SAG Awards 2012

30 01 2012

So the SAG awards were on last night.

Did you watch? Do you care?

I guess it’s yet another step on the road to the Oscars… but it has almost ZERO relevance or influence on the ultimate winners. The Academy is a very different voting panel. However, I guess something can be said for actors selecting their peers for nomination and awarding them with honours for the year.

There are a few things that bug me about it. But then, there are few things I’m quite fond of…

Let’s start with the bad. E! takes a huge dump on everything classy or formal in this town. It’s liek they send in the leeches to suck the celebrity blood out of every event. There is no enchanment, there is no untouched glamour, there is no veil of mystery… E! crashes the party.

It doesnt even cover the event…. it covers the Red Carpet…putting their premium on the soundbites that comes from asking questions like “is it true that you can juggle?” or “are you SURE there’s no sequel in the works?”.

it’s such a cringe fest.

And they put their ‘best’ people on it. People like the artful Giuliana Rancic who asked to ‘lei’ George Clooney. People like Ross the Intern who’s voice sets off the limo alarms 3 streets away. And people like fashion ‘guru’ and authority figure on all things high-style and taste… Kelly Osbourne.

Dream team.

But we expect that,  if I hate it so much… why do I tune in 2 hours before the show? It’s a question I seriously struggle with.

Moving on…

Something I DO like about this award show, is the lack of host, and the serious star power. More actors show up to the SAGs than do the Golden Globes. There is a VERY rare ‘so and so couldnt be here’… actors really feel like they owe it to their peers and their profession… to be there. It has a more serious actor vibe. You know what I mean? Like those who are really in it for ‘the craft’ and respect for ‘the arts’ are there. Of course, that means Meryl, George, Brad, Angelina, Plummer, and anyone else who considers themselves a ‘serious’ actor gets an invite, and marks the date. It’s a campaign for their careers as much as it is for an award.

It’s another award for an award crammed mantle. But these are the people that NEED the accolades. Actors, as a group, are some of the biggest egos yet weakest self esteemed people… most of them get into acting because they were shy, because they had no friends, because they were ‘different’, because they needed the spotlight to feel validated, or because they felt a rush at the sound of applause.

Nobody applaudes a dentist. Nobody applaudes a secretary or a car salesman. Validation comes from other places, not superfluous awards and constant applause.

These are the people that need it. They know it. So they make up as many awards as possible to feed the need for attention and applause.

That’s my two cents… I don’t mind watching, there are parts I LOVE watching… but I shake my head at the shameless ego stroking that takes place at every one of these events.


Survivor Pacific Islands: Winner

19 12 2011

The Finale of this seasons Survivor Pacific Islands aired last night.

a 2 hour epic, plus reunion show…. always a great way to say goodbye to the season… kind of hard to recap.

Here’s the nutshell version:

  • Ozzy beats Brandon in a classic Survivor game of perseverance.
  • Ozzy also wins a challenge, and has immunity.
  • Ozzy then orchestrates the demise of Rick. And reveals the dishonest acts of Coach…at Tribal, infront of the jury.
  • At the most important challenge of the entre season, Sophie comes out of nowhere and beats Ozzy.
  • Ozzy…. voted out, no chance at winning for the 3rd time.
  • Final 3: Coach, Albert and Sophie.
  • At the final Tribal… my favourite 10 minutes on TV… the Bitter Questioning from the Damned. There were no real fireworks, but Albert came across looking like a Twit, Coach looked like a defeated child and Sophie fought back tears the entire time.

I dont think there was a clear winner after the questioning, but I was pretty sure no one was writing Albert. Coach did not play well enough to be confident in his ‘loyalties’ on the jury. Everyone had been burned by Coach…and no one was believing his honour integrity game anymore. Sophie was the throw vote…

The Winner of Survivor Pacific Islands – Sophie.


I’m beginning to think the winning formula on Survivor is this: Be invisible for 3/4 of the game, latch onto a strong alliance, practice solving puzzles in a pinch. In this way, you can sit in front of the jury, with two other slightly more hated people and say “I built relationships, I won challenges, and I was strategic”. You become the least of all evils, and therefore, you get the throw votes.

