The Sing Off: Premiere Tonight

6 12 2010

This years edition of The Sing Off returns tonight… and thank goodness.

Programming has come to a snow-squall-stall ever since the end of November, and I for one, will watch ANYTHING at this point. Not to say I’m not excited about the prospects of The Sing Off. I enjoyed the show last year, hated the judges and host, but loved the entertainment value it provided. It also tends to spread itself over the week evenly… warming us up for when American Idol literally takes over your entire week of primetime.

So tonight, Nick (I proposed first) Lachey and his bevy of judges are BACK: Ben (hipster) Folds, Nicole (donchaaa) Sherzinger and …that guy from Boys 2 Men.

No changes in terms of formatting or personnel (unfortunately)  – 10 A cappella groups (count how many times tonight that word is ‘defined’ for us unmusical slobs watching with our cheetos) hit the stage to perform a song of their choice.

I’ve seen a clip of a group doing Bad Romance, and i’ve noticed that dancing/choreography is playing a larger role in the performances this year. Interesting…

So, are you watching?

Full recap and commentary tonight!



Bachelorette Monday…

12 07 2010

Didjya miss me?

Anyone…?… Bueller?

well, I’m back – and even though I was miles away, I was still able to find the a)channel in a very confusing tv guide  and b) the time after very long days of vacation gallavanting, to watch the “special” Bachelorette with added (cherry on top) Break-up exclusive conversation.

There is TOO much to say, and I’m sure it’s already been said. Is there really a person to ‘side’ with? We ALL hated Vienna on the show, we all HATED the decision, we all WANT to say I told you so…but all of a sudden, Jake is not that likable. Anyone else see the comparison between this interview and the Tom Cruise/Matt Lauer interview a few years back? The intensity in Jakes’s eyes was almost… Scientologist. Sorry. I’m sure there are normal Scientologists that dont overreact, make up words and shoot lasers in rage from their eyes.

Anyways…it’s over and done with…the magazine covers are now a week old and outdated. Let’s hope neither of them extend this exposure-whoring any longer…I just dont think I can care much less. It was probably the most awkward 45 minutes of TV I’ve ever sat through (and let’s face it, I’ve seen alot of Paula Abdul over the years…) and therefore, it made for some great post-mountain climbing entertainment.. Sad. I know.

So Tonight…Ali gets a FULL 2-hours to herself. She got seriously gypped last week…no one was watching for her, obviously. Sources tell me she wastes alot of people’s time in the end…but I’m not going to divulge anything more than that.

Ali goes on hometown dates tonight, undenyably my favourite episodes of every season- I love watching families embarass their fame-mongering sons/daughters in front of a super hot suitor!

and there’s a serious bombshell coming…perhaps not this week, but it’s coming. You’ll know what I mean when it happens.

Tune in for pure, uninterupted Bachelorette tonight 8pm, City/ABC.

DWTS Finale

24 05 2010

What were you expecting?

Someone to come out and wipe the floor with the other contestants so the winner would be clear? Please…

You can make a case for each remaining ‘star’…I wont promise the cases will be strong, but then, neither is the talent.

Nicole: she’s a friggin dancer. for a living. that’s what she spent the last 10 years of her life perfecting. dance. performance. and making people (mostly men) enjoy her. Soooo…how much of a stretch would this competition be for her? according to her…HUGE! I was never convinced. Tonight, she was great, but not ‘blow me out of my chair’ ‘make me pick up th ephone’ great, and she had an illegal lift (physically paining Carrie Ann to tears of frustration).

Evan: Came in on an Olympic high. He is arguably the most audience friendly, and probably the most notable ‘household nmae’ remaining. He is also a ken doll with little to no offending qualities. Except, he’s a diva. obviously. and that may cost him…never make your russian, 90 pund partner cry…it’s not attractive. He danced well tonight, lots of hopping and fake smiles. He had the most exciting freedance of the night…we shall see.

Erin: The very pretty, very personable underdog. She is also the ‘other’ vote. you know, not option A or option B…option ‘Other’. She will get every vote from people who arent on board with Nicole or Evan…which would put her into the running more than one might think! She also had a really good night, her best…and a darn good time to have a highlight night! Will Maks finally get a winner?

Thoughts? \i’ll make a rpediction tomorrow…the Bachelorette is starting and is (surprisngly) taking my attention away from the world.

DWTS recap

11 05 2010

Not that you MISSED it last night (unless you live in the Montreal area and were….preoccupied) but here’s my recap of DWTS monday.

Briefly, I think my predictions rang true…the ‘top two’ brought their A game, and the rest…fell behind.

