The Bachelorette Finale : August 1st

2 08 2011

I’m sure you’ve all heard the result of last night’s Bachelorette finale.

There’s no use subjecting you to a full recap before telling you that JP was the  man Ashley chose.

Last night, both met her family (more on that later), both proposed (the most awkward 15 minutes of TV all year)… but only one walked away with the final Rose.

I am a pathelogical critic, so in my opinion when ‘reality tv’ seems too scripted, it probably is. When it seems too ‘real’, it probbaly isnt. That’s why last night was intriguing to me, particularly the storyline about AShley’s sister. When she met JP,  she was certain, without a doubt, and after 2 questions that JP was not right for Ashley. She said he was too mature, and that Ashley didnt act ‘herself’ around him. Actually, what she was saying was that Ashley is still too young to have an identity, to be in a committed relationship and to be married. That’s really what she was saying. and isnt that was Brad said about her before she got the boot? Arent her ‘insecurities’ the ones all 13 year olds have? Just sayin… I think her sister was being realistic about her sister, not about the choice in man.

Of course, Ben walks in and the whole room changes. Ashley does silly voices, Ashley jumps around, Ashley laughs louder than any person ever should… we are left believing that Ben would fit right into the family – especially if the opinion of family is as important to Ashley as she says it is.

After one more date – it is time for the Neil Lane infomercial (yes yes Neil. your rings are sparkly, and you know women so well that you can even coach the guys on their love life as they choose a ring)

As I said, both men proposed. Ben was so sure of himself, that he got right down on his knee and popped the question. (I’m sorry, what kind of sick producer allows that to happen?!) to which Ashley says nothing, just asks him to stand up…and tries to heal the gaping wound she just inflicted. She says things like ” I care about you so much, I want you to know how hard this is, you are the most interesting guy, seriously”. His reaction was very real – if she was sure about her decision, why allow someone to fall so far?

But you can’t ask that question without getting the production team involved. Why would anyone be so cruel as to lead two men to propose, with the intention of rejecting one of them? Because it’s a TV show. This would not happen in reality…the last time it happened was in a bad rom-com. It’s set up to be so…because we can’t get it anywhere else on TV. And that’s why we watch.


What are the odds this one will last? I can actually see it…I can. I think the franchise might’ve just landed a new spokes-couple.


Bachelorette Monday…

12 07 2010

Didjya miss me?

Anyone…?… Bueller?

well, I’m back – and even though I was miles away, I was still able to find the a)channel in a very confusing tv guide  and b) the time after very long days of vacation gallavanting, to watch the “special” Bachelorette with added (cherry on top) Break-up exclusive conversation.

There is TOO much to say, and I’m sure it’s already been said. Is there really a person to ‘side’ with? We ALL hated Vienna on the show, we all HATED the decision, we all WANT to say I told you so…but all of a sudden, Jake is not that likable. Anyone else see the comparison between this interview and the Tom Cruise/Matt Lauer interview a few years back? The intensity in Jakes’s eyes was almost… Scientologist. Sorry. I’m sure there are normal Scientologists that dont overreact, make up words and shoot lasers in rage from their eyes.

Anyways…it’s over and done with…the magazine covers are now a week old and outdated. Let’s hope neither of them extend this exposure-whoring any longer…I just dont think I can care much less. It was probably the most awkward 45 minutes of TV I’ve ever sat through (and let’s face it, I’ve seen alot of Paula Abdul over the years…) and therefore, it made for some great post-mountain climbing entertainment.. Sad. I know.

So Tonight…Ali gets a FULL 2-hours to herself. She got seriously gypped last week…no one was watching for her, obviously. Sources tell me she wastes alot of people’s time in the end…but I’m not going to divulge anything more than that.

Ali goes on hometown dates tonight, undenyably my favourite episodes of every season- I love watching families embarass their fame-mongering sons/daughters in front of a super hot suitor!

and there’s a serious bombshell coming…perhaps not this week, but it’s coming. You’ll know what I mean when it happens.

Tune in for pure, uninterupted Bachelorette tonight 8pm, City/ABC.

SYTYCD results

1 07 2010


Shocker averted…for tonight.

Billy (the rebirth of modern dance) and Robert (number 11) and Melinda (the personality-less tapper) all landed in the bottom three…and while that should put people into a tizzy – the boys werent going anywhere. C’mon.

