DWTS: Monday, April 4th

5 04 2011

I have returned from my vacation – and I’m back to TV commentary as per usual. Thanks for sticking with me, and watching TV with such dedication in my absence.

Ok, Let’s talk about Dancing with the Stars on monday night. The biggest upset came at the end of the night, but we’ll get there… stay with me!

First of all, it was another theme night: Personal Stories. This made me groan, I knew I was in for emotional tales of struggle, perseverance and tragedy. I wasnt wrong.

Wendy Williams gave her story of how hard it was to work in radio and get to where she is. She aint Oprah… now THAT’S a story! Her dance was equally as lacklustre and painful to watch.

Chelsea shared her story of ‘first love’… how her beau wrote a song for her and performed it at a rock show. That’s not her story, that’s every tween Disney movie ever made. But of course, she pulled out huge numbers from the judges for her performance, what are the chances she and Mark are an item by middle of the season? I think high.

Romeo had a really sad story to share about the death of both his cousins as small children. He also decided to don real dance shoes, and it gave him a new elegance. Good dance, good scores.

Kendra apparantly got ‘hated on’ by everyone in the world becase of her relationship with marginal football player, Hank Baskett. Right. People care that much. Anyhoo… she has a ridiculously cute baby and her husband got his cameo. She brought her sexy back with a steamy performance.

Sugar Ray cant stop talking about boxing. Now he’s even incorporating the moves into his dancing, and I for one think it comes across tacky- like BUzz aldrin dancing to Fly Me to the Moon. The judges however seemed to enjoy it.

Petra is starting to win me over. She is actually using her long limbs to her advantage, and performed an absolutly beautiful dance on monday. She could be a dark horse.

Chris Jericho performed a tribute to his mother – and it was actually a little bit moving to watch. He isnt graceful, he isnt skillful yet… but he has some potential.

Hines is my favourite so far. He also has a great and inspirational story of success and finding the ‘American Dream’. His mom was in the audience, and he danced the you-know-what out of his rumba.

KirstyAlley had the moment of the night. Or rather, Maks had the moment of the night. He collapsed during the intro of the dance and winced his way through the remainder. It was painful to watch, but unbelievable considering! If you missed it, dont worry. The piece will be shown ad nauseum for the rest of the season.

Ralph is still a geeky little teenager inside a geeky little adults body. But it’s cute. He payed tribute to his wife of 24 years (awww!) with a dance not unlike a wedding dance. Adorable.

Who will stand under the red light of elimination  tonight?


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