Biggest Loser: Season 12 Winner

14 12 2011

The Biggest Loser Finale was the highly anticipated competition between 3 heavy weights who could slim down to half their size by the finale.

and they did.

John, Antone and Ramone all hit the stage looking like completely different people.

The contestants competing for the at-home prize werent as strong as seasons past I thought. There were a few top ‘losers’ such as Vinny (now Skinny Vinny), Patrick and Jennifer. Therefore, I’m glad they decided to axe everyone weighing in… it’s anticlimatic when people come in only having lost 30 pounds, standing next to someone who has clearly lost over 100. Nice shake up.

The at home prize went to Jennifer who lost 44% of her body weight! The biggest transformation in my opinion was Patrick, probably because he left the ranch SO early and managed to lose a TON of weight.

So who won the BIG prize?

The Season 12 Biggest Loser is… John!

I think I’ve voiced my opinion on John in the past – I think he comes out very aggressively and has an ‘in it to win it’ attitude…which pushed him tot he position he’s in… the winner. But I worry about his stamina and ability to maintain his current state. I hope I’m wrong…



Biggest Loser: The Final 3

7 12 2011

Last night on the Biggest Loser, the contestants ran a marathon for a spot in the finals.

seriously, a marathon?

Ethiopian 80-pounders run marathons. These people, not even 3 months ago… were so sedentary they had pizza delivered to their couch. It’s just amazing to see, that the Biggest Loser isnt just about losing weight, but becoming athletic and healthy.

I consider myself a healthy perosn, but I know without a shadow of doubt, I could not run a full marathon. I might be able to walk it… but then that’s just a really long walk… doesnt really count.

and my oh my have the producers planned this well… the final episode will land dangerously close to Christmas. That means while you’re planning ‘who’s bringing the candied yams?’ you’re watching a determined group of people shed a truck load of weight and encourage a healtheir lifestyle. That’s just… nasty.

But seriously, it’s one of my favourite shows of the year… the final weigh in. Where every contestant breaks through their ‘old self’ picture and shows off their hot new bodies in spandex. Love it.

We have had some pretty intense finale results… the sisters last season are going to be a hard act to follow. But this season? It’s a showdown between 3 BIG guys, capable of losing a TONNE of weight (and already have!) – I am anticipating a Finale show to rival any previous reveal.

We’ve got Ramone – the marathon winner. He’s so happy with his new life, he’ll do anything to keep it going. This guy, is going to be a knock out….

Then you’ve got John – has literally made it his full time job to win this thing. Let’s hope he’s not just” in it to win it” – but has really turned his life around for keeps.

lastly, Big Antone – has been holding onto a picture of his ‘NFL’ days and wants nothing more than to be fit enough to relive those times again.

Tight race… each one is a true competitor and will fight for every pound.

Tuesday Night TV Wrap

22 09 2010

The big news came at 10:01 with the Hoff eliminated FIRST from DWTS.

But in other news… The season premiere for The Biggest Loser and GLEE also aired last night. Didya watch?

I did. I have the hardest working PVR in the city.

On Biggest Loser, Bob and Jillian continue their crusade to find really overweight people with a tragic backstory in order to inspire and change their lives. And they certainly did. From people dealing with death and loss, to people dealing with major health issues to people with the lowest self esteem/ There was a dry eye in my family room …every 5 minutes ont hsi show. Maybe it was the inspiring background music, or the fact that contestants REFUSE to wipe their tears…just let it stream down their faces.

So the teams were selected, and the offical competition begins next week. It’s a good show, lots of motivation and the weight loss in unbelievable to watch! Now, I say this out of love, this is NOT the show to eat your nightly snack infront of. Wait until DWTS or GLEE to pull out the cheetos people…trust me, the guilt leaves a bad taste.

Ok… now on to GLEE. Sticking with the formula, GLEE keeps making smart additions (cameos) that boost the shows pedigree. This week, the Oprah-discovered Charice made her debut – and this will no doubt launch her career into popular consciousness. She was fantastic. Almost blowing Lea Michele away…until the final song of course.