It’s been that way all season thus far. The girls are underperforming and not getting votes – and as much as Nigel hates it, he has no choice but to give the people what they want…an all boy competition apparantly!

So yes, Melinda went home. No big deal…but the REAL competition begins when all the girls are gone, and the boys battle for the ultimate title of Americas Favourite dancer.

It WILL be a guy. I’d be willing to bet my right arm on that…

Americas Got Talent Recap

16 06 2010

Most people’s parents embarass them to within a inch of their life…

And America’s Got Talent is the perfect stage to completly ruin your child’s life.

Gabby Sidebe is one lucky …duck.

Last night on AGT, (Precious Star and Oscar contender) Gabby Sibebe’s MOM graced the stage. Oy Vey! She told a story about how she’s been singing in the subway for over 20 years (potential career ruining information…) and now wants HER break (please mom…if you love me…don’t!).

But this woman … has some SERIOUS talent! She brought the house DOWN with her musical stylings and singing chops, she was unbelievable!

So here’s the question…who will be MORE successful in the long run? Critics have made a big deal about Gabby being a one-film pony, and her struggle to fit the Hollywood mold in order to land jobs. This woman, her mom, is attempting to fit into the ‘music’ world. There are more mold in music than movies. Think weirdos like Lady Gaga or Prince. Then think divas like Aretha and Susan Boyle. They are all differnt, all successful and all respected in th esame light. So, back to my question…Is Gabby’s Mom going to steal some spotlight?

I think so.

mayne she’s not such a lucky duck…!

American Idol: Top 2

19 05 2010

You may be thrilled and relieved to know that next season…they are cutting the elimination show to a half hour…instead of trying desperately to fill a full hour.

The first 15 minutes is recap and Ryan acting as Oprah…asking the deep questions like… “how does it feel?” “how has your life changed?” “how proud are your parents”… hard hitting journalism right there.

Then there’s a FORD music video. crucial. earthshattering entertainment. Not at all degrading…

A performance by someone no one has heard of….yet.

3 “at home” video vigniettes…showing how the American Dream is attainable. How many fans each contestant has – most of whom wouldnt have batted an eyelash or spoken a word to them previously. And the home one of the unlucky ones will have to return to after tonight.

Another performance by a 15 year old ‘phenom’ from Canada… Bieber. 45 year old moms and their 12 year old daughters are going crazy in the quiet of their own homes…its the truth.

FINALLY… nope, another recap.

sorry…FINALLY… Casey goes home.

Top two is set: battle of the true titans of the season, it’ll be a goodie! Crystal vs Lee…bring it!

Survivor Recap

13 05 2010

It is officially finale season…

This has been a truly epic season of Survivor…

Tonight was just another great night in a season FULL of them! Here’s what went down in the Survivor ‘hood’:

  • Jerry wins award- takes her hoes over her Bros.
  • Head ‘Bro’ Russel throws a hissy fit back at camp…male bonding ensues.
  • Hoes eat hamburgers and talk about the silly boys
  • Hoes vs Bros at immunity… Last hoe standing is Parvati.
  • Bros make a new plan… the annoying hoe will go.
  • The annoying hoe happens to have an idol…a secret one. Will she play it?
  • Sandra (annoying Hoe…) plays idol (smartly!)
  • Unsuspecting Bro goes home… goodbye Rupert…shoulda stayed with the Hoes!

Good right?

I’m bummed, because Parvati is still in contention, Russel still runs the show, Sandra wont shut up, Jerry thinks she’s all that but isnt…and Colby is weak. The last REAL hero went home tonight… sigh.

Wednesday Night Recap

12 05 2010

Busy Busy Busy…

First…if you live anywhere close to the downtown of Montreal… that tremble you feel… is the stampede of people jumping up and down in the streets. Don’t call the cops…join the party! Habs win over the Pens means no one was watching anything else… like Top Model.

(seamless transition…) In the finale of Americas Top Model, it’s so nice to see skinny, beautiful people getting their dues…money, power, fame, beauty…must be tough. At any rate, it was between Naomi cambpell and Brooke Shields for the win…and Naomi (Krista) took the crown! Congrats…see you on the cover of Seventeen (and probably never again.)

In American Idol news… I was smart, and tuned in for the final 10 minutes to see (taht I had not missed anything) the elmination and, as a result, the final 3 contestants.
Top 3: Lee, Crystal and Casey
Big Mike
leaves us (for real) this week.

A champion falls
A winner is revealed,
A loser goes home…

just another wednesday night!

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