The Bachelor: Women Tell All

7 03 2011

Still waiting for the Women to Tell All.

The women say the SAME thing every season. This process is emotionally draining. Real connections are made. Real hearts are broken. I learned so much from this experience. The cliches are too many to count.

I don’t know what I expect from this show, explainations arent really necessary. We all know this show is ‘created’ for monday night drama. I can automatically assume the ‘crazy girls’ are fabricated in many respects, and that the drama in the house is a product of too much time spent in a house with over 20 women. Brad has little to do with that. He’s just the bait and hook. The prize. He could just as easily be money or a mirrorball trophy.

What I DID learn tonight, was that Michelle is much nicer and unassuming woman than I ever expected. In fact, most girls made themselves look worse tonight… where asMichelle redeemed herself a bit. I get her now. She was a sarcastic oddity in a house of mostly childish girls.

Big news of the night was the may-jor makeover Ashley showed up with tonight. Raven Brown locks, short fringe, apple red lips, and girl’s been hittin’ the gym. It was the smokin’ hot revenge makeover… and Brad fell totally victim.

It has been widely speculated that Ashley will take the reigns in the next season as the Bachelorette. Could that be the reason for the visual upgrading? probably.

So next week is the finale, where Brad has promised that he will find and propose to his wife. Will it be Emily, or Chantel? Who’s the lucky lady, and who will end up on next year’s Bachelor Pad?


Bachelor Monday: February 7th

7 02 2011

The chips are starting to fall into place on The Bachelor… There were 8 girls left at the beginning of the episode, now only 6 girls remain!

Oh, the Bachelor Drinking Game words of the night are: Scary and Comfortable.

The night went as follows…

Fly to Costa Rica.

Brad shows the girls around, and they stay in the same ‘compound’…which would come in handy later.

The first 1-1 date was Zip lining in the rain with Chantel O. The brave, fearless girl he once knew was BACK because she didnt back down from a little rain. Wow. Whatta keeper she is. Their dinner gets rained out as well, and they end up in the only dry location… Brad’s boudoir. And since Chantel is all wet… she borrows an oversized shirt to wear for the evening… she couldn’t find pants unfortunately. How uncomfortable. Not to mention embarassing. Right? She also drops the bomb that she is falling in LOVE with Brad. This is their 2nd or 3rd date no? That happened to me when I was 9 years old and fell HARD for the freckle-faced classmate in the school yard.

On the group date – Brad took the women repelling into a waterfall. It’s amazing how many people have issues with ‘heights’…seems awfully convenient. Also, Crazy Michelle throws a fit because Brad SWORE he wouldnt repel with anyone else but her after their 1-1 date in Vegas. This may be the only time I say this, but I actually sided WITH Michelle on this one. Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, He DID make that promise…and I’m sure there were PLENTY of other date options in Costa Rica.

At any rate, the girls were all mad at Brad for one reason or another, and no one got a rose.

The last 1-1 date finally felt like a real-life date. Awkward small talk and copious lulls in conversation. That’s the way ALL first dates go no? Well, apparently since he’s gotten further with the other girls, Ally got the boot…after she expressed how comfortable she was with Brad. OUch.

That night…Brad gets an unexpected visitor in his boudoir. Crazy Michelle. This couldve been the trailer for The Roommate or Paranormal Activity, it was that scary. The dark figure arrives at the door with a whispered ‘Hola’. shivers. She then proceeds to tell Brad who he should pick in the order she deems appropriate. He reiterates how ‘scary’ this is for him.

At the Rose ceremony, Chantel becomes the first girl to tell Brad she LOVES him.

He gets rid of the artist.

Next, he and the girls head to Anguilla, because they’ve had enough of Costa Rica and are in need of some serious sunshine and excitement.

The Sing Off: Finale

20 12 2010

A 2 hour finale of the Sing Off promised to reveal the winner live.

But first…

Each judge got to hog the spotlight with one of the groups, a celeb with a new album got to promote on stage and tehre was plenty of good ole fashion Nick Lachey filler.

The Top 4 was whittled down to a Top 2 (more than half way through the show…)

The Top Two: Church Boys and the Country Boys (the picture of America…)

So who won the title of SIng Off Champs?

My personal Favourites from night one (almost 3 full weeks ago!)

The Church Boys: Committed

Congrats boys, see you next season for a year in review.

Thoughts about this season? Did the right group win? Will they ever get rid of Nicole and replace her with someone relevant?

DWTS: Week 5

18 10 2010

Ahhh, I love DWTS Monday!


