DWTS: Week 6 Results

25 04 2012

Last night, we got rid of another dancer on the Week 6 DWTS Results show.

I’m not upset yet.

None of the major favourites have been in jeopardy, therefore I have had little opinion on who should go home on any given week. I didnt want to see Gavin go home, I felt it was too early… but I’m not broken up, he wasnt very good. On this night, there were a few dancers I felt were worthy of leaving based on their performances.

Gladys Knight, Roshon Fagan, Melissa Gilbert and Maria Menunous were ‘in jeopardy’ of elimination last night. I can’t say I’mattached to either one of them, and I wouldnt have really been upset by any outcome.

I said last night that the reason Gladys made it to Week 6 was because it wouldve been a horrendous mistake for the producers NOT to have Galdys involved in Motown week. Horrendous, and it wouldnt have happened. So, i mentioned in my blog yesterday that it would be fitting then, that Gladys be eliminated AFTER her (contractua)l involvement in Motown Week.

Therefore, not only was I NOT suprised when the red glow fell on her, I was completely vindicated in my analysis of the situation.

She and Roshon ‘danced for their lives’, but we all knew Gladys would be padded with copious adoration for her iconic career, and sent on her way.




DWTS Season 14: Week 5 Results

18 04 2012

The new ‘dance for your life’ duel made it’s debut on the week 5 DWTS elimination show last night.

The bottom two couples danced a pre-reheased cha cha, side by side, to give the judges one last look at them. Apparently there have been some issues with ‘fan favourites’ going home too early… tell that to Sherry Shepherd who missed this last chance ‘dance off’ by one week.

This week, Gavin DeGraw (who struggled mightily with his Salsa) and Urkel (who received high praise for his latin moves) danced in a lopsided ‘battle’ for the judges save. This was not Gavins night… nor was it his dance.

So the judges unceremoniously gave Gavin the boot, and Urkel lives to dance another week.

Thoughts about the new ‘dance off’? I personally found it hard to follow… a bit confusing, and probably a tad unecessary. But c’mon. It’s Dancing with the Stars . Nothing is ever done out of necessity.

DWTS Season 14: Week 4 Results

11 04 2012

They told us it would be ‘shocking’.

We’d been warned.

On the DWTS results show last night, after a mediocre night of dancing masked by kitschy ‘rock n roll’ iconogrpahy and imagery, we were left puzzled by the elimination.

As I said, Tom did a great job of pre-warning us for a wave of confusion over the eliminated dancer. As the night went on, dancer after dancer was ‘safe’ leaving only a few marquee players left to remain in jeopardy.

Roshon, a judges favourite last night, was sent to the red glow of jeopardy. Also, fan favourite Sherri Shepherd rounded out the bottom 2.

I dont disagree… I just think there were other dancers who couldve been in that bottom 2 BEFORE these two. In my opinion, and if it was the only one that counted, I wouldve liked to see Melissa Gilbert in the bottom, also, Gladys Knight or even William Levy. They all had lacklustre dances, or major screw ups during their performances.

Sherri was just subpar for HER standards, and I dont think she excelled in a dance that was dark and brooding. Roshon probably doesnt have many FANS who watch this show. Even my grandmother isnt voting for him, so I think he could be doomed by the demographic.

Who did the red glow of elimination shine upon?

get ready for the ‘shocker’… Sherri Shepherd.

Crazy right? One slightly off week and the rug gets pulled out from under you. This is particularly painful because Sherri Shepherd has been campaigning HARD to be on this show, and has admited that it has been a long time dream of hers to compete. I saw her gaining traction, I also thught she was a sparkplug in this cast… it’s really sad to see someone with her energy and joi de vive leave so early.

But that’s reality TV, and that’s what happens when the public gets to vote. Democracy can be so cruel.



DWTS Season 14 Week 2: Results

28 03 2012

Ready for the first results show of the DWTS season ?

I’m gonna get right to the punch out – because it’s week one, we’ll save the discussion and general discourse of the eliminated ‘Star’ in later weeks… when it really means something.

In this, the first week of elimination… Martina Navritilova is eliminated from DWTS.

Surprised? Nope.

Sorry to see her go? Not really.

Still scratching my head that Gavin Degraw was in the bottom 2 with her? Uh…yah!

DWTS: Season 14 Week 2

27 03 2012

Round 2 on DWTS – could week 2 top week 1?

I think…. it did!

I’ve had this conversation with anyone who’ll listen. This show isnt just a ‘fun thing’ to do between gigs for these celebrities. It has launched careers, movie deals, magazine covers, hosting jobs… it’s a cash cow for all involved, if they play it right. If you want it, you gotta take it starting week 1. It’s taken 14 seasons for the ‘Stars’ to realize that, and it’s showing VERY early on.

