Sunday Night TV

17 10 2011

When the heck did Sunday night become THE TV Watching night of the week?


Last night, I watched Amazing Race, Battle of the Blades, Cover Me Canada, Football, Baseball and X Factor!!!!

Move over wednesday night, Thursday night has met it’s match… Sunday night TV!

I was surprised to see X factor on, I guess I missed the ‘special time’ announcement. I also did not watch alot of that show to begin with (I hear I’m not the only one…) But lately I’ve been tuning in if I run into it. Does anyone else find it an absolutely shamless display of the ‘have and have not’ of American society to have struggling singer perform like court jesters infront of the Judges… at their homes?!?! I mean really. I reminds me of when Royalty used to have musicians ‘play for them’ to satisfy their amusement. It actually enrages me, if you couldnt tell. I don’t want to see the opulent estate and the famous friends of the judges. I don’t care, and it makes me feel bad about myself. There are enough things in this world that make me feel bad about myself, I don’t need Nicole Sherzinger’s house looking down at me.

There are some great singers on that show, as expected. That’s why I find myself watching it from time to time.

How about Amazing Race…are you watching this season? Amazing Race is one of those shows, like Survivor, where the format makes it a winner, no matter what. It’s an exciting show, consistently every season.

Battle of the Blades is starting to get good too… it’s at the ripe stage where the skaters are finally getting their legs and their talent is able to shine. They also did a particularly interested retrospective on the Sale/Pelletier scandal of the 2002 Olympics (has it been 10 years?!).

Last night, there were some great performances, specifically by Cal Hulse who did a ‘shoot the duck’ the end the skate, and by Tessa Bonhomme who is really starting to look the part.

Results tonight!

So what did you watch? There was something for everyone last night


Amazing Race Premiere

26 09 2011

Just a week ago,The Amazing Race won the Emmy for Best Reality show, just in time for it’s season premiere.

Did you watch last night?

Something that struck me was the quality of teams this time around…. usually you get a cast of characters that couldnt drive stick shift or make a sensible decision if their life depended on it. This season, it looks like The Amazing Race has put a new premium on the type of team that will contend. There are ex-football players, Olympians, the kid that sailed around the world, former Survivor winners, flight attendants (and with all the flying they do, that will come in handy!) and overall, really athletic and competitive people.

However, right off the bat… soemone loses their passport. By the grace of a Twitter-vention… the passport was returned. Really?! Nobody answers me on twitter….evne if I DID say I lost my passport, I’d get spambotted before I’d get a real person come to my aid. Something in that story seems fishy….

Survivor fans will be tickled pink to see another favourite on screen. Ethan Zohn, the nice guy who won a million bucks and landed a million dollar girlfriend the next season, successfully battled cancer and is running this race. Wow. What a story! I’ve never been a huge fan of his girlfriend, but they’ve been together now for 7 years and she has stuck with him through life/death… she must not be that bad.

The premiere kicked it up a notch by sending the teams to Taiwan to start! They had to use their heads early as the clue was impossible to find…especially since it wasnt in english, nor in it’s traditional ‘clue box’ form.

Teams lucky enough to find the clue, had to recite verses, by memory, from Confucious. What a nightmare…when was the last time you had to memorize something word for word? It’s a skill, and obviously, not everything has it!

The next task was dragon boat racing, how cool would that be? I mean, Toronto has a Dragon Boat festival, but there’s a massive difference between racing in Lake Ontario and racing…. in Taiwan.

Team number one was Ernie and Cindy, a dating couple. I’m not going to harp on the race card… but she was obviously slightly more comfortable speaking and navigating with years of chinese school in her back pocket. Hard to tell if they will be the frontrunners all season long.

You know who WON’T be on this journey much longer…. token older couple Bill and Cathi. By the time most teams were passing Phil as the finish line, They were still looking in all the wrong places for the clue. They were not eliminated, because it was a non elimination cop out, I mean round. So they escape the boot early, but will have to face a double elimination and a road block next week. I’d say their clock is ticking…


Celebrity Apprentice: May 8th

9 05 2011

Celebrity Apprentice takes the drama cake. I mean really. Trump hit and absolute goldmine this season – I don’t know if I should be praising him, or his casting director – but someone made some outstanding decisions to make this show what it is today.

Last night, 5 minutes into the 3 Hour EPIC (seriously, Star Wars wasnt that long!) NeNe Leakes committed the one sin Trump will never forget or let go… she quit. I’m not going to take sides here, because i can see how a woman like NeNe would feel like it was the ‘right’ thing to do in her circumstance – but at the same time… she was leaving at leas one more freak out on Star on the table. We got gypped.

The teams were then Latoya, John and Lil John, and on the other side Star, Meatloaf and Marlie.

