Wednesday Night TV

7 04 2010

Tuesday is still KING…but wednesday is slowly making it’s way up the ladder. I find myself looking forward to “humpday” (dont mind my french…) , especially now that baseball season has started, the playoffs are just around the corner… and the RIGHT people are starting to get voted off our favourite competition shows!

here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American Idol Results:
My favourite performers last night were Crystal and Casey– and I’m wondering if I might slowly be starting to enjoy Casey, it really depends on if he reverts back to his ponytail and pub-singer persona. In previous weeks, He’s been like…1 or 2 steps up from Bucky Covington, but last night…He KILLED Jealous Guy (one of my personal favs…so it’s hard to do.)

My least favourites were Aaron and Tim – and I predict they will both be in the bottom 3. Dont be surprised if there is a slight eye-brow raiser in the bottom as well…like maybe a Sioban or an Andrew. I’m just sayin’.

Tune in for the results tonight, 9pm FOX.

Americas next Top Model:
You know the deal… aspiring models, living together, taking pretty pictures and starting fights they cant finish without an emotional breakdown, then Tyra shatters one girl’s self esteem and sends her home at the end of the night. Cmon! Tv at it’s best…sigh. Tune in tonight 8pm, CW

Jays take on Texas SNETO 8pm
(are still playing?) take on NYR , 8pm TSN

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.


Primetime Tuesday…

2 02 2010

It’s been such an entertaining string of days…with the Grammys, The Bachelor and waking up to the Oscar noms today… tonight, the entertainment continues. My advice? Stay in tonight…seriously.

Here’s What I’m watching tonight:

American Idol-
The countdown is ON…Ellen is set to take her place on the panel next week (Feb 9th). So tonight, the auditions continue, and Victoria (back for another 15 minutes of fame) BEckham will take the guest seat…again. Was no one ELSE available? sigh…at any rate, more nut cases, sob stories and future stars will see the judges tonight, and frankly, I’d watch no matter WHO was judging. Tonight, FOX/CTV 8pm

Biggest Loser-
is getting smarter. FINALLY, they have realized pitting ANY show against juggernaut, American Idol, not only depleats ratings…but also robs viewers of two great shows on a tuesday night. All this to say, BL has been bumped to 9pm tonight…right after Idol! If you think Simon is harsh… tune in tonight for an introduction to someone who blows him right out of the water. Jillian Michaels. The reason I watch this show… seriously, watch it tonight, 9pm NBC

Leafs vs Jersey-
Leaf fans have all but given up the will to cheer or watch our team as they sink hard and fast into last place. But Sunday’s shake-up should be enough to start watching this team again. Dion Phaneuf and JS Gigere will start tonight…and the rebuilding finally starts! Questions still remain…like, by giving away 3 of our top 5 scorers… who will shoot the puck tonight? We shall see.. tonight, 7pm Sportsnet.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.

Tuesday Night TV

26 01 2010

You got through Bachelor Monday…and as a reward, I am excited to bring you…Tuesday! Not that I have to tell you, but you really need to cancel all plans for tonight and stay in…you will not find any better entertainment than Tuesday night programming!

here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American idol-
That’s right, the first of two Idol nights kicks off tonight in the city of Angels…LA! Everyone who lives or moves to LA wants one thing…(cue David Bowie) FAME! So tonight should be chalk full of delusionals and potentials. The guest judges seat tonight will share the bum of Avril (I still wear ties) Lavigne, and Katy Perry. Should be interesting…considering there may be contestants older than them…and taking advice from people who wrote such groundbreaking hits/lyrics as “sk8er boi” and “Hot N Cold“, may seem a little counter-productive. But they will be fun to watch, and are a better fit than Victoria (dressing on the side) Beckham.
Tune in tonight, 8pm FOX/CTV

Biggest Loser-
Someone has been lying. And if you lie to Jillian, you can be sure death wouldve been a better option. There will be pain tonight…all the more reason to (grab a snack) and watch! Will Migdalia lose the ‘tude? Will the Italian Son ramp up his effort on the heels of his mothers elimination? Will Jillian kill the first contestant in Biggest Loser history? I won’t count any of those possibilities out… Tune in tonight, 8pm NBC

and the Leafs are playing…if you still care. 7pm Sportsnet.

Whatever you decide to watch…have a great TV Night.

Tuesday Wrap

20 01 2010

What a great night of TV…although, it wouldve been better if American Idol was still 2-hours… 1-hour just didnt seem long enough an indulgence.

