20 05 2010

Play on words…get it? Shoot.

There was a shooter in the hospital tonight on Greys Anatomy. and seriously…makes you think. what would YOU do, if you were face to face with an irrational trigger happy shooter with nothing to lose?

Would you beg for your life in futility? Would you try to run? Would you play dead? Would you try to rationalize with the man? Would you move slow, speak calmly and look him in the eye?

All of those tactic were used tonight…and I have to say, I still dont know what was the best method. Because the truth is…you are at his irrational mercy.

You can’t say Greys doesnt do finales well. and post super bowls…and ‘events’. you are in for some great TV when it’s a 2-hour episode. tonight did not disappoint. there was as much drama, tears, freak-outs, excitement, desperate displays of love, music montages, cameos (Mandy Moore) and suspense as you could ever ask for in a jam-packed Greys season finale.

oh…and no one seriously central to the plot died…lots of scares (Carev , Derek and Owen )
but lots of Mercy-Westers (the lurker, the obnoxious guy) and nurses did. And shame on them…they had me sweating like a pig in the desert when that stupid shooter (stay with me now) shot Derek , had a gun to Christina while operating and pregnant Meredith stepped saying “shoot me” and he shot Owen while Derek’s heart rate flatlined! Holy SHOOT…what the SHOOT!?!…Mother SHOOTER!

And as for that baby scare? Meredith has a miscarriage WHILE operating on Owen!

It was remeniscent of the George O’Mally death episode, and the Bomb story arch (avec Christina Ricci) …thoughts?


Sing Off: Finale

21 12 2009

The last finale of the season…And after DWTS, SYTYCD, Idol…we know the drill for live finale shows— lots of filler, lots of random performances, lots of constructed “suspense”, inspirational video pieces and people promoting albums.

First we see all the groups using their “new fame” to help those in need (the very young, the very old and the very hungry). Then the groups perform songs of “hope” in memory of their new friends (…forced experiences, sorry).

Next, each group gets (the distinguished and humbling honour) to sing (revive a career) with a “guest singer”. Voices of Lee gets Natasha Bedingfield who fits in pretty nicely…they sing one of her songs (shocker!)
The Nerdy Collegiates get to sing with the “most beautiful girl they’ve ever been incontact with” (or ever given them eye contact…) second judge, Nicole Sherzinger…they didnt sing one of her songs (…any guesses as to why?) And the Spanish group sings background to Smokey Robinson.

Oh, and even Host Nick (Ex-Mr.Simpson) Lachey got in on the act (face time) and picked up the mic to sing with the remaining groups—before axing on of them. The first groups of the night to sing an ironic “swan song” was Voices of Lee (wondering what song was used as the poignant farewell? Sound of Music’s “So Long Farewell“…perfect.)

Then Ben Folds breaks the entire point of the show by adding his piano stylings to the final two groups duet. But as the most talented judge, it was not HALF as eye-brow raising as the next act. Boys 2 Men reunites onstage (incidentally…a new record drops this week) and I had to wonder…if this was the best method of promotion. When the show revolves around amazing singing groups, with fantastic harmonies and precision…you might want to do a sound check (or pre-record). It was soooo subpar, embarassing.

Okay, the moment has finally come…after a recap of their “journeys”…the two groups are all geiven the final camera span and wait in agony as Nick opens the envelope and waits for an excruciatingly long time to reveal…Nota (The Spanish group) wins the title! (I wont brag…but I DID predict this…just thought I’d mention…)

A Farewell …Monday TV Night

21 12 2009

It is the night I have been looking forward to (dreading with my entire being) for weeks now. Tonight could quite possibly be the best TV night for two weeks (during which, we are supposed to be filling our time with friends, family and frivolity…) so, stay in tonight…and say farewell to an old friend…new programming.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Sing Off-

It is the LIVE finale…and it all comes down to democracy tonight. The final 3 groups (Spanish group, Nerdy Collegians and the Voices of Lee) will sing for the votes of the American People, and to win the ultimate prize…a pre-christmas 15 minutes. This show has been a GREAT December filler…too bad it was executed so quickly and will end tonight…but thanks to NBC for providing us with some entertainment last week and this week. I suppose I have to make a prediction here? Okay, I havent had much time to judge the odds of each group…so I will make a (bold and perhaps reputation altering) prediction based solely on 3 nights of cheers…The Spanish group will take it. Tune in to see if I’m right , tonight NBC 8pm.

