Happy Monday

1 02 2010

After CBS stole the TV audience last night at The Grammys, ABC can’t wait for…Bachelor Monday to sweep the night! I’ve hardly had time to recooperate from last nights drama (namely, Gaga’s lightning bolt dress), and I now head into the ‘most dramatic’ night of TV!

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

The Bachelor-
Obviously. But how can Jake ( the producers) trump last week’s thriller, where Jake sent a total of 4 girls home?! How about the promise of a ‘startling revelation’ from one of the girls? Or how about a 2 on 1 date pitting Gia vs Vienna (Satan’s little sister), where one stays and one goes home? Well, both those scenarios happen tonight on an all new, dramatic overload…who says Monday cant be amazing?! Tune in tonight, ABC 8pm.

Those of us living north of the 49th parallel love to live in Miami vicariously through this beautiful CSI team…and really, who wouldnt want to be Horatio for a day. If I could get away with saying HALF the mello-dramatic cliches he does, I’d be a pretty cool cat. At any rate, Delko returns tonight, and the team tries to prove a man on death row innocent before he gets ‘the chair’. Tune in (after the Bachelor, how handy!) CBS/CTV 10pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.


Monday TV Night…

18 01 2010

Apparantly TODAY (January 18th) is considered the MOST depressing day of the year, (that excludes people who live in LA, Rio, or Denmark) but I dont see why! ALL the shows are back, it’s the (euphoric) start to Award-show season, the Olympics are only 20 days away, and it’s Bachelor-Monday.

Here’s what (keeps me from being depressed) I’m watching tonight:

The Bachelor-
Can anything top the DRAMA from last week’s episode? By now you’ve seen “the picture“…you know, the picture of the “staffer” Rozlyn “entered an inappropriate relationship” with? it’s HERE. How do they ramp up the drama from last week, how about this...I’m hearing rumblings that Tenley will reveal that she is PREGNANT!
So tonight there will be more group dates, and one-on-one dates…lots more champagne, tears, “connection”, pilot euphemisms, hot tubs and “ab” shots of Jake. I can’t see how you could possibly be depressed (unless you are a contestant on this show, namely Rozlyn). Tune in tonight for the (say it with me now…) MOST dramatic season of the Bachelor yet! 8pm ABC/City.

CSI Miami-
It’s Baaaack! After the original CSI raked in the ratings last week, it will be interesting to see how well Horatio and his gang of gorgeously tanned forensics fare in the wake. Tonight’s episode involves a “baffling case” of a man found chopped in half. All in a day’s work. Again, you only have the right to be depressed if you’re THAT guy. Tune in for another new season of “H”-isms and long walks into the Miami sunset. Tonight, 10pm CTV/CBS

Leafs vs Nashville-
sigh… Did anyone MISS the Leafs on saturday? To be honest, It was kind of a relief. I had a very relaxed Saturday night without them…but it’s monday, and I am forced to be optimistic and watch the Leafs take on the surging Predators in Nashville. After a great performance vs the Flyers, Toskala was a let down in Washington…and therfore, Gustavsson is back between the pipes (such a soap opera for the true starting role…), and it looks as though Primeau and Komisarek are pencilled in after a stint on the injury reserve. cross your fingers for a good performance tonight. 8pm, RSO.

whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV night.

Monday Night Wrap Up…

24 11 2009

Lots of Dancing  (2 hours worth) over on ABC…read my Dancing with the Stars commentary for all the glittery details!

CSI Miami

One of the best deaths (can I say that without sounding macabre?) I’ve seen on a CSI. Death by venomous Jelly fish. Its bad enough that the poor man is dangling from the third floor of a glassed atria, but to fall to his death into a tank of deadly jellyfish… you offically cannot complain about anything today. The new CSI (the dark-dimpled one) tried to lend a hand…literally, by sticking his arm into the tank (smart? heroic? brave? I think none of the above…) and get stung – tried to cure the wound with balsamic vinegar (whateer happened to peeing on a jellyfish sting?).

At any rate, the episode focused on the bourgeoise vs pauper relationship in America and how some companies actually take out life insurance policies on their own employees without them knowing— making money off of any employee death (capitalism is an ugly thing America…) I actually have read that as recently as 10 years ago, Walmart practiced this money-making scheme on its employees…which explains why they hire 100 year olds to be the ‘front-line’ of their business…shameful. Michael Moore exposed this in his recent film Capitalism: A Love Story…making big businesses  blush across America!

Moving on, this was one of the better CSI:Miami’s I’ve seen in a while, lots of red-herring style deduction, lots of witty commentary…and in interesting hook. Did you watch last night? Did you have nightmares about falling three floors and unfortunatley landing in a pool of death? If given the choice, I’d rather just hit the floor…

Leafs vs Islanders-

Result: Leafs 3 vs Islanders 4 (OT)

The Good:

  • Kessel scores again, and had close to 10 shots on the night…not surprising seeing—
  • …Leafs take an astonishing 61 shots on Roloson….not since 1976 has this been seen from the Leafs…61 shots… (reminds me of playing against New Jersey in the playoffs eons ago when we had no defense and CuJo was in net doing everything but scoring)
  • Hagman scores a very pretty goal to tie things up at 3 in the third giving us a chance at winning
  • Gustavsson comes in and stands tall to also give us a chance at winning.
  • Roloson…had the game of his career (we bring the best out of goalies…how nice of us.)
  • Matt Moulson’s pre-game interview was adorable, AND he scores in his dream-venue as a North York boy.

