashley says nothing, just asks him to stand up…and tries to heal the gaping wound she just inflicted. She says things like ” I care about you so much, I want you to know how hard this is, you are the most interesting guy, seriously”. His reaction was very real – if she was sure about her decision, why allow someone to fall so far?

But you can’t ask that question without getting the production team involved. Why would anyone be so cruel as to lead two men to propose, with the intention of rejecting one of them? Because it’s a TV show. This would not happen in reality…the last time it happened was in a bad rom-com. It’s set up to be so…because we can’t get it anywhere else on TV. And that’s why we watch.


What are the odds this one will last? I can actually see it…I can. I think the franchise might’ve just landed a new spokes-couple.

Bachelorette July 18: Home Town Dates

19 07 2011

It’ everyone’s favourite episode of the Bachelorette…the Home Town Dates!

It’s like the makeover show on….every other reality show. For some reason, the home town date show has become the most anticipated show of the season.

Ashley visited the home towns of her final 4: Constantine, Ben F, Ames, JP.

Let’s start with Constantine:

I never understood why he was sticking around so long. aybe it’s the editing, but this guy hasnt had much to say, nor much excitement to offer the show. Ashley, we get it, you like long hair..! But last night, we got the chance to see Constantine in his element. He showed off his restaurant, they made some pizza, and he took Ashley home to meet the parents. Cutest moment all night was the snooping waitresses at the restaurant – too funny!

Next, Ashley went to see Ames.

Ames is a character, he is a tough nut to crack. But I think, he is super intelligent and looks at the world very differntly than most people. Ashley, likes to think she is the ‘same person’ as Ames… but Ashley doesnt add anything to any conversation she has with him, she just lets him be whimsical and use big words while she looks at what she’s eating, nods her head and laughs intermittantly. The girl is not the same person, they arent even in the same universe at times. I think Mes and his family were clear, this is an interesting guy with alot of pain in his past…if she’s not serious, she shouldnt string him along. I’m not entirely sure why Ames tried out for this show…it seems  inauthentic for his nature.

Next stop, Ben F in wine country.

That’s right, the scruffy, mild mannerd Ben F finally got to show off his beautiful winery in California. This guy lives the LIFE! He is more than just a good head of hair. They had a romantic picnic in the vineyard, and their conversation is very comfrotable and fluid. Ben then takes Ashley to meet his mom and sister, and they all talk about the pain of losing his father. Why do all the guys have father issues? I’m impressed with the closeness of his family, and the obvious value he puts in the relationships with the women in his family.

lastly, hometown with JP:

For a girl who loves a mop-head, she is equally loving JP. He  has planned a ‘teenage dream’ date at a rollerskating rink. Very cute. Then, he takes Ashley home to meet his family, and extended family – they are all nice, and all ask very deep questions which was refreshing. JPs mom fianlly came right out and asked “how do you have feelings for 4 guys at once?” Ashley of course skirted around the question awkardly, but the editors made it end well with a hug from the mother. JPs brother asked how serious it was, and if he would be rady to propose at the end… the answer? Yes. Wow.

Ashley is a cute girl, with a bubbly personality. But beyond that, I don’t see a reason for all of the families to dwell on how perfect she is for their son. She did not have any meaningful conversations with family members, she talked mainly JUST to the mothers/sisters… did NONE of these families question: job status, stability, goals, family – or how about the failure rate of the show in general?!

Anyways, at the rose ceremonyAshley eliminated Ames.

The final 3 are: Constantine, JP and Ben F.


The Bachelorette: Monday June 27

28 06 2011

I enjoyed the Bachelorette last night – no particular reason, just finally got a glimpse of some reality. (I know, I know, don’t choke on your coffee…I’ll explain.)

No it wasn’t that Bentley flew to Hong Kong to mumble 4 sentences to Ashley.
That was the least entertaining moment, and least ‘real’ moment on the show last night.

Here’s what I liked:

Ashley starting to ask some deeper questions of these men.

For instance, on the first one-one date with Lucas – she had him open up about his divorce.She asked Ryan about his job and what his life was really like. On her one-one date with JP she asked about what or who made him cry. Interesting, finally veering from the norm: “How beautiful is Hong Kong? Would you ever have expected…?”

I also enjoyed her one-on-one with JP. I think they are starting to really feel…right. I mean, they had easy conversation, she opened up to him FIRST about her encounter with Bentely and he took it very well, comforting her and not telling the other men. That’s key. As soon as you start sharing secrets, and trusting someone with keeping it… you’re on the right track. (oh, and I did want to mention…to the editoris, I get it. ‘We’re on the right track’ fits perfectly with being on a train, please, stop shoving literal ironies down my throat. Thanks)

At the Cocktail party – Ashley decided to tell the men as a group about her Bentely situation. I have a feeling, she didn’t realize how hard they would take it. Blake threw a fit and got extremely judgemental. Mickey got…moody and pouty. And Lucas was totally offended. Relax people. Blake told Ashley how he was feeling, until she broke down…then he relented. Mickey went as far as saying he wanted to leave, to which Ashley said… let me show you the door. Wow. This is what I like seeing though…as mean as it sounds. I like seeing men who decide, they can’t be forced to fall in love with someone just for a TV show, every once and a while, I love to see people make up their minds about someone, and decide they arent for them. Real life.

But Ashley stll had to eliminate someone, so when it came down to the final Rose… she sent Blake home.

I saw some real emotion out of Ashley last night, and judging by the promos, I don’t think that’ll be the last tear-fest we’ll see on this show. Oy Vey, this girl loves to cry. It must be her go-to dramatic crutch.