Leafs vs Buffalo-

Could easily be billed as Leafs vs Ryan Miller…because this guy has stoeln the last 2 games from us in a nasty, ugly way. Can Kessel, Poni and Blake figure it out tonight? Or will it be the unlikelies that step up? It could be a goalie duel as the Monster comes off a great game  (and is no longer a shut-out virgin) against Boston and will be in net again tonight. The Leafs would love to continue winning before Christmas , (and this is the last game on tv before the break…unless you are a rich Leaf fan and have Leafs tv) but they will have to figure out “Americas Goalie” tonight to keep it going. RSO 7pm.

Christmas Movie: Die Hard-
recently voted the “Christmas Hater’s Favourite Christmas Movie”…so whether you are in the mood for some Christmas-themed commi-terrorist killing or are consider yourself a Humbug…this would be a perfect option for tonight. CHCH 8:30

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.

Survivor: Finale

20 12 2009

There were many questions coming into this finale.

1. Could Brett continue to win his way into the top 3?
2. Would Russel be able to make it all the way?
3. If so…who would he take with him?


In the first challenge, it was do or die for Brett…and he “did”–winning his thirid challenge in a row to seal his fate in the final 4. Not since the merge has Foa Foa lost a memeber (amazingly…) but now they had to make a decision…The blonde, The “leader” (Mick), the player (Russel…) or the stong silent (jaison). Well, you had to know it wouldnt be Russel…he was the orchestrator (someone has to do it!).

The choice came down to who would be able to beat Brett in the next challenge…and the answer was Mick. Therefore, Jaison joined the jury (how will that come back to bite Russ? Stay tuned…)

Going into the last  immunity challenge of the season…Russel had all arsenals ablaze…Mick (his strength), Natalie (the small one) and himself (the never-say-die). The challenge was to balance a small statue on increasingly longer poles. It always comes downt to who “wants” it most…because no amount of skill is necessary in these challanges—you simply cannot prepare. So was it the wise decision to keep Mick? Answer…not really. He went out first. It came down to Russel and Brett…after much teetering…Brett loses to Russel—giving him immunity (as if thats a new thing?!) .

Trying to build some suspense, Russel and Brett make a big deal about whether it is better to lose against your “equals” rather than win to those who are “easy” opponents. C’mon. That’s not really a fair question at this point…Russel is there to WIN…and has made that clear from the start. Not really a suspensful vote…Brett is the last member of the jury.

So final three: Russel, Mick and Natalie.

Here are the arguements used:

Mick: I’m a stand up guy (a doctor…awwww) and I deserve the money because I played the most moral game (I might save your life one day….)

Natalie: I was the most ill-equiped to compete (tiniest…), but I learned along the way and grew into a true game-player with better social skills than Russel.

Russel: I outwitted and outplayed each of my opponents, and I made every move necessary to get into the top 3 (and I am waaaay cooler than these guys….)

There were also some memorable Jury Questions/Comments:

  • Shambo: calling Mick “feckless“…which by the way means: ineffective; incompetent; futile…in case you were wondering…because Mick certainly was.
  • Shambo also calls Natalie “the C word…” (careful Sham….) but she meant “Coat-tail“.
  • Jaison calls out everyone’s financial situation
  • the usual  “why should you win and not him/her“…yawn.
  • Brett asks Mick what he would do on a “man-date”…um, awwwwwkward. Kinda thought he was more into Natalie…hmmm.
  • Erik ends the rats with a plea to the jury to see each “evil” as the same…is it worse to “lie and cheat” than to “ride a coat-tail and act weak” ?

So the votes are in….Now Jeff has to go back to LA to tally (wait for all the shows to air…) and it will be months before the finalists get the big answer… but tonight was LIVE.


Shambo has the same hair, Natalie looks better with more than 90 pounds on her, Russel lost the abs (regained the belly), Brett looks like an A/F model, and Mick is the next cast member on Grey Anatomy… and the results are in.

Winner: Natalie (I kid you not…)

Did the best man win? What was Russels greatest downfall/mistake? What does the next Survivor look like? FULL post-season feature on tomorrows blog—

Survivor Night…

17 12 2009

For those who are Survivor fans…this is a great night for you! For those who would rather watch anything else…have fun with that…it’s gonna be a tough night for you.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:


It’s Survivor finale week…with an episode tonight, then a 2 hour finale on sunday night (and the reunion show…my favourite! I love seeing people all dolled up post-island living). It will be interesting tonight, as it sets up the final episode, to see if anyone can hatch a plan good enough to blindside Russel. I’m not putting any money on Shambo becoming a strategic force, but perhaps Mick and Jaison will get tired of being the strong silent-types and get the (tag along) blonde girl to jump on board. Or perhaps Brett will get tired of being Mr.Nice-guy and make some sort of a bold strategic move…otherwise he’ll be the first to go tonight…Russel doesnt want to take anyone nicer than he appears to the jury.