The Bad:

  • Leafs go down by 3…and it shocks no one, we are totally used it at this point.
  • Toskala bails…no word on why.
  • Islanders score 3 quick goals…and sit back to watch the rest of the game. (thank you…)
  • In 61 shots…only 3 went in, and Leafs only manage 1 point out of the effort.

Next try: vs Lightning, Wed. 7pm TSN

Monday TV Night…

23 11 2009

As a new week begins…so does a GREAT line up  of television shows to fill your nights! It may be hard to get up on Monday morning  but Monday night is certainly easy to stay awake for… get ready for a  fantastic TV Night!

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

DWTS: Finale- The Final 3 couples dance for Mirror-ball supremacy, and an even more enticing,  extra couple of months in the fame spotlight!
Will it be…

Donny Osmond– his smile is legendary, his name is iconic…but will his dancing be enough to propel him past the ladies? Donny has been solid throughout the competiton, and a couple of weeks ago I had him pegged as the potential winner…last week he fell slightly flat for me (and the judges), so it will be interesting to see if he can revive his once stellar ability to hide his inadequacies behind his smile and showman-flair!

Mya- She’s starting to be memorable now…for instance, this week I remembered her name without having to look it up. She still needs some of Donny’s personality, and some of Kelly’s edge…but technically she’s probably the most precise (could it be her previous dance training?…no I will not let that go!) She will look hot, she will have hip-action and pointed toes…but will she stand out? If I can still remember her name tomorrow, she could have a shot!

Kelly Osbourne- Came out of the gate as the surprise of the season…surprise in that she has shed her bratty image and has a mega-watt smile that seems to make people forget how much they hated her 6 or 7 years ago! She is definitly a crowd/fan favourite, and although she has not been as strong throughout the competition, she has some serious voter support, she is quirky enough to stand out, and she is getting stronger at the right time— don’t count her out (she WAS on Ellen today for a final push!)

tune in for the finale tonight on ABC/CTV 8pm

CSI Miami- I get some really mixed reviews on this show, and it all comes down to the love or hate for (insert dramatic pause) …Horatio Cain. It still breaks the top ten every week, and I’ve heard it continues to be the most watched TV show internationally. Love him or Hate him…Horatio will solve another crime, put another bad-guy in cuffs and ride off into the Miami sunset again tonight, CBS/CTV 10pm

Leafs vs Islanders – This is really billed as Leafs vs John Tavares. The Leafs are coming off a great game on saturday night, whereby the “rally helmets” came out and inspired a shoot-out win. Looking to continue and win ANOTHER (gasp!) game tonight vs the returning-local-phenom. Hey, they managed to beat Ovechkin… Tonight 7pm RSO

Other Mentionables:

John and Kate plus 8…its over, this is the LAST time you’ll have to sit through John being interviewed on his dull couch, in his faded jeans and Ed Hardy Tee…The LAST time you’ll have to watch Kate sitting in the same dull couch (John-less), oppposing whatever John just said and playing Mom of the Year. So if you think this is worth watching because it has historic significance… Tonight at 9pm on TLC (unfortunately I cannot promise you will never see these two again, Kate has a talk show in the works…and John continues to breath.)

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.

Monday Night TV

16 11 2009

The start of another week… and it’s a big TV night…it almost makes monday do-able.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Dancing with the Stars- There are three female “stars” and one male “star”  left…and whooda thunk the lone male standing would be (Utah darling) Donny Osmond!

Not only is he the only man left standing, he beat out the sports stars(usually shoo-ins for the finals), the cute (former…very former) pop stars AND a (slightly notable?) politician! All younger, all held far more odds…but they did not have the missing ingredients that have gotten Donny Osmond this far:  a) Personality (in that…he has one) b) Fans (in that…he has them) c) Celebrity (in that…he IS one!) He’s the lovable uncle/ harmless nice-guy who’s smile and infamy caters to the shows admittadly older demographic audience (present company not included), and he may win this whole thing. Which would make sense…he matches the mirror-ball trophy.

The other contestants include:

  1. (Super) model whats-her-face, dancing with Derek. I feel like in this case, Derek makes her look good and perhaps even draws voters. He is fresh-faced and all american, he is also extremely talented and throws 110% into every dance… Whats-her-face is small enough and unassuming enough to be lead entirely by Derek and work as a perfect show piece for his choreography (and DWTS producers are loving having her body around to show off their costume dept.)
  2. Mya- A good dancer, but she totally lacks any personality to draw in a following. I keep forgetting about her…and that doesnt bode well in the long run.
  3. Kelly Osborne- 6 years ago, parents all over the world cringed at the thought that their children may turn into, or be influenced by the bratty shenanigans of the Osbourne kids. Look at Kelly now! Those same parents are shedding a tear after her waltzes and foxtrots and falling for her mega-watt smile. Good for her, she’s managed to make it this far on live tv without cursing the judges, flashing the audience or having hissy fit/drunken crusade on set. All that being said, I do find her transformation into a fan-favourite entertaining and…don’t count her out either! If she is able to pull out another heart-warming dance routine akin to her first outing, she could walk away with the trophy.

The final four dance tonight, ABC/CTV 8pm

Battle of the Blades-Finale/Results – I have already predicted a Craig Simpson win… but in all honesty, I have been second guessing myself all day. This actually is a close battle, and if CBC continues to be quintessentially Canadian about this whole competition…they may ALL win. A three way tie. I wouldnt count that out…

We shall see tonight at 8pm, CBC

CSI:Miami- After last week’s 3-CSI-City tour… CSI Miami returns tonight — minus Dr Ray. I will still be tuning in, after all…Horatio now has the spotlight all to himself again—which calls for some serious sunglass action and witty one liners. CTV, 10pm

Have a great TV Night.


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