Here’s a wrap of tuesday night TV:

American Idol

The Good:
few and far between…for a big city like Chicago, there was disappointing talent last night. Only 13 tickets were given out in the two days, and apparantly over 13,000 people showed up… a ratio of 1 in1,000…yikes.

  • Shania Twain guested on the panel, and she is lovely. I can’t say anything bad about her. Stunning AND down to earth (I guess growing up in Canada and living in Sweden helps with that…)
  • The Duffy sound-alike that started off the night…loving the throw-back voice trend.
  • Another youngin’ (16 year old) with a soulful voice… Charity is her name (appropriate) – very commercial.
  • A previous contestant ( a 3-timer ) comes back- and usually I hate that, but this girl has a fantastic voice, and I can see her finally breaking through this year.
  • John Park– a hip, vocally-trained guy with a fantastic “lower region” (as Shania called it…)- get your mind OUT of the gutter…he has a powerful low register.
  • A short snippet of a guy singing “Heaven“- Simon didnt like him, everyone else did…I LOVE him (i will look for him to do well in Hollywood and get some more face time).

The Bad:
Considering only 1 in 1,000 were deemed”good”…safe to say there was ALOT of bad last night…or as I would say, my new favourite people.

  • “Broadway Girl” with an interesting dance move…Eat your heart out Beyonce, this girl has a breast heave/move that will blow yours out of the water. Check it out on Youtube…it verges on frightening.
  • Hint: Accordians never make it through to Hollywood… neither does blue hair… put them together and you’re really pushing it.
  • My personal favourite of the season thus far— a delusional, mousy character named Brian singing Tiny Tim (“Tiptoe through the tulips”)— with actions. He also refers tot he judges as “Mr.Cowell and Mr Jackson”… hard to know whether to laugh or cry really. I did a bit of both.
  • Montage of failures, behind the track “That dont impress me much”…a fairly obvious choice, but appropriate.

Biggest Loser-
A GREAT episode for those who love watching Jillian (turn into the hulk ) release her rage on the contestants. In this case, it was warrented… Migdalia was in a funk, a sour mood akin to a scorned 13 year old girl towards her frenemy. Jillian was trying to decide whether or not to beat it out of her (in the vintage Jillian way) or to be softer with less results. She actually turned to Bob for help on that decision…really?! Don’t worry—she went with the devil on her shoulder and released her inner Hulk. Most contestant would have crumpled into a sea of emotional outpouring…but Migdalia put up a wall and retreated to her room. Send in everyones favourite “blow-softener”, hero of the hour…Bob. Hug it out.

that was the major drama, but at the weigh in… The Big Italian family dropped below the line…and the Mother pleaded for her son (a 500 pounder) to stay on the ranch. Most obliged and she was sent home… down another 30 pounds, she looks right on track!

Oh, and the Leafs lost (insert eye-roll, sigh and knowing-cringe here)…

Monday TV Night…

18 01 2010

Apparantly TODAY (January 18th) is considered the MOST depressing day of the year, (that excludes people who live in LA, Rio, or Denmark) but I dont see why! ALL the shows are back, it’s the (euphoric) start to Award-show season, the Olympics are only 20 days away, and it’s Bachelor-Monday.

Here’s what (keeps me from being depressed) I’m watching tonight:

The Bachelor-
Can anything top the DRAMA from last week’s episode? By now you’ve seen “the picture“…you know, the picture of the “staffer” Rozlyn “entered an inappropriate relationship” with? it’s HERE. How do they ramp up the drama from last week, how about this...I’m hearing rumblings that Tenley will reveal that she is PREGNANT!
So tonight there will be more group dates, and one-on-one dates…lots more champagne, tears, “connection”, pilot euphemisms, hot tubs and “ab” shots of Jake. I can’t see how you could possibly be depressed (unless you are a contestant on this show, namely Rozlyn). Tune in tonight for the (say it with me now…) MOST dramatic season of the Bachelor yet! 8pm ABC/City.

