Celebrity Apprentice: The Premiere

6 03 2011

The Apprentice is a unique format that lends itself very well to ‘Celebrity’ editions. Trump fell upon this revival of his series a few years back, and has been going strong..collecting old celebs in need of a career rebirth along the way.

This season… the ‘celebrities’ involved are all inspired choices. There are only one or two names I’ve NEVER heard of (even IMDB had a hard time jogging my memory…) but those are (surprisingly) the rarities in the bunch. In fact, this cast is putting the DWTS celebs to shame.

The girls team is strong… the name is not. ASAP, I’m not even going to TRY and explain the acronym. You can fill it in however you see fit. But tehre are some strong women on this team. Star Jones – say what you want, the woman can get it done! Lisa Rinna – big lips, big personality. The legendary Dionne Warwick, Marlee Matlin, and throw in a few ex-models, one of the Jacksons and reality stars to round out the team.

The men are an equally as interesting team…with a far better name. Backbone. I like it. Leading the pack this week was the original Survivor villain (and felon) Richard Hatch, 70’s rock and pop sensations: Meatloaf and David Cassidy. Rapping icon (and felon) Lil John, Doping tattle-taler Jose Canseco (I guess the Situation was busy), a country singer and nut-job Gary Busey are the other highlights.

Both teams were challenged to make and sell pizza in the heart of NYC. This wasn’t your everyday Pizza and a Pop for $2.99. Everyone was forced to call in ‘favours’ from their respective celeb friends – people who are likely more famous and successful than they are! Some people have trouble doing this…. I wonder why?

In the end, everyone hates Richard, everyone hates Star… but the Women’s team obliterated the Men’s team, so the claws were retracted, for now.

Richard proved how unlikable he really is and just got through by the skin of his teeth. Mr Strategy, Mr Gameplay…in my opinion,  his reign as the Grand Master of Reality competition is over. Sometimes you have to MAKE friends BEFORE you stab them in the back.

In any case, the small guy with the big friend couldn’t get over Richard throwing sand on him at the playground. David Cassidy was FIRED because of his apparent weakness. I think Trump just cant pass on the chance for drama down the road. David did not have that potential.


Battle of the Blades: Finale

21 11 2010

Can you believe tonight was the Battle of the Blades finale? And what a finale it was!

It perfectly capped off a great season, with the best of the group showing their skill and improvement over the past weeks. It’s going to be an interesting vote for a winner.

There’s Val Bure: The Russian with the less than enthusiastic fanbase fromt he get go. But recently, his finese has been eough to sway voters and kepp him around week after week. How can someone with such high scores, consistently hit the bottom two? It never made sense to me…so with two more solid dances tonight, will his finest hour be enough to land a win?

Or, Todd WArriner: The quiet contender all the way through. He has been consistent in his consistency (if that makes sense) He only had ONE bad week (and it taught him a elsson about drag…) but was able to rebound and give strong performances to stay atop the leaderboard. Again, he had a show stopping performance tonight…he might just walk away with the trophy!

and lastly, Patrice Brisebois: a fan-favourite, an entertainer, and an artist. He is always thirlling with his bravado and calm charisma- which he backs up with skill. Tonight, he showed his ability to conquer and perform tough choreography and reminded us why he has been a strong contender all the way through.

Battle of the Blades: Week 6

7 11 2010

Is Battle of the Blades not the BEST show on TV sunday nights? Who’s with me? I’m LOVING the sunday line up this season, but Battle of the Blades takes the cake.

If you are American, you’re getting your own version of this show in a more DWTS format… and starring a housewife of somewhere… i apologize in advance because it just will NOT be the same!

tonight, it was week 6 … and the boys are really stepping it up!

here’s how it went on the ice tonight:

Patrice Brisebois– a little bit of pressure coming off the performance of the season last week. But he donned a Bollywood sari (?!) and danced his rear of…again! Was this guy REALLY voted out 2 weeks ago? He’s back with a vengeance and seriously high scores!

Theo Fleury- in sequines. purple sequins. but you know what? it kinda suit him…or he just has so much confidence that it just doesnt matter what he is told to wear! Another solid performance from him, I think he is going to have to start bringing some thrills to his frills to be considered a strong competitor for the gold.

