Greys Anatomy: January 5th

6 01 2012

Those who have followed this blog for any amount of time knows my love-hate relationship with Greys Anatomy.

It’s ironic… there is no grey in Greys Anatomy. It’s either really good, comelling, must see TV. Or it’s a bust with terrible storylines like ghost-love, hospital bickering,  or Meredith mellow drama.

More times than not, Greys Anatomy has the content, the storylines and the characters to raise their game. And I think it’s safe to say we are past some of the excruciating pitfalls of previous seasons. One thing Greys does better than any other show on TV is rebound with a bang. Season premieres, Season finales, Events, Post Super bowls… Greys delivers big time.

End of last season, we were left on a cliff (not literally) hanging (not literally) as two major storylines developed.

1. Henry, Teddys husband was secretly given to Yang as a surgery patient. He died on the table… we ended the episode as Owen told her who the patient was… gut wrenching stuff.

2. Meredith and Alex were sent on a mission to save a very fragile preemy – enroute, their ambulence smashed into an oncoming car, and the damage was fatal… 6 bodies brutally maimed strwen across the road, in a rainstorm, oncoming cars.

So we pick up where we left off – Meredith and Alex quickly triage, and realize it is an entire family ( 3 children, parents and a grandmother). Meredith manages to hail down an oncoming truck… and the patients are rushed to Seattle Grace.

In the meantime, Teddy still has not been told of her husbands death, as she is arm-deep, trying to repair a heart during surgery. It’s such a tricky procedure that she calls specifically for the talents of Yang to assist. Worst… situation…ever. Yang has to pretend the prior surgery went well, focus on the task at hand, and play along with the secret.

At the end of an exhausting emotional surgery – Yang also has to tell Teddy the news. The only one with the guts…

The injured family is dying one by one… the eldest daughter watches as firs her grandma, then her mom cannot be revived. Her father is in a very unstable condition… and cannot breath or function on his own. She makes the ‘family’ decision as the new ‘leader’ that her father not be revived again.

In the end, it is just her and her brother and sister that remain… in an instant, how life can change.

At the end of the episode, we get a nice uplifting (and welcome) surprise – Meredith and Derek get Zola back for good!


In my opinion, a very good follow up episode to a suspensful and riveting finale.


Greys Anatomy November 10th

11 11 2011

At this point, we all know Greys Anatomy can be the best show on TV when it wants to be.

No other show can produce such heart wrenching drama, jaw dropping moments, and memorable scenes. Particularly during Sweeps, or season premieres/finales – Greys Anatomy can hit some serious out of the park grand slam episodes.

Last night, it delievered once again. The writers are so unafraid to go into some seriously dark situations and make you think about life differently.

There were 2 scenarios that kept you on the edge of your seat (couch) all hour long.

1. Meredith and Derek get the news that Zola will not be returned to them. Meredith goes out with Carev to save a premature baby with breathing complications. It’s a dangerous mission because the baby is so small, and requires an intubator to keep it safe on the trip between hospitals. In the pouring rain, in the middle of the night… the hospital van breaks down and the driver runs to get halp leaving the two in a ticking timebomb as the van has stopped right in the middle of a road. Deserate to save the baby, Carev and Merdith hold tight… but are sent flying as a crash occurs. They wrap the baby and head out… the final scene shows three or 4 people lying on the road, and another van on fire beside them. Gut wrenching.

2. at the end of  the last episide, Teddys husband is rushed to the ER throwing up blood. Teddy is totally involved, but cannot be the surgeon. She wants Yang to do the life saving procedure, but the decision is NOT to reveal who the patient is… allowing Yang to do her best work without emotional implications. Yang goes in overconfident and blase. After a huge complication, other surgeons try desperately to revive the patient… but Henry is decalred dead on the table! Owen then has to tell Yang who she was working on… can you imagine the horror?

Owen cannot bring himself to tell Teddy her husband died… but you won’t be able to keep that secret for long.

This is the last episode for a long time, after the holidays I assume… Holy cliff hanger Batman! Not that I’m surprised, these shows are notorious for taking long breaks. But if it menas they are going to coninue to bang out amazing television as a result? Take the time you need Greys, I’ll be here waiting for when you return…


Greys Anatomy Premiere

23 09 2011

Greys Anatomy has kept the coveted Thursday night slot, and continues to pull in great ratings.

One of the reasons I love Greys Aantomy is the quality of Television they produce season after season. Okay, the ghost story was weird, but there are some episodes that I will never forget. One was the ‘Bomb’ event post super bowl a few years back. Another would be the past seasons ‘gunman in the hospital’, or how about the ‘departure’ of George? All absolutely unbelievable and unrivaled television events.

I always look forward to premieres and finales on Greys, the writers seem to step up their game to start and end the season.

Last night was no exception.

A few epic events unfolded onscreen last night, first was a natural disaster – a sinkhole. It took a few lives, and severly injured many people. The most captivating storyline was the husband and wife who had been arguing minutes before the disaster, and in the hours to come… the husbnad was forced to ‘play doctor’ and prove his undying love for his wife. Question: would you have the strength to perform an amputation on a dying loved one? I dont know…I just dont know.

Other storylines worth mentioning:

Christina struggles with her decision to have an abortion because Owen doesnt agree or understand.
Meredith gets fired for her unethical decisions last season.
Derek still loathes her for it, and only speaks to their newly adopted baby Zola.
That relationship is also threatened when child services learns of their marital problems.
Hope’s first day as Chief Resident is a bust… basically, she sucks at it.