There is also a new blonde-boy that will threaten Finn’s spot on the team and king-of-the-school popularity. But I’ve heard whispers that He is NOT there to dethrone Finn, but rather as a love interest…for Kurt.

So, what did YOU watch last night?

Finale Recaps

26 05 2010

There were three finales last night… bad planning? Or brilliant scheduling?

Either way… Here’s what went down:

AMerican Idol:
I was a little bit disappointed I’m sorry to say. There wasnt a big throwdown…there was no competitive determination, nor was there a far-and-away stadn out performance of the night. I have a theory. Neither of them wanted to win. THey were both playing for ‘second’ place. Second place means more creative control, just as much (if not more) press and escaping the life-long lingering title of ‘American Idol’.

Whatever your theory is, there were some good moments and some confusing moments.

Confusing: American Idol threw away their guise of ‘true artist’ show… by making the new singles…Covers. Yep. No more Kara-written drivel about sunshines, rainbow, following hearts and revealing your destiny. I dont know how much I like the latter…cover singles? Really?

… My prediction is that Lee will win. There, I said it.

A ridiculously long, ridiculousy glitzy and ridiculously predictable finale. THe worst of the night. 2 hours watching dancers we voted off because we never wanted to see them again, recaps, MORE dances (that didnt factor in AT ALL to the voting) … climaxed by a win for Nicole that was inevitable and virtually unchallenged from the first show on. Congrats…dancer.

Biggest Loser:
Has one of the best finales on TV. All contestants come back to reveal their weightloss, it’s live, and there is minimal filler throughout. Last night, the skinny shells of those on the show came through the doors in style…and these people looked amaaaaazing! The final 4 was quickly whittled down (by vote) to a final three: Mike, Daris and Ashley.
fan favourite Koli won the at-home prize (although, he wasnt ‘at-home’ for long…but they lost over 200 pounds, so very well deserving.)

In the end, Big Mike (not the Idol…) lost more than HALF his size to win the big prize! Congrats…

Oh, and in case you were worried…Daris has a girlfriend.

Finale Tuesday

25 05 2010

What the…?  When did TV get so good…all at once?!

You may be tempted to spend time outdoors tonight…but I would advise against it. seriously. Tonight is a SERIOUS TV Night, not something to take lightly!

Here’s What I’m Watching Tonight:

American Idol Finale: Well, the right two people are still in it, so I dont even have a strong opinion about the outcome. Both will be famous, both will be rolling in it…both would probably rather place second. Second is a good place to be (think Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert) – so, tonight is going to be killer, and both can enjoy the night wothout a tonne of pressure. It’s not like their future rides on winning or losing. Tune in for the biggest show of the season, 8pm FOX.

Biggest Loser Finale: finale number 2of the evening…which former-fatty will turn into a skinny minnie tonight and win the BIG prize? This finale is always great…lots of action all the way through. Each contestant will return to vye for hte at home prize, and the final 4 will break though the paper wall and make our jaws drop. Tune in tonight, NBC 8pm.

DWTS finale: That’s right…finale number 3 of the night (I told you to stay in…). There’s not much to say, It’s not a runaway for any dancer…but my prediction is that Nicole will take home the big prize…not a shocking opinion. Tune in (beware…of all the finales, this one packs the most FLUFF and FILLER of them all) ABC 9pm.

Whatever you decide to watch (can pack into your evening) have a great TV NIght.

iiiit’s Tuesday!

27 04 2010

It totally takes the week in my opinion. Do not make plans tonight, I’ve made them FOR you- it’s TV Night, and it’s going to be a DOOOZY!

Here’s What I’m watching tonight:

American Idol:
and it’s finally Tim-less! Now if we could all come together for the good of the people and vote off Aaron, Tuesdays would be 10 times better. I think you’d agree.
At any rate, tonight is Shania Twain Night– and as much as I love the Canadian Content, why can’t they make it “Country Night”??. Playing to the celebrity-ego like a puppy dog is just shameless…and narrows the options quite a bit! These contestants will now only get a one-page song list to choose from, and the guys are at a bit of a disadvantage here. And if Aaron tries to make “Whos Bed Have your Boots Been Under” hip, young and sexy…I will have nightmares, just sayin. Tune in tonight to see THE hottest 40 year old in the world (she also happens to be Canadian) 8pm, FOX.