Mickey and Blake gone tonight, Bentely finally put to rest… did you agree with the way Ashley approached the situation?

The Bachelorette: June 6th

7 06 2011

Kind of a rough day/night for Ashley on The Bachelorette last night.

but you know what will be an even rougher day/night? When she watches the footage back…

By now, we all know what a slimball Bentley is, and we were all just waiting for the axe to fall. Last night, Bentely was up to his old tricks – wooing Ashley, and cutting her to shreds in the interviews. He was even more unlovable last night, which gave me a bit of a shake… this guy is an actor. I’m sorry, they would not put someone on the show that didnt go through rigorous casting and interviews before hand. And, as soon as he started saying he wasnt ‘into’ Ashley – Producers couldve easily jumped on the situation and ended it…for Ashleys sake. Drama people,drama. Can’t write this stuff…or can you?

Ok…so a bunch of other things happened last night, besides the Bentely thing.

1. The Masked-man was revealed. Anti-climatic… He’s normal looking. Shocker.

2. Ashley organzied  just your  average first date – a flashmob. Typical.

3. A roast went seriously sour… let’s talk about this a bit more.
The producers organized a ‘Roast’ of Ashley – I don’t care how self assured you think you are – 8 guys making fun of your breasts and your career is just plain hurtful. No matter what. The biggest ‘blow to the ego’ came from William (an aspiring stand up comedian… dont quit your day job) who played on Ashleys insecurities and went for the juggular. “I was expecting Emily or Chantelle…then I saw it was Ashley”. OUch.

William decided to go back to the Bachelor mansion… in fact, he ran there.

Then there was the close to 30 minute Bentely departure. It was hard to watch Ashley get so broken up and depressed about a guy she knew was a bad apple from the start. Did she really think he was her knight in shining armor? Over the other 25 guys…really? The man’s got good hair…but that’s not enough to cry over. It was painful. Eat some ice cream, and get back to it girl!

JP had the good fortune of being the next one on one…He came thorugh in a big way. He brought flowers, they got ‘comfy’ and had dinner. I love his assertiveness too “I will ask about the issue, make sure  she’s ok, and then we will move on with the night”. Real man…I love it.

So no surprise that Ashley wasnt in the mood for a Cocktail party – on to the Rose ceremony:

The newly unmasked man didnt get the Rose, along with another dark haired guy I couldnt pick out in a crowd. I guess the big “shocker” was that William stayed… but I’d take him over masked man any day.


Did you feel bad for Ashley, or did she get what was coming to her by falling for the ‘bad guy’?

Bachelorette Monday: May 30th

31 05 2011

People ARE watching the Bachelorette.

Based on the results of my poll, and the high ratings… people ARE definitely watching this show.

So let’s all just accept it, and move forward.

Last night, Ashley went on her first date with the Watch Guy (c’mon, you don’t expect me to know their names yet!) – the most terrifying first date for any guy: Wedding shopping. Yep, they went to buy rings, cakes and ended up at the chapel. Weird. Obviously, Ashley isnt ‘planning’ these dates, but is this not the worst idea you’ve ever seen on this show?

It ended on a high note with dinner beside Vegas fountains and smooching. He got the rose.

The group date flew about a dozen guys to Vegas to compete in a jabberwocky-off. Each group performed for Ashley who got to show off her dancing skills (and midriff). The winning group stayed for the night and ‘performed; for an audience, while the losing group went back home.

Ashleys last one-one date was the flip of a coin between JP and Mickey. Mickey had luck on his side, and joined Ashley for dinner in Vegas. They flipped the coin alot…it was the theme of the evening obviously. He got the rose on a very lucky flip of the coin.

At the Rose ceremony – 3 guys we don’t know went home. All seemed bummed, as they should feel. This season’s villain and resident D-Bag Bentley is still around, the guy with the Mask is here for another week, and a handful of other guys not really worth her time.

Ashley has her pick of really decent guys though – and considering how fast she is moving… I have no doubt she will be in a really serious relatinship(or two) in no time.

Bachelorette Premiere May 23rd

24 05 2011

Are we excited or sick of the Bachelor(ette) TV fans? I asked myself this question before the Premiere last night… because the problem is, once you START watching… you’re in for keeps. At least in my case. So I had to make the decision whether to watch or for-go this season…

Guess what I did…

Yep, I watched it. Did you? Please tell me I’m not the only one who got suckered in yet again!

Here are my initial thoughts:

Great group of guys. My issue with the Bachelor is that all the girls are either waitresses, part-time dancers, assistant store managers or ex-models. Theses are NOT jobs…sorry. However, ABC has assembled a group of successful, intelligent, entrepreneurial men for Ashley to choose from… which makes this easier (for me) to invest myself in.

Ashley is not goin got be my favourite person to ‘follow’ in this process. She is bubbly and over-exuberant … and she is already making dramatic poor decisions. I get the feeling she’s also going to cry alot.

So the big drama started 5 minutes into the show (that’s why we watch right?) – Apparantly Ashley has received news from a source that Bentley is tehre for the wrong reasons, to promote his business. In the real world, if a friend gives you taht tip… you stay clear of that person. In the real world, you would focus on the other ‘fish in the sea’ that ARE there for the right reasons, and say a quick goodbye to Bentley before you get your hear broken.

This is what a normal person would do in a normal scenario.

This is a TV show… therefore, instead of keeping around some potentially great guys… she kept Bentley. Will it come back to bite her? Absolutely. But she has no one to blame but herself (and the scandal-loving producers likely…)

My early favourites are Ryan (the entrepreneur, and the first impression rose recipient) and Ben from Cali (the winemaker).


Who else watched, and do you have any early favourites?

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