Meat and Latoya were PM’s (this is the first of a two-task event… stay with me!)

The task was a fundraiser  at a comedy show. The celebs tried to call in as many people to drop a chunk of change on an amateur evening, but appantly after raising $600,000 and 900,000 respectively in a rpevious task… the wealthy were sick of giving.

Meatloaf took over the crazy train for Nene. He had a complete and utter meltdown at the thought of losing his money for his charity. The man was weeping. weeping. Begging for Trump to change the rules like a little boy getting tagged ‘it’ on the playground. It was a little bit difficult to watch actually.

In any case, the show must go on – and it did. In the end, after a few more tears in teh boardroom, Meatloaf was vindicated and won the task. In the quickest Trump firing all season, PM Latoya was re-fired. For good this time.

Ok, I’ve covered the first 1.5 hours in a nutshell – in the second half, the teams had to produce a commercial for OnStar. John and Lil John continue to be a well-oiled machine of creativity and follow through. The other team ,under the leadership of Marlie had some creative issues. Meatloaf of course took the creative lead, while Star sat back in her chair and did ‘brand integration’ as per usual. She couldnt work with Meatloaf, she can’t do ‘off the cuff’ and that’s where Meatloaf lives.

In the end, John and Lil John pulled out another win… spelling the boardroom for the team of three. I figured, since the creative was where they really lost it – the over-emotional Meatloaf would take the bullet. But bless his heart, he fought like a man possessed (like a bat outta hell…sorry.) He stepped in nicely once again for Nene having it OUT in the boardroom with Star. And before I knew what was happening, Star was blamed for the lack of brand integration, lack of preparedness for her voice over, and lack of sportsmanship in general.

Star Jones was FIRED.

Thoughts? Is there still enough crazy left for this show to go on? The final four is set, are they the right/strongest bunch?

Celebrity Apprentice: May 1

2 05 2011

If you watced the Celebrity Apprentice last night… you know we have A LOT to talk about today!

You wanted a Nene vs Star showdown? It happened, within the first 3 minutes of the show. And it was a gooodie! Nene went ‘street’ and got all ‘up in Stars face’ (infront of Trump and the executives) and Star played the ‘intelligent women dont play that way’ card and became a shrinking violet.

What a way to start!

The task was creating a hair show… gotta start feeling bad for the men in these challenges. I mean really, it’s harder for them to pull it off, but they always seem to manage. This is a strong men’s side. They are all performers and conofident in their roles. This might change…. you’ll see why later.

On the girls side, tension… obviously tangible. Not only did Nene verbally attack Star, she managed to insult the rest of the women by saying they were all too weak to stand up to Star. Feelings were hurt, and women deal with emotions differently than men. Remember the Meatloaf vs Busey blowout? It was OVER in seconds…Women hold may-jor grudges and will hold onto them (in the deep dark recesses of their hearts) forever.

So needless to say, the mood was not conducive to productivity.

In the meantime – Trump gets a visit from the recently ousted Latoya Jackson. Those Jacksons, cant keep ’em out of the lime light for long. She wants back. Not only that, she wants back… on the men’s team (I guess SO!)

The men ended up winning the challenge (surprise surprise) and the boardroom showdown was inevitable. I wanted the girls to lose JUST to see this clash of the titans! But before the festivities went down, Trump announces that Latoya will be returning and will join the men’s team. I dont even want to talk about it, i’m THAT perturbed by the decision. Bad form Trump.

Back to the boardroom, the obvious Star vs Nene arguements went on, and on. Then the focus shifted to the wallflower Hope who spends most of her time modelling and not actively contributing to the team. Strong women vs weak woman… Trump fires Hope.

You saw this if you were watching it in Canada… to my American friends, sorry you missed it… I hear there was something a little more timely making news at quarter to 11.


Are NeNe and Star done fighting, or will there be another showdown? What do you think of Trumps decision to ‘unfire’ Latoya?

Celebrity Apprentice: April 17th

18 04 2011

Celebrity Apprentice might be one of  the best ‘celebrity reality’ shows of the season – are you watching yet?

If you wanted to see the crazy headcase adventures of Gary Busey – last night was your last chance. Sorry to break it to you , but there are plenty of other trainwrecks waiting to happen on this show.

Gary and Playboy Hope were project managers last night – and the task was to promote Omaha Steaks infront of a LIVE studio audience. As soon as I heard that, I knew it was going to be a great night of TV. Anytime Gary Busey has to go LIVE infront of anyone… there better be a camera rolling, because the disaster is is iminent.

The women are starting to gel – they all have strong personalities, but now they are starting to get stuff DONE together. Hope was the ‘leader’ but with so many strong and capable women, the task gets easier every week.