Neicy: Did her best, but it wasnt enough to catapult into the winners circle. She is the last ‘character’ left on this show, but the funny girl never wins (the one with the legs, toned mid section and perky…top half have the better chance). Hey, nothing has changed since highschool. She had two good dances, but ended up in the bottom for the night. She was not in the bottom two last week, this week…she will be, but might have enough fans to keep her around!

Chad: Seemed…off. I think professional athletes have a hard time feeling inadequate. After years of being ‘the best’ at something, it’s hard to start from square one with another skill. I also think Cheryl’s rejections have been wearing him down. He was, again, OK tonight…but not as good as Evan, and not as ‘fun’ as Neicy…so, he may be in some trouble tonight.

Erin: Is the only ‘darkhorse’ left…if she could set herself up as the blonde, more personable version of Nicole (but less of a ‘bombshell’ than Pam An)…she could seriosuly make a last ditch run for it! And to boot, she danced really well last night! Her tango with Maks was full of tricks/flips (literally) and long leg action. She ended up with great scores for the night, tied with golden boy Evan for second.

Evan: Still reminds me of a ken doll with 5 pre-recorded phrases. He lacks personality and warmth, which he ‘tried to work on’ this week…sorry honey, you gotta be born with it! He was never a crowd pleaser, and although he dances well…I never remember his routines at the end of the night. Obviously, he’s a contender…he’s a dancer and has the body to carry a performance. TOnight, he got predictably good scores, and ended up in a tie for second place with Erin.

Nicole: Put on her most desperate acting job of the season…having a breakdown over ‘people thinking this is easy for me’. right. it’s totally difficult. Which is obvious when you co-choreograph your routines with Derek, when you come out on the dancefloor looking like the other pro‘s, and when you get 5 out of the possible 6 perfect tens for your dance. Yep, you and Neicy are on the same level…you just work harder and execute better? I doubt it. Anwyays, it’s no surprise she rose to the top and won the night.

Monday Monday

10 05 2010

Ahhh yes… welcome to another edition of “Monday” ladies and gents.

What do I have planned? Take a wild stab in the dark…and if you skewered “watching DWTS in between the Montreal game” of course…you would be right.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

The final 5 battle it out…will soemone finally emerge as the front runner? They will each dance 2 individual routines. My prediction is this: Evan and Nicole will get some 10’s, and the rest will try…but ultimately end up with 8’s. I had a lovely conversation with my grandmother (an avid watcher…) about her picks…and she says she “likes Nicole, because she’s with Derek“. Interesting. would she have liked Pam An if she was with Derek? Would Doherty have fared better if she was partnered with the wonder boy? You see, Derek represents the grandchild every grandmother wishes for.
So, the fact that Nicole gets away with wearing less than her skivvies, and has no definitive personality to speak of…is probably a tribute to her partner. As your grandparents who they like…see if they come up with the same answer. That’s what you need to win this show… humility, great legs/chest, and the 75 + crowd on your side.
Tune in to see my Nana’s favourite pair dance, 8pm ABC.

And if you are a hockey fan, and/or living in the Quebec/Ontario border region… you will not be wathcing much dancing… Habs face off against the defending champs tonight  at home, 7pm CBC. Football fans take note, the police are calling in for all hands on deck tonight…because win or lose…Montreal is going to be like the epicentre of a Tornado tonight.

Whatever your decide to watch, Have a great TV Night.

DWTS Pre-cap

3 05 2010

Tonight…everyone will dance (shocker!), but will also perform in the annual DWTS Team dance Battle.

Pitting two teams, made up of three dancers against each other in epic fashion.

The teams are:
1. Evan, NEicy and Erin
2. Pam, Chad and Nicole

They will dance the Cha Cha…and only one team will walk away with…more (useless) points!

Tune in tonight, 8pm ABC.

there will as always, be a full recap of the show tonight…! Have a great TV Night.

DWTS Monday…

19 04 2010

What’s with the “Theme Nights” ? I’ve probably griped about this before, but personally, DWTS has enough intrigue, cornball and glitter…no need to throw in “twists” or more “storyline”. Not needed…especially with Kate G and Pam An on the show… themes are just unneccessary extras.

But they don’t consult with me, so tonight the final 8 dance to “Movie Themed” choreography.

Here’s the question…will they try to match the “stars” with really groan-worthy movie themes?

Like Kate Gosselin dancing to the theme from “Cheaper by the Dozen” , Chad in “Remember the Titans“, Nicole in “Josie and the PussycatsErin in “Rear Window” (sorry…) Pam An in “Legally Blonde“, Jake in “So I married an Axe Murderer” (Vienna is scary, c’mon), Evan in “Ice Princess” …? Just guesses here, but I would not be shocked if they did something THAT schmultzy and painfully ironic to us…

What do YOU think they will do with the Movie Theme?

Tune in tonight, ABC 8pm for the big show!

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