DWTS results:
Well? Predictions? After last night, and after recent voting trends… I predict that Pam An will still be in trouble (although, it may have helped her to be brunette last night…unrecognizable?) But it’s a bit of a crap shoot (excuse my french) to predict. Chad is fading in popularity, Jake’s 15 minutes should be up soon, and Neicy didnt pull great scores last night. Also, it’s about the time that a “favourite” gets a scare…could Evan end up in the bottom?  We shall see, tonight 9pm ABC.

Biggest Loser:
people are getting skinny! If I was a skeptic (who me?) I would say that they cast beautiful models in fat suits and just shed layers every week. think about it…I’m on the right track right? Maybe not, but the most entertaining thing on TV is watching Gillian Michaels rip those layers off each contestant in the gym. it’s amazing. watch it tonight, 8pm NBC.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.

Tuesday TV Notes

23 03 2010

Is it wrong that I like Tuesday for it’s linguistic merit? Think of all the snappy alliterations it presents…TV Tuesday, Tune-in Tuesday, Time to try tuesday’s totally terrific television tally… it’s too easy.

But I digress…

Not only is tuesday a great word, it’s a great night of TV. I also have a few ‘tuesday tv tidbits’  (sorry…) for you to talk about throughout the day, gearing up of course for American Idol tonight.


  • Did you think we had seen the last of Rosie ODonnell? Sigh…think again. I thought she would stick with incomprehensible blogging, being a radio politico…and a cruise ship performer/owner. Alas…She is in talks to come back to TV, hoping to replace the void Oprah will leave us. Right. True, she had a successful daytime run in the 90’s…but that was pre-bra-burning Rosie. All speculation at this point, but I am hearing that they are close to a deal to start planning production for 2011 (fitting in with Oprahs departure). Thoughts? IS this another failure like Bonnie Hunt, Tyra and Megan Mulally?
  • Coincidentally, the next tidbit involves Donald Trump (I didnt plan that…the universe is strange). With the success of his celebrity Apprentice, he is in talks to re-create his ORIGINAL version of the apprentice…with nobodys as contestants (or is it kinda the same….) vying for a job. Basically, these people would be about as famous as the Victoria secret models and ex-athletes and ‘writers’ he has on his celebrity edition. In any case, the format works, the premise sells…and I personally enjoy seeing real people —hence the lure of Survivor and American Idol…celebrity versions are always watered down.
  • In other (unwanted)  TV news, Sarah Palin is close to landing a reality show of her own. Well shucks. WHo says losing a bid for veep means you cant be famous in AMerica? So what will HER show be titled? Americas Next Top Model? Biggest Loser? Survivor? they all fit…but unfortunately are already taken. No no, she is doing a travelogue for Alaska “Sarah Palins Alaska” is the working title. yikes. I have no words.

So, that being said…three things to bring up in your afternoon budget meeting. (youre welcome)

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American idol:
I have to bite my tongue a little bit here…it’s Top 40 week, and naturally, the mentor is….Miley (your daughter wants to be me) Cyrus. Um. Mentor implies that a person is in a position to advise and teach based on years of experience. Does this make sense to anyone? I mean, she might be in the same math class as half the contestants…I would be sooooo bitter if I was Crystal or Lee, what a swift kick to the (groin) ego. ANd if THAT doesnt get your blood boiling, how about the guest performers tomorrow night: Joe (my face is on lunchboxes) Jonas and his Disney squeeze, Demi Lovato. Hurling yet? Sigh…looks like it was harder to bite my tonguw than i thought…sorry. Tune in tonight, FOX 8pm.

Biggest Loser:
No, not Sarah Palin’s new show…the original appetite surpressor (put down the bag o chips). Tonight the contestants have o fend for themselves AT HOME (the horror!) without their trainers and without their personal chef! SEe who can find a local gym and a local Subway (eat fresh)  to keep them on track this week…. NBC 8pm.

The Leafs are at it again tonight (too little too late…sigh, when does baseball start?)– if you still care.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great (Tuesday) TV Night.

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