SYTYCD results

1 07 2010


Shocker averted…for tonight.

Billy (the rebirth of modern dance) and Robert (number 11) and Melinda (the personality-less tapper) all landed in the bottom three…and while that should put people into a tizzy – the boys werent going anywhere. C’mon.

It’s been that way all season thus far. The girls are underperforming and not getting votes – and as much as Nigel hates it, he has no choice but to give the people what they want…an all boy competition apparantly!

So yes, Melinda went home. No big deal…but the REAL competition begins when all the girls are gone, and the boys battle for the ultimate title of Americas Favourite dancer.

It WILL be a guy. I’d be willing to bet my right arm on that…


Idol Results

31 03 2010

Anyone else feel like they just watched a 57 minute long commercial until the final results?

It went like this (I warn you- there’s a lot of commercials…):

OPening sequence = commercial for Clash of the Titans (like THAT movie needs the PR)

Idol Music video = Commercial for Ford

Pre-result shout out = (another) Commercial for Clash of the Titans

post-commercial lead in= commercial for itunes

Performance= Commercial for Ruben Studdards next tour

Ryan Seacrest finds a star in the audience = commercial for Justin Biebers album

Performance= commercial for Ushers new album

Judges comments= commercial for Coke

Performance= commercial for P Diddy (cuz HE needs it…)

FINALLY…the results. (see a pattern? I literally spent an hour watching commercials in between commercials…?!)

Now, I predicted a bit of a surprise, and I even predicted the person (I’m proud of myself, if you hadnt noticed!) But Didi was only supposed to fall into the bottom three… NOT actually beat out the worst of the worst for elimination! Yikes, the results came at 9:58, and NO, the judges did not choose to use their ‘save’ (shocker!).

I was really sure Tim would go tonight, then I realized…last night WAS a full moon, so there was some weird stuff going on in the universe, therefore it all makes sense to me now. (!!!???) So I have to watch Tim, Katie and Aaron for another week…let’s hope theres not some sort of solar eclipse or comet explosion that will keep him around any longer.

Wednesday TV Night

31 03 2010

It’s been a heck of a TV week thus far, and tonight the drama continues with another elimination show and a smackering of other watercooler topics.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American Idol:
I have made my prediction…I think it is (finally) Tim’s night to leave the dream behind and start booking gigs at the local bowling alley and silent auction. I’m extremely surprised he made it this far…but never underestimate Zach Ephron-hair. works every time. So tune in tonight, 9pm FOX/CTV (more like 5 minutes to 10 if you want to skip groupd numbers, judges comments, “should we use our save” deliberations and Usher performances)

Americas Next Top Model:
Yes I watch this show…dont judge me. Tonight it looks like the girls have a Twilight inspired (what isnt these days?) photoshoot…and of course the girls will have plenty of catfights to fill an hour of must-see reality TV. Tune in tonight 8pm, CW/City

I will be upset if Tim does not go tonight, but I wont be surprised if someone unexpected falls into the bottom 3 (I’m thinking someone like Didi is a possibility).

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV night.

Idol Results

17 03 2010

How can we fill an hour of ‘results’ this season?

1. a very long over-dramatic opening, with a strange choice of background music.

2. ask Kara an open- ended question…or 8

3. Book 3 guest performers.

4. Talk about Idol Gives Back.

5. Talk about last night…alot.

6. Give each contestant a chance to recap their performances from last night, and ask them hoe thye are feeling about tonight.

yup…that should do it…add in 15 minutes of commercials, and you’ve got a full hour of TV that couldve been short and sweet.

So I wont do the same to my readers. wanna know who left tonight?


I predicted Paige, and she was in the bottom 2…maybe next week?

Mid Week TV

17 03 2010

Welcome wednesday! Oh, and happy St Pattys day, and the beginning of summer where I live…it’ll be snowing by end of week. No question.

Got a few things to do tonight, but I will be watching the results of American Idol with interest…

Here goes, the prediction. Before I do…I must say, it would be a shot in the dark really. There are 12, and we can only get rid of 1. You figure out the odds!

I think it will be a girl. (that narrows the odds to 6 to 1). I dont think it will be the ‘standouts’: Crystal or Sioban. I’m down to 1 in 4 now. I also think Didi did enough last night to make it another week. Okay, 1 in 3. Personally, I could do without all three of them: Lacey, Paige and Katie. But I will go out on a very narrow limb and say…my prediction for tonight’s boot is…Paige.

Nothing new, in fact  should learn by now…I’ve been predicting Paige for 3 weeks straight. One day, I will be right and look like a Guru of reality TV. I hope it’s tonight.

Tune in tonight at 9pm FOX/CTV


17 12 2009

The “Set up” episode for the 2-hour- finale -extravaganza on sunday night.

This was an unusual episode…for many reasons:

  • Since when did the blonde girl speak? And since when did she not only speak…but become a “prayer warrior”? (…wasnt Shambo Gods messenger?)
  • Brett is such a nice guy…that he (risks his life to ) massage Shambo’s…HAIR! He put his hands in that thing on top of her head (and down her shoulders…but shorter on each side…aka fem-mullett), that mop that she called “shambo-licious” and revealed it had been the same since 1986 (Do you know how many haircuts I’ve had since then? One of which happened to be…my very FIRST!)
  • Remember when Foa Foa was a lowly group of 4 against 7 Galu?!?! Those 4 still stand…and are now in totally control.
  • Did producers really want to send Shambo, to represent the American people, on a reward breaking bread (and pig on a spit) with locals? Well, She did…after her, Russell and Jaison won the reward challenge (a big, island version of Ker-Plunk! with coconuts)
  • Brett beats all odds again, as the lone Galu member (Shambo doesnt count…) wins immunity with eliminationon the line…and Foa Foa begins to scramble…to vote off either Shambo or one of their own
  • Russel once again wears his immunity necklace to tribal…and doesnt use it. It’s just decoration now…it brings out his eyes.
  • In the end, Foa Foa stay true…voting out SHAMBO! (I was kind of disappointed with her composed farewells…but hopefully she’ll be back to form for the Jury questioning…my favourite part of the entire season.)

So Russel still stands, he has to get through the next Tribal counsel (without his found immunity) in order to face the Jury in hopes of winning it all. the question is…will Brett continue to win immunity and foil his plans? If not, who will Russel decide to take with him to give him the best odds…would anyone vote for the blonde based on “merit”…doubtful, who has the btter shot…Mick or Jaison?

An exciting sunday awaits us Survivor fans…

SYTYCD: Winner revealed!

16 12 2009

Result: RUSSELL wins!

back it up…it went like this:

  • So there was NO Paula Abdul (the carrot was dangled for two weeks then dropped like a hot potato…screwing with my head!)
  • Lots of performances of past dances…as per anticipated….and one NEW one. Husband and Wife performed a self-choreographed routine (their last…read on)
  • Performances by recycled AMA acts: Glambert (a different song…dont freak out.), J-Lo (she fired her male backups…all female now…cuz they’d never let her down.) and Mary J Blige (kinda dull…just like the AMAs!)
  • first dancer gone: Ballroom Ryan (…predicted)
  • second: Wifey (good thing they danced together then…in “hind sight”)
  • third: Katherine (all the judges campaigning didnt help her in the long run…)
  • top 2: Russel vs Jakob (I predicted this…but chose the wrong guy in the end)
  • Russel wins it and procedes to strip down, whoop it up, invite random people on stage and give it all to God …and his mom.

A good show…there was still that “rushed” (get it over before Christmas) feeling that lingered…but overall, I love that Russel kid…congrats!

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