On the men’s side, Gary was as expected. Completely inept. Are you suprised? And the men clearly can’t take another week of the Gary sideshow. Lil John and John Rich sat back and watched him crash the ship. Meatloaf went along for the ride, as the only real success on the task. Funny right? meatloaf presenting for Omaha Steaks? Classic.

The men lost as they should, and as they expected. But would Trump really fire Gary? The genius? The creative sparkplug? The ratings juggernaut?

The short answer… yes.

Finally, the men are a solid team of three completely diverse artists without the thorn to their rose. (Sorry, Brett Michael reference… lame I know)

The teams will go through a metamorphasis in the coming weeks… there will be a shuffle. Until then, the women better watch out – as well as their streak has been going, the men have lost the weakest link in the show’s history, leaving the cream to rise to the top. The women have underlaying issues that will rear their ugly head if the going gets tough. Nene hates Latoya. Nobody really likes Star who is waiting in the wings to strike, and Hope is a little bit useless.


Will the show still deliver the drama with Gary gone? Will the men’s team school the women now that theya re down to three? When will NeNe and Star hash it out? Will DWTS be next for Gary Busey?

Celebrity Apprentice: March 13

14 03 2011

Since when did Celebrity Apprentice become must-watch TV on a Sunday night?

Trump may as well run for President, he’s got a golden touch!

The group he has put together to compete for the ‘ultimate title of Apprentice’ is one for the books. Last night all claws were out on the Women’s side, and all ego’s were bruised on the men’s side. Such great TV.

The teams had to create and perform a Childrens book, which included at elast one of them as the book’s character. To me, this seemed really simple, because there were so many character options: Meatloaf, Lips Rinna, Lil Jon, lil Latoya Jackson, Playboy Bunny…

It wasnt quite that simple.

The women urged Lisa to take on the role of Project Manager… and after much begrudging, she stepped up. On the other side , Meatloaf was only happy to step up in lieu of his association with a Children Charity. His main task would be, how to include Gary without giving the children night terrors for a month.

If there is one person you KNOW you’re gonna hate throughout this season, it’s Star Jones. If there was one person you thought you were going to LOVE on this season, it would be Dionne Warwick…the legend. You would be wrong on the latter. Who knew Dionne Warwick was such a curmudgeonly hothead with the temperment of a stubborn cat. Wowza. She’s a reall pice of work that one! And along with her equally as difficult to manage counterparts, Rinna had a circus to run if she was ever going to win this task.

Gary Busey may be crazy, but he’s got strong influences around him that keep him in check. Mark McGrath really took on a management role in this episode, John Rich is super creative, Meatloaf is passionate, Canseco is more useless than you might think,and Lil Jon is less crazy than you might think.

In the end, The Men won the challenge, and Meatloaf wept like a softy.

I wouldve been weeping if I was Rinna. I’ve never championed her as a celebrity, but I really felt for this woman last night. She was up against two angry, competitive women in Star and Dionne, and no one had her back. Most just sat back and watched the carnage.

Lisa Lips Rinna was ultimately fired.

Battle of the Blades: Week 7

14 11 2010

One thing could make Battle of the Blades the ‘true hybrid’ of hockey and figure skating…and that was the guest judging by Canadian legend (akin to Tim Hortons) Don Cherry.

Ya, JR speaks for the ‘hockey players’ but Don Cherry takes the reputation of this show to another stratosphere… CBC has another hit show, and Don showed up to support…in a way only he could. In violet satin.

Now to the performances, did I mention…it was Top 4 tonight? Time flies…

Todd Warriner: Has suffered from a lack of personality, his quiet consistency hasnt ‘hurt’ him, but it hasnt made him a star in this competition.Last week, he tried to break the mold…in drag.  Tonight, another solid performance, but back to the basics -and no eye make up! Judges were on his side, 5.9’s all around…a very good time to start having peak performances!

Kelly Chase: Is still here, and wants you to know…he deserves it. Good for him, I’m sure he’s heard enough of the skeptics- and doggone it, he’s worked hard and lost over 50 pounds to make it this far! That being said, he is still NOT the most technical or graceful skater out there, but he is much improved. He has sweat for every point, every vote, and every pound…can’t knock that, although I’m not sure that it will make him the winner.

Patrice Brisebois: Launched himself into superstar status after his Halloween Monster Mash routine…he can coast on that for a week or two, it was THAT good. TOnight, I felt like he didn’t have his A-game, but again, likely won’t matter. NExt week, I expect him to prove that he wants to WIN this thing, and put it away for good.

Val Bure: Might be the most graceful and precise of all the Top 4 skaters…but has been constantly battling the voters! Tonight, he wasn’t perfect, and I wonder if that will hurt him. On the nights where he pulls ahead of the pack, he gets support…how will it differ when he misses a few beats? POnly time will tell… still, He absolutely deserves to go another round.


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