Cliff hanger? The Chief decides to resign and save Merediths career at the same time. He ‘owns up’ to tampering with the Trial himself, and confessing that Meredith was simply covering for him. This will save Merediths job, but likely not her marriage…yet.


Greys Anatomy Recap

13 01 2011

If you PVR’d Greys Anatomy tonight… hurry up and watch it!

I love my Thursday night TV!

Tonight, a new crop of med studients arrived at Seattle Grace, Meredith is still trying to get pregnant (what celeb isnt these days?) Yang is back to her old self, and Bailey has herself a boy-toy!

Oh… and there’s a little twist to the plotline moving forward.

Hurry up and watch your PVR… because I’m about to reveal the big ‘ending shocker’.

It’s a baby!

No, not Meredith and Derek… Cally and Mark.

But he doesnt know yet… that’s where next weeks episode gets interesting. The only person she told was her Ex- girlfriend, who left because she DIDNT want children, and came back to try and patch up the relationship. So… what’s she gonna do?

Oh….Greys Anatomy.

Greys Anatomy: November 18

18 11 2010

I’m still a fan of Thursday Night TV.

In a recent TV Night pollGreys Anatomy was the consensus ‘Favourite Scripted TV Show’ of the season. This warms the cockles of my heart, people still watch this show along with me!

Tonight was interesting- seeing the difference between the light and the dark. That was the theme. In the dark, you do things that you wouldnt EVER do in the light.

For example:
Sleep with your best friend – Torres and McSteamy
Drink until you threaten to call your Ex- Bailey
Drink until you are performing lap dances – Christina
Perform surgeries without approval or a qualified surgeon present- Grey and Carev

et al.

There was a lot of drinking in this episode…so on another note, remind me NEVER to enter an OR without a Breath-alizer test on my surgeon. Just sayin.

So the next questions are:

When is Christina done with this Frat-‘phase’ and returning to her destiny as a talented and truly great surgeon?
Are Torres and McSteamy a ‘thing’ now? Was the Lesbian thing a phase?
Is there another love interest in the future for: Bailey, Carev, Little Grey…the Virgin-girl?
What IS the deal with this new Surgeon Stark? Big time jerk.

Not my favourite episode ever…not even close…but the ‘day after’ episode will be interesting!

Thursday Night TV Recap

5 11 2010

Remember when thursday night reigned supreme over every other night of television? With must-see shows like Greys Anatomy, CSI and Survivor, it was the highlight of the week.

Well, Survivor has switched timeslots to wednesday night- which arguably makes wednesday night the apex of the week. And Greys Anatomy had lost it’s stride a bit…you know, with the ghost-sex and the new interns.

But last night, thursday turned a corner…living up to what it once was. Both Greys Anatomy and CSI were strong, and the direction is becoming clear again.

Greys Anatomy:

A lot to cover here… it was a transitional episode last night. It is starting to take shape again, after the shooting, everyone’s life has changed and I’m excited to see the way each character will move forward. Derek is scared to death of Meredith getting Alzheimers and is starting to pour his efforts into research for a cure. Very interesting, a plotline that I don’t believe has ever been fully examined.

Arizona and Calleigh break up on their way to Africa. What?!?! Yep, those two are over…after, as Torres reminded us, 3 years of a relationship (really?! has it been 3 years? yikes…), it’s over. Will Torres get another female-friend? Will she pursue men again? Another interesting twist.

Christina is finished as a surgeon! For now…hopefully. I cannot see Christina as anything else but a brilliant doctor with terrible bedside manner… it would be a travesty if her storyline took her a completely different direction. I’ve invested ALOT in the quirky, cold, competitive Christina Yang. Please writers, don’t pull a Heigl… don’t kill her off, or worse, make her a plumber!


No, not the return of cult-hit serial killer in a wetsuit Sqeegal… but the return of another fascinating serial death-surgeon from last season: Dr Jeykl.

This time, a man dies of ‘narcalepsy’ during a murder interrogation. Turns out, he was also the newest victim of Dr Jeykl…with a surgically altered appendix. Creepy.

So no, we’ve got the return of the master-surgeon murderer, and are awaiting the inevitable return of the spandex-bandit Squeegal – makes for some great TV!

Greys Anatomy recap

28 10 2010

Greys Anatomy: Still ‘Must-see’ TV in my opinion.

Seriously, since Izzy left this show…it has been re-energized and hit a new stride this season.

The amazing finale (the shooting) has set the tone for this season…and I’m loving the direction and the creativity of the writers/producers. Bravo.

Tonight, the entire episode was shot (pardon the pun) as a documentary on the life of the hospital and its surgeons, post trauma (the shooting).

It gave us another look at the situation…from an outsiders point of view…as if we werent there and we dont know anything about any of the ‘characters’ in this drama. Very interesting.

We see Christina’s depression from a new light. As if we didnt know what a gifted surgeon she was prior to the shooting. We see the great relationship between the head surgeons in and out of surgeries. It was nice to see the ‘boys club’ of Derek and Mark let go of their egos and allow Torres to finish a surgery for the good of the patient.

Meanwhile, we are also privvy to the news that Arizona has won a prestigeous grant to work in Africa. Torres aint pleased…hard to know who to side with, they showed both views with no bias. In the end, we find out that BOTH are packing their bags for Africa. Really?! Are we going to get an ER-esque back and forth from another country thing?

What this does, is give way to the budding Pediatric surgeon… Carev. I’m down for that, this guy needs a new passion.

Oh, and that fancy-shmancy security system? Got the boot this week…along with a very short cameo from Mandy Moore.

So…what did you think of the creative

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