Kelly Chase– as Shrek…now there’s a stretch! This week, I saw more character from him…he really embraced the performance and sold it! I think he may still be the weakest skater…but the man is looking slimmer, and more comfortable every week.

Val Bure– is Russian…did you know that? they keep dwelling on his nationality like it’s the olympics…tonight, exacerbating the situation was his song choice…to Russia with Love. It was beautiful, slow, meticulous and soaring…everything Theo and the rest of the showy Canadian boys werent! So, it will be up to the audoences to decide who makes it through…plushenko or stjokyo…you know what I mean?

Todd Warriner– um…is that a 6’2 Maple Leaf power forward in drag? yes. yes it is. A little uncomfortable, but fun and creative – the technique may not have been up to par, but the idea was… unique.

guess it couldve been worse…couldve been Georges Laroque in drag!


Battle of the Blades: Second Chance

31 10 2010

I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Halloween!

But if you’re anything like me… you were a little upset that you were sitting, in full costume, waiting for children to ring the doorbell during your hour of Battle of the Blades. A little annoying right? C’mon…be honest.

And if you were able to fight off the candy-grabbers and 13-year-old-Snooki-Wannabes long enought o sit and watch Battle of the Blades…you sure as HECK got a TREAT! The best episode BY FAR this season! Perhaps it was the Halloween theme that brought out the best in each skater, or maybe it was the rare second chance to fight for a spot in the competition.

It matters not what the motivation was…these skaters brought their A+ game, and it made for some fantastic TV!

In order of elimination, the skaters took the ice:

Russ Courtnall: Skated a very entertaining piece with alot of great choreography. He definitely still ahs the hockey-player strides, but he has certianly improved immensly since his departure. It started off the night with a pretty high bar to reach for the rest of the competitors… but I think being first hurt his chances.

Georges Laroque: I have not laughed so hard in… a while! THe man had his hair carpenter-glued into Devil horns and it was half terrifying, half hilarious. Other than that, he made me scream a few times…his tricks are unreal. I guess it helps that he is a full PERSON taller than his partner, but he reminded me why I loved him from the start. He has a gentle giant approach, but unfortunately he will never get any more graceful.

PJ Stock: Is a real contender if he can make it through this round. He had a great routine, with some intricate lifts and engaging visuals. He was also daring enough to wear a pastel purple vest… to show off his rippling muscles (yowza!) He has the ability and the personality… but he needs the votes.

Patrice Brisbois: Normally, I would say that I’m bias because I love this guy (he was my favourite form the start!), but I literally saw the performance of a lifetime. The Monster Mash was a monster HIT…an unbelievably quirky, fun and visually stunning number…the choreography was part playful, part genius. Unreal. and the the first perfect 6’s of the competition thus far…

As good as the other performances were tonight, there is just NO WAY Patrice will NOT make it through. If you didnt see the skate… check it out. It is just as good as I’m raving…seriously!


Battle of the Blades: Week 4

24 10 2010

We have reached the Halfway point on Battle of the Blades… and of all the competition-style shows on TV right now, I’m having a hard time letting go of anyone from the competition!

I mean really… No one deserves to go, but dont hate the players, hate the game. Someone’s always gotta go… sigh.

Only in Canada would we start off a show with a Hockey analyst and a world champ figure skater skating together. The analyst recites poetry about the Albertan country-side while the champ performs a moving homage to his hometown through figure skating. Unreal. Beautiful…and totally unique. ROn Maclean and Kurt Browning are class acts.

The competitors took a few steps forward this week too… adding finesse, tricks, and multi-talents to their routines. Shae-Lyn and Theo both recorded their songs with their voices on the track. Talk about gutsy!