I have a short rant to spew before I get started…skip down if you dont wish to wallow and complain about a reality dance show.

If there was ever a way to fill 2 hours, when it could be filled in one… or if there was ever a chance to take things a bit too far, so much so that it dangled off the edge of kitsch and cheap entertainment… DWTS always goes there. Tonight, we had to sit through a full half hour of ‘recap’ with judges commentary (the lighting made them look like they were at the Pearly gates judging the dancers after-life destination!). Unneccessary… but I had to keep watching. I thought at any minute they are going to end this insanity and get to the dancing! But alas, it WAS necedssary…because ABC has booked a 2 hour timeslot, no matter what, for their HIT show. Even if there isnt enough dancing content to fill it up. Which there isnt.

Secondly, it was TV theme week. A cute idea, entertaining and had real potential to be a fun monday night of throw-back tunes. Did they really need to be SO obvious about the song selection?! Florence danced to Brady Bunch, Audrina danced to The Hills… it was about as eye-roll inducing as Buzz Aldrin dancing to Fly Me to the Moon.

Ok…I’m done…moving on.

Here’s how it went down on tonight’s show:

  • Brandy- looked much better tonight. More confident, perhaps it was because her song and dance were so uplifting and super fun. The theme to Friends will put anyone in a good mood… and she pulled out a lighthearted number that received great scores!
  • Florence– tried her hardest to dance a slow tango to the cornball Brady Bunch music. She was really sparkly, and has great legs…but I think the choreography let her down a bit. She ‘herked and jerked’ her head everything looked a bit spastic.
  • Kurt- is slowly turning into a ‘come from behind’ kid. He is super cute, and dances with alot of personality and grace. Mind you, he still suffers from the athlete stiffness…thing, but its getting better.
  • Rick- Mercifully shaved off the ‘stash! He was the only one to take on a slower tune, but he is starting to have great lines and points to his toes and hands. A huge step up from last week.
  • Kyle– Took on the theme to Charlies Angels (cant think of it? Neither could I…) The song didnt do much for the dance, but he has such great personality on the dancefloor, and Lacy looked HOT channeling Farrah! He added a bit of disco which angered Len… not the best scores.
  • Audrina – Has some trouble acting ‘sensual’. really? I called Maxim Magazine, they disagree! She didnt need to do much acting, she was wearing a bikini. But still, she lacks that connection and her facial experssion never really changes.
  • Bristol– Oy vey. If you thought it couldnt get worse…Bristol wore a gorilla suit for the first half of her dance. But even WORSE was that she forgot more than half of her steps. The monkey suit was a hideous attempt to hide her lack of facial expression… but it couldnt hide her lack of dance skills (even after 5 weeks!)
  • Jennifer– speaking of facial expressions not changing… sorry. Jennifer Grey released her inner-diva and walked out on Derek during practice. Huge No No. Her dancing was on par with her ‘norm’ and she got top scores yet again. But there was something very distant and odd about her manerisms tonight…I’m not saying anything, but did she seem off to anyone else?

DWTS: Week 4

11 10 2010

It’s week 4 and things are hitting their stride at DWTS, but the judges arent dishing!

Tonight was a rough night for the dancers… all but one or two received scores to write home about. Can you guess which one or two were tops? Nothing surprising.

Oh but there was a shake up… the stage was….ROUND and the musicians were…UNPLUGGED. Shocking! Apparantly this was dramatic enough to dedicate an entire pre-interview montage with the pro dancers about how difficult this was going to be for everyone. Not only that, but to fill the time on a 2-hour timeslot…the dancers were all subjected to pre-score banter and analysis of a slo-mo clip of their dance. awkward. But wait, there’s more! The Judges gave out 2 scores: Technique and Performance

Here’s how it went down on the stage-in-the-round tonight:

