Monday TV: news and guide

10 01 2011

It’s Monday, and for those of you who already need a coffee break – there are some TV news items to speak of.

First, SNL was back in stride by inviting a COMEDIAN to host the show (I’m so sick of forcing the funny bone out of people who are naturally dull, line-readers with no discernible talent tother than to brush up nicely for photo shoots….) and Jim Carrey….is still funny! Who-da thunk with the garbage film roles he’s taken in the past decade or so… but the man is undeniably funny, and a serious talent in the world of comedy.

His monologe was nothing write home about, but is there anyone who can rock an SNL monologue anymore? It’s a tired opening if you ask me…

But then, he put on the leotards and killed a spoof of Black Swan. He was strong all the way through, and SNL was enjoyable on saturday… if you live in the USA, you can re-watch the sketches at . If you’re Canadian… I’m working on it!


The cast of the new season of Survivor has been released… all but 2 cast members have been revealed and photographed (see below) Nothing out of the ordinary, pharm reps, firefighters, ex-cops, law students, waitresses…etc. But Redemption Island is a brand new format – and I for one, am completely thrilled and excited for it! How can Survivor keep upping the entertainment value after 20-odd seasons… remarkable. Take that…Simpsons.

Here’s the whole gang.

But wait, there are two names missing?! That’s right, start the speculation. Will 2 ex-cast members be joining the group? Boston Rob and Russel‘ s names have already made their rounds around the rumour mill. What do you think? Find out more about the cast at


Bachelor returns tonight to totally cap off a long monday of MY OWN drama. Tonight, the first true ‘dates’ are held, and look out for the trend… the girl with the first one-on-one usually makes it pretty darn far in this ‘competition’… so who will it be tonight? And the insipid ‘plot summary’ on TV Guide says ‘tensions between the women heat up‘… no way. Sounds like my kind of show – are you ready for the fangs to come out? Like, literally?

Full recap tonight!

Have a great Monday and enjoy your TV Night.


SNL Promo: Robert De Niro

3 12 2010

It’s Friday, and time for another classic SNL Promo with this week’s host… Robert De Niro!

I’m dying to see if this guy is ‘funny’…not “Focker Funny” , just funny. In this clip, my favourite person living, Kristin Wiig does a pretty great impression (is there anything she can’t so?) and gives us a taste of what’s to come on Saturday.

Watch the Promo here:

SNL Promo: Robert De Niro.

Love it.

oh, and the guest is “Diddy Dirty Money“… that’s not a new group btw. It’s good old Puff, P-diddy, Sean combs with yet another iteration of his ‘brand’. sigh… I won’t expand on that, it aint worth it.

have a great friday and what looks to be a fock-ing funny Saturday night.

SNL Promo: Scarlett Johansson

10 11 2010

Loving the promo for this weeks episode of SNL with host, Scarlett Johansson. She does a bang up job every time, and I think this could be a boost from the previous lack lustre guests of the season.

Check it out…

SNL Promo: Scarlett Johansson.

Excited yet?

I totally am… is it really only wednesday?

SNL : The day after

24 10 2010

Who watched SNL with me last night? I stayed up late…past the baseball game even, to bring you my recount.

I had high hopes. Great expectations. Visions of grandeur and ingenuity. But I was a little bit disappointed.

Emma Stone is a rising star, and has the red-headed-quirky-hot-every-girl persona that Lindsay Lohan once OWNED in the Hollywood market. Now off her chariot and into rehab….Emma Stone has really emerged as her successor. She’s funny, dry, has a slight rasp in her tone, and can pull off the awkward-sexy thing.

So, it was a natural fit for her to step in as guest host last night. everything looked good on paper- especially having her portray Lindsay Lohan on the View sketch. That shouldve been classic, but they didnt give her enough material to run with. That skit actually fell VERY flat. The banter wasnt quick enough, nor were the punch lines clear.

The funniest skit was with Kristin Wiig as an over-exuberant Home make-over host trying to get a reaction out of the lucky winner (Emma). She played it straight and dry… but hardly said a word to show off her acting chops. Wiig however, a stand-out as usual.

A bit of a let down for me, and never reached its potential for greatness… but Kings of Leon rocked it and made for a very entertaining 2 hours…even if it was a little ‘less-than’ .

Your thoughts?

Saturday Night Live

23 10 2010

SNL (Emma Stone +Kings of Leon)

= Formula for Amazing potential!

Please don’t let me down! I have such great expectations for this week – I feel like Emma Stone’s complete take over of Lindsay Lohans career starts tonight.

Are you watching? I will have a recap/witty commentary on the blog tomorrow…

Operation ‘stay awake’ commences!

weekend wrap party…

9 05 2010

it WAS a party…and I spent it infront of the tube, with my amazing mother:)

Saturday night was SNL-gasmic!
Holy Tina Fey-bulous! Holy Mya Rudolf-tastic! Holy Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Molly Shannon all came back! and the hostess with the mostest…Betty (I’m 88…and?!) White!

My favourite moments of the night were: NPR and the Dusty Muffins, “She’s a lesbian” skit, “Really?!” with Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (the old gang back in fine form!), Tina fey/Betty white in a census taker skit (“ascertain…that was my stripper name…”)

Big ratings on saturdy night for SNL…biggest numbers for the show since the 2008 Tina Fey as Sarah Palin high.

Sunday was the finale (and the least exciting episode…) of the Amazing Race.
Sorry, maybe I’m bitter because my team didnt win. I’ll cut to the chase- The Gay Brothers won.
The promos promised a twist…something to throw the teams for a loop.

Nothin’. Nada. I saw no twists, turns, surprises at all. I was certainly waiting for something exciting to happen.

Celebrity Apprentice:
Holly is delusionally controlling, Cyndi is delusional AND entertaining…and I can no longer say anything bad about Bret (the man almost died last week…I’m giving him sanctuary until he’s healthier). I gave him alot of flak early on, but now, he’s becoming on of the most interesting people on the show, and someone who rides the line between creativity and tact…
Anyways, Sharon is still a rock star and won the task, sending Holly/Bret and Cyndi to duke it out infront of Trump. In the end (and after painful back and forth banter for close to 20 mins…) Smug unknown Holly finally got rid of the most creative energy in the competition…goodbye Cyndi. The best character on TV. sad day.

“Mother” of all TV Weekends…

7 05 2010

Heck of a weekend ahead folks – especially if you’re a mother and already have a reservation…anywhere.

But actually, you’ve got a tonne of reasons to be pumped for this next few days…

Here’s what I’m watching this weekend:

Playoffs: sports fans…the second round is heating up…teams are pulling ahead, teams are pulling even…teams are failing to rise to the occasion. Where does your team fall? All teams are playing at least one game this friday through sunday so check local listings to catch them all!

Jeopardy: If you know me, you know that my absolute favourite show is Jeopardy…seriously. I never try to foist my obession with the show onto my readers…but tonight is an exception. It is the finals of the Celebrity Jeopardy (non SNL version) Million Dollar tournament. That’s right…a million dollars to a charity tonight, and some steep competition. Tune in tonight at 7:30 in most areas!

SNL: My hands are shaking with excitement as I type this…last week was a teaser (re-run), but this week… the epoch and most anticipated episode of the season is upon us…BETTY WHITE hosts! EPIC Television…do not miss it!

Amazing Race: The finale! This sunday 3 teams go for the WIN in the race around the world. It’s Cowboys, against models, against Gay brothers… can it get much better than that? Tune in, Sunday night 8pm (take mom for an early dinner!)

I know what I’m doing this weekend… watching TV…with my mom.

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