Here’s how it played out tonight:

  • Kelly Chase– wore pleather chaps over tight jeans. The Saskatchewan Suit I think. He lacks performance and technique, but he makes up for it in exuberance and gentle-giant-appeal.
  • Val Bure– A Russian ice-dancing to country music is a bit of a head-scratcher… but he is so fluid and smooth in his strides. He is in the upper echelon of compeitors, let’s hope the accolades and scores he got form the judges will persuade the votig public to cast a vote his way this week.
  • Patrice Brisbois– looks like a figure skater. He has the tall, lanky limbs and the beautiful long strides. It is starting to look efforless, and the connection with Shae-Lyn is beatiful- but they will need to stay at the top of their game to remain the front-runners.
  • Theo Fleury– Had a great night…not only did he sing his own song, he landed the first axle in competition! He is really pouring alot of energy and ‘try’ into this new life-endeavour, and it shows in his eyes and the way he attacks each week with renewed passion.
  • Todd Warriner– In my opinion, stole the night from everyone else! He had an upbeat, charismatic dance that will shake any personality-issues from past performances. He broke out this week, and got great scores to boot…where’d he come from?!


My hypothesis is that Kelly and Val will land in the bottom tomorrow night, and that Kelly will go home. Don’t send hate mail, it’s just my opinion.

Battle of the Blades : Week 2

10 10 2010

Canada’s favourite past-times collide on Thanksgiving weekend… with week two of Battle of the Blades.

The bar was set uber-high last week (the first week of competition), and this week…the guys truly set a new level for the bar. There were flips and throws and death spins galore! Week two! I mentioned that right?

The theme was” Bringing Sexy Back” (a bit lame…) – We all know that hockey stars are ‘sexiest’ when they are rocking the helmet hair and spitting out teeth on the bench…(*you can judge the sarcasm), so this was a stretch!

A recap of the  performances tonight:

  • Theo Fleury is blossoming and with his partner, Jamie Sale, guiding him and working him lke a pro… he’s really embracing this new sport. A great skate, not the marks to fit in my opinion.
  • Todd Warriner is smooth and has a great chemistry with his partner, although, I’m afraid he’ll get lost in the shadows because he lacks the thrills in his performance. It doesnt hurt to counteract that with the firecracker Shae Lyn Bourne!
  • Patrice Brisbois showed that a great attitude will pay off. He comes to practice because he enjoys the process and he is really becoming one to watch in this competition.
  • Valeri Bure was stunned ot be in the bottom 2 last week…so this week, he came out with a killer performance FULL of thrills and finesse.
  • Kelly Chase is a big man lacking in artistry…but there’s something intriguing about him. He’s very raw, and has authentic emotions. It worked for him tonight!
  • George Laroque. What can I say. I look forward to seeing him every week more than any other. The tricks he can do likely in his sleep…but the mix of gentile with galoot is captivating and exciting!
  • PJ Stock…holy Bulging with the Blades! This guy is ripped! But beyond that, he had an incredible skate tonight…darkhorse? I think so!


I have to say, the performance level has made huge leaps in professionalism and dedication from the Hockey Players since last season, and it makes for some fantastic TV!

Amazing Race Premiere

26 09 2010

Couldnt have asked for a better way to spend a sunday night – watching the premiere of the most consistently exciting show on TV: The Amazing Race.

Like I said in the preview, this show NEVER need to change its format…it doesnt need writers (otherwise I’d be on the staff) to create drama and thrill. I’m sure there is some ‘set up’…but generally speaking, it is the adrenaline of the race, and the ordinary people that take us through it with them.

This season, there are already some great personalities. The Docs are my early favs, along with the Southern Belle and her Dad, and the Nerds. Who doesnt love a good nerd?

There are always the feuding couples, and the blonde chicks stuck in an abusive relationship…sometimes hard to watch actually. Honey, just because “he used to play football” doesnt mean he can lambast you with insults every step of the way…you’re in denial.

The most intense moment of the night came half-way through the watermelon challenge, when the melon projectile backfired into the face of a contestant. It was beyond ‘laughable’…it was scary. The girl didnt get a pie in the face or slip on a banana…she got a rock hard, head sized melon – to the melon! (sorry…)

She got right back into the game uttering  “I cant feel my face” as they ran ahead. Girl, you’re lucky your forehead and nose didnt change places after that blow. Here’s the Watermelon Headshot heard around the world… I warn you, this is PAINFUL.

First group eliminated? The Broadway Boys. Got lost and never caught up.

Any early favourites? I have mine!

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