  • Kurt- needed the OK from his wife to make love to his partner on stage. Not that it mattered…the judges gave him LOW scores…a pre-empter for what was an ongoing theme of the night.
  • Brandy- hasnt ‘feel beautiful in 6 years’. right. I havent felt beautiful since you said that… thanks. She started on the floor in her ‘nighties’ and had a sexy/anxious look on her face the entire time. But she received pretty good scores all-around (a frontrunner again)
  • Rick- looked like either Snidley Whiplash or Clark Gable.Either way, he didnt have a great dance. And the score reflected that. ouch.
  • Kyle – usually a crowd pleaser, failed to rack up high scores for his technique OR performance. Another early frontrunner bites the dust.
  • Florence- erred on the side of ‘inappropriate’ with her partner Corky… hot old people don’t stimulate (see what I did there?) high scores from the judges either! Wow…tough crowd. And I dont mean Sarah palin in the front row.
  • The Situation– is desperate…he finally brought his abs for moral support. Some people just cant dance (present company included) and unfortunately…this was not the best career decision for ‘The Sitch’ – he has no audience, he isnt gaining any fans and he isnt in his element.
  • Bristol- probably the most awkward dance of the night…even worse than the sexy-old-people-tango. This girl has made her living pretending she doesnt have a sexual bone in her body… except for that one time. Tonight, she had to reverse that…and it doesnt work on her. More bad score and a tongue lashing from Carrie Ann.
  • Jennifer Grey– killed it. She also says she’s not a dancer… right, and she didnt get the most expensive nose job in Hollywood. Derek lucked out again, and his partnership will be enough to catacpult her into the top spot and the top2 for sure. The highest score of the night and throw in the first 10’s of the season for good measure.
  • Audrina– was the only person left to take over Jennifer’s almost-perfect-dance. But she did not deliver her best performance and received 8’s all around.


Did the judges hit the mid-season plateau? Anything over a 7 was rare, and even 4’s were flying!

In my opinion, The Sitch and Florence are in some trouble tomorrow night…

Battle of the Blades: elimination

5 10 2010

There really wasnt a bad skate on the first performance show of Battle of the Blades… so the first elimination was a bit of a downer for all involved. Usually, there are a few stand outs and a few bottom dwellers, but this season, everyone started with a bang!

The bottom 2 were: Val Bure and Russ Courtnall

wow. surprised? I was.

What Val Bure lacks in perosnality and panache, he makes up for in speed and skill. Ont he flip side, Russ COurtnall was a guy who needed one more week to really hone in on his potential. He wasnt the best of the night, but I didnt think he was the worst either.

It’s up to the judges, and they went for skill over ‘try’… Russ Courtnall is the first eliminated from the Battle.

Russ had a story to tell about the tragic loss of this father that still haunts him and his family. Therefore, this was a perfect platform to generate some support and acknowledgment for the work he is doing for mental illness in Canada. The Pre-Show episode did a great job at highlighting the backstories of all the skaters… good on the CBC for providing a chance to really get to know the players before they got the BOOT.

Val Bure’s wife (Candice Cameron) is running a heck of a Twitter Campaign to keep her man in the competition…it didnt work this week, will her followers step it up for next week?

DWTS Monday Recap

27 09 2010

Monday nights have come a long way from Bachelor Pad drama. With the return of DWTS, now it’s spray tans, crocodile tears and serious boob-shots. So…I’m sorry, maybe it hasnt really come that far!

There were some stand outs, but alot more cringe-worthy performances which will make things interesting tomorrow night. There are a few obvious bottom dwellers after tonight:

  • Bolton was absolutley wooden in his movement and is quickly losing his ‘sex appeal’ that he worked so hard to acheive in his career. Ironically, A white man singing soul seemed to work for him…but a white man dancing jive did not.
  • The Situation– maybe it’s because he doesnt need to money. Of anyone on the show, this guy is set for the next few years, so perhaps this doesnt mean as much to the guy. Oh, and did anyone realize until now that he has a MAY-jor case of pigeon feet?
  • Margaret Cho- An improvement, and given some time…she may start to surprise people. Just not tonight.

The Middle-minglers were all pretty even tonight:

  • Florence – is graceful and dances like she’s 15 years younger than she is…but that’s still 20 years older than her competition. Age matters, especially in the free-style round. Do you think this gal can do flips?
  • Kurt- nice guy, ok dancer. Not much more to say.
  • Bristol– finally, she is using her resources to pull some votes…her Mom was in every shot tonight.

So the Tops of the night for me were…

  • Jennifer Grey – again, she’s got the best partner in Derek, but the woman brings some serious capability to the partnership. Not sure what her previous experience is, but she’s definitley displaying some talent early on.
  • Kyle- Not a super high score, but he was dynamic and crowd pleasing. He has a waaaay better attitude than the Sitch, which will likely make up for his lack of popular familiarity.
  • Audrina– yep, this girl can dance…mind you, she has spent every night of her teenage and early-adult life in a club. In this case, she is also very good at taking direction and executing…her body doesnt hurt her either.
  • Brandy– slipped a little tonight, but she is still topping the lsit of contenders based on her facility and previous experience. She’ll be fine…but she needs to stop pretneding like she’s ‘amazed’ to be doing so well.

So who will leave us tomorrow night? My guess, is it will be a dog fight between Bolton and the Situation. Thoughts?

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