It hardly matters WHO you are – the show has evolved from the NAME to the GAME.

There are a few key factors – you’ll need at least one or two to win this competition:

1. A good partner – Derek, Maks, Mark have statistically won the most trophies. Cheryl and Julianne have won the most for the men.

2. A good attitude in practice – no one likes to see a prima donna celebrity NOT working their tails off in practice. We want to see sweat, ugly hair, and tears. lots of tears.

3. A story – We love a good backstory – so make sure you tell it BEFORE you get axed.

4. The Moves – because most celebs have mastered the ‘tricks’, it comes down to dance ability. A good dance will be rewarded…

So let’s get to the dancing shall we?

Katherine Jenkins – Remember her? She’s the blonde Brit (don’t they have their own version of this show?) I have nothing against her, I just feel like within the current roster, she’s a bit of a head scratcher. Not that it matters, her PR team is genius because she is knocking the SOCKS off this competition in the early weeks! She was strong last week, and this week she absolutely nailed her jive… maybe it was in small part her partner, the showman Mark or the tiny tassled dress giving the illusion of movement… but this girl can dance, and her career might’ve just hit an American launching pad.

Roshon – is a Jonas Brother, except about 3 years too late. He’s just a bit ‘too much’ for me. Too much Disney Factory personality and look. But because he has youth on his side, he’s got the body and the energy to take on high tempo dances… like the quickstep. This was a good dance for him, it will be interesting to see if he can mature and scale it down for a Viennese waltz in later weeks.

Maria Menenous – continues to polarize herself. She could be the’ hot n sexy young thing’… but then she opens her mouth and she’s looses her ‘sex appeal’. Let’s not even begin to talk about her laugh. *shudder*. She would be considered a front runner in this competition because she has the RIGHT partner, the RIGHT body (to fit into any sequin bra) and she’s GAME. Their performance was probably my favourite of the night – it had a Bonnie and Clyde theme and Derek’s creative fingerprints all over it.

Jaleel White (Urkel) – another good routine, probably not as sharp and surprising as his first. But he’s got massive potential if he lets his personality shine and attacks dances like he did week 1. He’s still a favourite…

Sherri Shepherd- has great chemistry with Val, she couldnt have gotten a better partner for this experience. She is LOVING this…can you tell? It’s infectious, it’s fun to watch and she represents alot of demographics who watch and vote on thsi show. Her dance last night was great, she kept great pace and didnt let her ‘thickness’ hold her back from any tricks and kicks. You know, she will be the first on People magazine talking about her ‘dance diet’. it’s coming.

William Levy – Has a lot of fans for someone I’ve never heard of. HE will be a contender, Cheryls got a good one this year. This week, he was working on his form, which probably led to a slightly wooden performance overall. However, he aint going anywhere, his scores are great and Cheryl promised he’d take off more clothing.

Jack Wagner – overdanced it. Probably trying to ompensate for the fact taht he’s irrelevant and has no real shot at winning in this competition. That may sound hardsh, but t’s true. He’s not good enough, nor ‘famous’ enough nor personable enough.

Donald driver – might turn into a sparkplug dancer… he’s quick to a fault at times, he lacks precision and hold, but he’s got the fire in his belly to make it happen. I can see him getting batter, even in week 2, so I think he’ll be a contender in this show.

Gladys Knight – Is a revelation. She has poise, she has elegance, but she also has sass, determination and and boatloads of  ‘can do’. She has nailed 2 dances in a row, last night was even better than her first week. She might also be the biggest ‘name’ on the show…doesnt hurt.

Gavin Degraw – Closely rivals Gladys Knight for the biggest ‘Name’ ont he show… but he has the edge in relevance. He has a number 1 record in the country right now, and he’s on DWTS?!?! It still boggles my mind. The guy doesnt need it, which might be a reason he wont win. He’s trying, he’s giving it a shot… but he doesnt NEED this in the same way Melissa Gilbert needs this. Are you with me? ANyways, he’s been mediocre, but he is a true NON dancer and there’s something charming about watching a kitten learn to walk…right?

Martina Navritilova – was hard to watch last night. It was a slow, painful, agonizing death march… once she went off the rails (I think it was the second or thrird beat) she was finished. There’s one every season, a person who completely forgets everything from a weeks worht of practice, and it’s pure live TV terror. I feel bad for her, but I think she’s on the chopping block tonight. As much as good dancing should be rewarded, bad dancing should be punished.