CSI Miami-
It’s Baaaack! After the original CSI raked in the ratings last week, it will be interesting to see how well Horatio and his gang of gorgeously tanned forensics fare in the wake. Tonight’s episode involves a “baffling case” of a man found chopped in half. All in a day’s work. Again, you only have the right to be depressed if you’re THAT guy. Tune in for another new season of “H”-isms and long walks into the Miami sunset. Tonight, 10pm CTV/CBS

Leafs vs Nashville-
sigh… Did anyone MISS the Leafs on saturday? To be honest, It was kind of a relief. I had a very relaxed Saturday night without them…but it’s monday, and I am forced to be optimistic and watch the Leafs take on the surging Predators in Nashville. After a great performance vs the Flyers, Toskala was a let down in Washington…and therfore, Gustavsson is back between the pipes (such a soap opera for the true starting role…), and it looks as though Primeau and Komisarek are pencilled in after a stint on the injury reserve. cross your fingers for a good performance tonight. 8pm, RSO.

whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV night.

Thursday Night TV…

14 01 2010

Well, Thursday night is back… only half of its former self…but at least tonight marks the return of SOME of our favourites.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Greys Anatomy-
Why must they foist a “cross-over” shows on us so soon!? Yes, tonight Greys is back after a VERY long holiday hiatus…and it will be a cross-over with (it’s ugly sister…) Private Practice.

To recap briefly: Izzy is back, Carrev is totally going to fall for “the lurker” as I call her (the doe eyed mercy-west invader), Ellen Pompeo will emerge from ‘under the blankets’ post-pregnancy, McSteamy has a daughter the same aga as his girlfriend, and Christina is going to have to fight off a former-flame for Owen. Should be interesting, Tune in tonight, ABC/CTV 8 pm

NBC Comedy Thursday-
This is what they are calling their string of unsuccessful yet acclaimed comedies airing back to back tonight. First, it’s the mildly amusing Community– with an appearance by the mildly amusing Jack Black. Next, the deadpan Parks and Recreation, with SNL ex Amy Poehler. Followed by 30 Rock with the darling of 2009, Tina Fey. All of these shows are as advertised…good old fashioned (with a hipster/Yuppy vibe) comedies. It all starts at 8pm on NBC…running directly into the recently canned Jay Leno Show.

Leafs vs Philly-
It’s hardly worth inciting you to watch the disappointing boys in blue. But tonight, Philly is town…and although the rivalry pales in comparison to the bench-clearing brawls of the 70’s… the game is always grittier and more entertaining than a bout against a Carolina or Islanders team. Let’s see if the Leafs can stand their ground and pull out a win tonight, TSN 7pm.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.

Friday TV Night…

8 01 2010

Generally speaking, Friday is not the most interesting night to watch television (at times, that’s a severe understatement) but tonight is actually… an exception.
I’m not saying you should cancel all your plans for the evening, but thanks to a crammed Olympic schedule, we are seeing the Leafs play for the 4th time in 5 days (what is this? Baseball?!) along with a handful of other notables.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Leafs vs Buffalo-

As previously mentioned, like it or not, we have seen the Leafs play 3 times already this week…and we will be subjected to it again tonight. The Leafs have tried everything to generate an iota of consistency; changing goalies, sitting players, tongue lashings, dodgeball games, bootcamps and media blackouts. There is no answer to the woes that haunt this team. Once only 2 points out of 8th spot (the coveted and only realistic position to shoot for), the Buds are now 8 points out (give or take) and are settling for maintaining Burke‘s pride and reputation as a year-end goal.

tonight, I hear Toskala is back in net (sigh…) and kessel has been in the doghouse all week…therefore, tonight is a game that will prove whether or not verbal abuse is an effective method of motivation. We shall see.

Wednesday night’s game was ugly (cringe worthy…), but as a Leaf fan by blood…I can only take the stance that things can only get better!

Tune in tonight, 7pm RSO.

Shark Tank-

I have urged TV fans to give the CBC’s Dragons Den a fair shake on wednesday nights- tonight, the American version of the (Canadian) franchise airs on ABC. Mark Burnett (of Survivor fame…) has gathered a bunch of successful American business minds (and snatched a few of the Canadian originals…) to host a panel where fledgling entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their money-making ideas. The best part of ANY reality show is revealing the dilusions ordinary people, and exploiting the whack-jobs that want to be on TV…this show is full of them! Every now and then, someone has a great idea…but needs the capital to get it off the ground- and that’s where the “sharks” come in.

Give it a shot tonight (then also tune in for the Canadian version…) 8pm ABC

Other options:
Raptors play tonight at 8 on TSN
– Ghost Whisperer
returns to CTV at 8pm
New episode of Numbers is on Global at 10pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.

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