Either way, if Russel makes it to the top 3… will he be a shoo-in for the win? He has done a masterful job at orchestrating everyone’s demise…but not ruffling any feathers along the way. Will Monica’s recent coup (and new seat in the jury) do anything to tarnish his image…in other words, will the information that he is an oil tycoon make him “undeserving” in the eyes of most voters?

I dont think we will see Shambo or Brett in the finals, It is a toss for me who Russel will decide to bring before the jury with him (pending a serious blindside that sees Russel leave earlier than he expected)… Jaison or Mick…he will most definitly bring the chick…why not? She wont get votes.

Tune in tonight for the “set up” show…Tonight, CBS/Global 8pm.

Wednesday night (…in brief)

17 12 2009

Wednesday was PVR overload for me…and I had to stay up super late to catch every (rare) minute of NEW shows.

Singing, Dancing and Comedy ruled the night…and here’s my recaps of all the reasons I stayed in last night:

The Sing off:

Each group sang a medley of a particular group, included were The Who, The Beatles, (shocker…) Jackson 5, Beach Boys and Journey 
Then one was voted off; Forced to sing a “swan song” with ironic lyrics. in this case, it was (the group that shouldve gone last night) The Older Women group… and they sang “Leaving on a Jet plane”.

Next, the “judges” picked a song for each group to sing…and I gotta tell ya…this was a huge bust. Each song was an eyebrow raiser, did NOTHING for their arrangments/voices, at times were unrecognizable and most were over 15 years old (what IS the demographic?) Not that it came as a surprise to me, the “judges” are the most un-watchable segment of this show— I can sit through sob stories, swan songs and video-pieces out the wazoo…but as soon as the Pussy Cat doll starts (hearing herself speak) imparting her infinite wisdom (trying to fit lines of the song into dialog) I turn the channel to ANYTHING less blood boiling.

moving on, then another group is given  the axe (is that a song? if it is…it’s in the swan song repertoire), and it is… The Socals (tanned LA college group), and they sang a song I didnt recognize…but it had the words “leaving” and “on my way” in it, so it was fitting.

So it is down to three: Nerdy College Group, Spanish group and the Voices of Lee (whom I have wanted to go since night one…) The winner will be decided next monday…on a live (and totally democratic) results show (and probably the last live/new thing before Christmas…)


***spoiler alert: after much filler, much recapping and much guy-liner (Glamebert was there…) a winner was crowned: Diamond in the Rough Russel beat the Crown Jewel of dance Jakob for the title. See my full report in the previous post.

SNL: Christmas –

If you live in Canada, you saw this last night. If you live in the States (or Canada) you can watch it on NBC tonight (our country seems to get the best of both worlds….:)

It was great, a look back at the classics including :
Alec Baldwin as an ornery head-Elf (“Elf You!”), Steve Martin’s Christmas Wishes, Hugh Laurie and a disfunctional Christmas (“Sit down Judith!”), Two A-holes at a nativity scene (“hear that babe?”) and Will Farrel as Roubert Goulet…absolute classics.
This is the first (and only) Christmas Special I have seen this season (I will be watching the Grinch, White Christmas and Muppet Christmas on my own…commercial free thank you.) and it was totally worth the extra two-hours of TV…Americans…watch it tonight, Canadians…you have one more chance tonight!

and the Leafs lost…so did the RaptorsRoy Hallday is a Philly…a trifecta of sports let downs in TO.

SYTYCD: Winner revealed!

16 12 2009

Result: RUSSELL wins!

back it up…it went like this:

  • So there was NO Paula Abdul (the carrot was dangled for two weeks then dropped like a hot potato…screwing with my head!)
  • Lots of performances of past dances…as per anticipated….and one NEW one. Husband and Wife performed a self-choreographed routine (their last…read on)
  • Performances by recycled AMA acts: Glambert (a different song…dont freak out.), J-Lo (she fired her male backups…all female now…cuz they’d never let her down.) and Mary J Blige (kinda dull…just like the AMAs!)
  • first dancer gone: Ballroom Ryan (…predicted)
  • second: Wifey (good thing they danced together then…in “hind sight”)
  • third: Katherine (all the judges campaigning didnt help her in the long run…)
  • top 2: Russel vs Jakob (I predicted this…but chose the wrong guy in the end)
  • Russel wins it and procedes to strip down, whoop it up, invite random people on stage and give it all to God …and his mom.

A good show…there was still that “rushed” (get it over before Christmas) feeling that lingered…but overall, I love that Russel kid…congrats!

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