Melissa Gilbert – has resorted to good ole fashioned Hollywood name dropping. She used to date Billy Idol in the 80’s. That’s low. Yah? Well looks at the hosts of waitresses and Z-list models George Clooney has dated… it aint sayin’ much. Whats lower? Saying dancing is harder than childbirth.  Well, you cant fault her for the amount of ‘try’ she puts into this… but her scores are bottom dwelling at best.


In this the first week of elimination, I believe the axe falls on Martina or Jack.



DWTS: Semi Finals Results

16 11 2011

The semi final reslts were read on DWTS last night, that is of course after we saw performances by a group of pre-pubescent dancers, product placements, a performance by The Muppets, and the usual recapping that takes… a full 55 minutes to complete.

We all know how i feel about these results shows.

IN any case… we found out fairly early that Hope was ‘in jeopardy’… no real surprise. And then we learned that, horror of horrors, JR MArtinez was also in jeopardy. The hosts are quick to point out taht this doesnt necessarily mean these dancers were both in the bottom.

This of course always gets me thinking… its a script. Obviously, JR had a hard night on monday (read my review to remind yourselves) but producers know jsut as well as we do… JR needs to be in the finals to bring legitimacy to the show. Also, who doesnt LOVE a rise from the ashes story. JR will get his chance to regain top form nex week because….

Hope Solo eliminated from DWTS last night.

again, not a huge surprise, and I’m personally very happy to see her go. I was not a huge fan (understatement).

So your final 3, who will dance for the mirrorball trophy are:
Ricki Lake
JR MArtinez
and Rob Kardashian. (wow…)



DWTS: Semi Finals November 14

15 11 2011

The semifinalists took the stage last night on DWTS.

Rob Kardashian, Hope Solo, JR Martinez and Ricki Lake are the Final 4 ‘Stars’ in the Running… after 3 dances each last night, we should have a pretty good idea of who should take home the title…. right?

As they say (who?) ‘that’s why they play the game’. Because I could write you a perfect script for what I think could/chould happen… but in reality, sometimes people drop the ball, sometimes people surprise…and that’s why they play the game.

I definitely couldnt have predicted this Final 4 at the start of the season. And I definitely couldnt have expected what happened last night…

What i CAN’T figure out, is what is ‘real’ and what is ‘storyline’.

For example – we’ve been waiting for Rob Kardashian to peak all season, giving him lots of chances, lots of opportunity to have his family in the audience, lots of time probably not warrented, to improve and become  passionate dancer. Well, last night… he was on top of the game. He was smooth, he was entertaining, he seemed very focuse and confident. Being a cycnic… there was something still rubbing me the wrong way. Then it happened. When asked WHY he should be a finalist, he turned to the camera and said “Because I LOVE to dance”. Shuldve added the million dollar wink to his mother in the crowd. Because he has completed his story arch set out from the very beginning of his casting. Rob becoming a man. Rob finding his way without his sisters. Rob learning to become passionate about… something/anything.

Next Hope Solo, as unpredictable as it gets. Because she had potential on the first week, then she went flat, then she fell backwards, and now she’s just hanging on. I don’t know who is voting for her, I don’t know if I am seeing something differnt from everyone else, but the girl can’t dance and it’s the semi finals. You can see her following her steps in her head, and then getting occassionally thrown around by Maks and strategically wearing costumes that excentuate her ‘lines’ and figure. Those pants with the tassles? Those are specifically designed for people without hip action, because they mask the lack of movement underneath. Enough… sorry. She was not great last night, but has she ever been? She was the bottom dancer by a large margin… so if I was writing the story, she’d be gone (weeks ago).

Next, Ricki Lake, who has made quite an impression and become quite a good dancer in this process. I give more than half the credit to Derek… both for designing dances that will embellish her strengths, and for bringing in the ‘grandma’ vote (yes, my grandma still votes for ‘Derek’ without knowing his partners name). But Ricki is a pro at this point, she knows her body, she knows her technique, she has the personality and gets into character better than anyone else. The X Factor as they say. I think she has a larger appeal than any other dancer, and I think that her rise to excellence is commendable. She got great marks last night, and I dont see her NOT making the finals.

Lastly, JR Martinez, who was riding high after two perfect scores last week. However, here is where that saying rings true… you’ve got to play the game. JR faltered last night, and not just because his ankle was twisted. He was suffering, it waws obvious. But the problem is not the suffering, it’s the defeat. He looked defeated. He hardly looked at the camera, he hardly flashed his meg watt smile. He was not present, and I feel like he wanted the night to be OVEr so that he could rise from the ashes and make his triumphant rebound. The problem is, he may not have the votes to pull that off. I dont know for sure, but what I DO know, is that people dont like to see defeat… or a mope. JR is still an elite dancer, and outdanced Hope for sure.. but he might’ve been dethroned after last night’s performances.

We shall see…



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