It seems to be the winning formula…

Was Sophie the obvious choice for winner of the game of Survivor? No. You could put probably, 10 names ahead of her that would make more sense. But this girl stayed in a solid alliance, let Coach be the ‘bad guy’, and won when it mattered.



Amazing Race: Final 4 Recap

5 12 2011

Amazing Race is one of thse shows that a lot of people watch, but doesnt get as much water cooler action as most of the others.  The show does a good job of trying to cast a group of ‘characters’ for people to follow… so far, no ‘celebrity’ edition. But that might be next.

The reason I wanted to write a post about last night’s epsode, is because the only true ‘characters’ on the show…. the snowboarders – made one mistake in the entire race, and were eliminated as a result.


These guys won almost every single leg of the Race… except the one that counted.

double ouch.

other teams have benefited from ‘non eliminaton rounds’ … but this team seriously got the short end of the stick, coming up JUST short of the finals… a final that was theirs for the taking ahving virtually decimated the competition every other round.

But that’s the name of the game. Conversely, I also feel for the FIRST epople who are eliminated form the Race, because I always feel like you need a few legs to really GET your legs in this game. I would be so disoriented and disorganized… think of your last vacation, took you months to plan and it still went wrong, right?

What gets me is the WAY in which it happened. They led from the start, had a brief hiccup with the first clue. They were given costumes to wear and told to figure out who they were supposed to be. Ridiculous, they looked like nobody in particular, you couldve said anything and it wouldve looked right.

Then to find their next clue, they had to de-code from the dresses of dancers. They got the wrong clue. The other teams were just as stumped until their TAXI driver stepped in , and all three teams benefitted!

The boys came back, and were able to decypher the message, but it was too late.

The snowboarders, Tommy and Andy…quite possibly the most dominant and likable team in Race history… eliminated last night.



Battle of the Blades Finale

14 11 2011

The final 3 skated their final performances before the nation-wide vote that would crown one pair, Battle of the Blades Winners.

Can you believe it?

A season scarred by the untimely death of Wade Belak… I almost wondered if it would still go on. But it is simply a shadow in the past now that the season is coming to a close. The performances were fantastic along the way, and seeing these final 3 skate for the last time in competition is a tribute to the hard work, dedication and heart it takes to make it this far.

I don’t know that I wouldve picked this final 3 in the first episode. I knew Tessa Bonhomme had a great story as the first female, and arguably the best partner in David Pelletier. I saw the untapped grace of Boyd Devereaux and the potential he had with his lines and skating quality. In Bryan Berard, I saw an underdog with nothing to lose and everything to gain, his popularity got him only part of the way… his attitude and steady progress got him to the finals.

So who will win it all?

It’s a tough call… and I find myself going back and forth constantly as soon as I try and reason out the ‘best winner’.

Tessa has been flawless… Boyd was always a consistent frontrunner… Bryan has the audiences heart.


We’ll find out tonight in the Battle of the Blades Finale… someone will finally win the Battle, the victor is crowned tonight.

Battle of the Blades: Week 5

24 10 2011

Round 5, and Viewers Choice week on Battle of the Blades.

Every week gets better and better, but I really felt that this week was a stand out week for all of the contestants. Everyone had a GREAT performance, and the confidence level is at an all time high. It makes it more fun to watch a confident ice skater than one that feels like the toe-pick is going to get him any time.

So last night was a fun show to watch.

After last week’s ‘save’ of Brad May, unfortunately he was the bottom of the pack tonight. Not that he had a bad skate, but because others are beginning to pull away and emerge as front runners for the ultimate title.

People like Boyd Devereaux (a favourite of mine…) who attained some serious praise and highs cores form the panel this week for his ‘Fever’ dance.

Also strong, Cal Hulse. That guy’s hair must be the prettiest head in all of Canada right now. I mean honestly. It’s like Carson Kressley without the spray tan. He is so big, yet so graceful… he has a real shot at winning the whole shebang.

Then you’ve got fan favourite and judges favourite Bryan Berard. There’s a special place in everyone’s heart for the hulking bad boy turned refined and elegant (like Beauty and the Beast). He had his best overall performance last night complete with good technique and emotional quality.

Curtis L rounded out the final 5 with a more up tempo skate that I wast particularly fond of, if I must say. Maybe it was the song, maybe it was the fact that other dances were so strong and memorable… I found this piece lacked a little bit.

However, it was Brad who came out the points loser at the end of the night.

Will fans save him tonight? The judges sure can’t…


Sunday Night TV

17 10 2011

When the heck did Sunday night become THE TV Watching night of the week?


Last night, I watched Amazing Race, Battle of the Blades, Cover Me Canada, Football, Baseball and X Factor!!!!

Move over wednesday night, Thursday night has met it’s match… Sunday night TV!

I was surprised to see X factor on, I guess I missed the ‘special time’ announcement. I also did not watch alot of that show to begin with (I hear I’m not the only one…) But lately I’ve been tuning in if I run into it. Does anyone else find it an absolutely shamless display of the ‘have and have not’ of American society to have struggling singer perform like court jesters infront of the Judges… at their homes?!?! I mean really. I reminds me of when Royalty used to have musicians ‘play for them’ to satisfy their amusement. It actually enrages me, if you couldnt tell. I don’t want to see the opulent estate and the famous friends of the judges. I don’t care, and it makes me feel bad about myself. There are enough things in this world that make me feel bad about myself, I don’t need Nicole Sherzinger’s house looking down at me.

There are some great singers on that show, as expected. That’s why I find myself watching it from time to time.

How about Amazing Race…are you watching this season? Amazing Race is one of those shows, like Survivor, where the format makes it a winner, no matter what. It’s an exciting show, consistently every season.

Battle of the Blades is starting to get good too… it’s at the ripe stage where the skaters are finally getting their legs and their talent is able to shine. They also did a particularly interested retrospective on the Sale/Pelletier scandal of the 2002 Olympics (has it been 10 years?!).

Last night, there were some great performances, specifically by Cal Hulse who did a ‘shoot the duck’ the end the skate, and by Tessa Bonhomme who is really starting to look the part.

Results tonight!

So what did you watch? There was something for everyone last night

Amazing Race Premiere

26 09 2011

Just a week ago,The Amazing Race won the Emmy for Best Reality show, just in time for it’s season premiere.

Did you watch last night?

Something that struck me was the quality of teams this time around…. usually you get a cast of characters that couldnt drive stick shift or make a sensible decision if their life depended on it. This season, it looks like The Amazing Race has put a new premium on the type of team that will contend. There are ex-football players, Olympians, the kid that sailed around the world, former Survivor winners, flight attendants (and with all the flying they do, that will come in handy!) and overall, really athletic and competitive people.

However, right off the bat… soemone loses their passport. By the grace of a Twitter-vention… the passport was returned. Really?! Nobody answers me on twitter….evne if I DID say I lost my passport, I’d get spambotted before I’d get a real person come to my aid. Something in that story seems fishy….

Survivor fans will be tickled pink to see another favourite on screen. Ethan Zohn, the nice guy who won a million bucks and landed a million dollar girlfriend the next season, successfully battled cancer and is running this race. Wow. What a story! I’ve never been a huge fan of his girlfriend, but they’ve been together now for 7 years and she has stuck with him through life/death… she must not be that bad.

The premiere kicked it up a notch by sending the teams to Taiwan to start! They had to use their heads early as the clue was impossible to find…especially since it wasnt in english, nor in it’s traditional ‘clue box’ form.

Teams lucky enough to find the clue, had to recite verses, by memory, from Confucious. What a nightmare…when was the last time you had to memorize something word for word? It’s a skill, and obviously, not everything has it!

The next task was dragon boat racing, how cool would that be? I mean, Toronto has a Dragon Boat festival, but there’s a massive difference between racing in Lake Ontario and racing…. in Taiwan.

Team number one was Ernie and Cindy, a dating couple. I’m not going to harp on the race card… but she was obviously slightly more comfortable speaking and navigating with years of chinese school in her back pocket. Hard to tell if they will be the frontrunners all season long.

You know who WON’T be on this journey much longer…. token older couple Bill and Cathi. By the time most teams were passing Phil as the finish line, They were still looking in all the wrong places for the clue. They were not eliminated, because it was a non elimination cop out, I mean round. So they escape the boot early, but will have to face a double elimination and a road block next week. I’d say their clock is ticking…


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