TIFF: The Final Day

19 09 2010

Last day of TIFF!

Say your farewells…adieus, and ‘until next years’ – the festival is rolling back the red carpets today.

We saw the birth of the Film Holy- Place, Cinema Chapel even… the TIFF Bell Lightbox was definitely a highlight of the festival, and perhaps even an icon that will put Toronto’s film community on the map (for keeps…) With the Church of Film, we are telling the world that we are in it for the future. We may not be the powerhouse country of movie-making, but we appreciate cinema and have a vested itneresting in it’s modern history and the evolutions in the future. Peter Howell of The Star said it best… it’s a statement in a time of endless sequels and cats-on-skateboards on YouTube.  – a statement I am proud to make vocal to the rest of the international film community.

The Art of Cinema is here to stay…here…in Toronto.

I will post a full photo wrap up, and a summary/commentary on the highs and lows of this years festival tomorrow.

Today, I am off to see one last film before the 10-day extravaganza concludes. You should take advantage of a final day – but remember, the Lightbox is ours to keep! Let’s make sure we celebrate film all-year round, in our very own concert hall for cinema!

Sure, the celebs get to retreat to their homes in the hollywood hills…but one thing they cant take from us, is permanently sitting at King and John. Toronto. Canada.


Sunday Night Recaps

11 04 2010

So the Tiger saga is finally over…right? He lost…FYI, sorry for the spoiler. So can someone please give all his endorsements to the guy who actually WON…?! Unfortunately THAT guy is faithful to his wife, and campaigns for charities to support his wife and mother in law. he’s not worth endorsing…I hate the world.

can we move on?

Here’s what was worth watching sunday night!

Celebrity Apprentice:
So the two most famous celebs happen to be away…which leaves room for other egos to blossom. Cyndi was meeting the Pres and Sharon was sick. Thank goodness Rod Blag was gone…he’s wouldve been the most famous person on the show!

Brief Recap:

  • Task: create a commerical and internet spot for Right guard.
  • Holly whatsherface is PM for the girls and Chef Curtis was in charge for the boys.
  • As usual, the boys turn to Brett for all the ideas (is it his childlike sensibility?)
  • Holly and her gaggle of girls were thrilled with themselves for coming up with a cheesy concept.
  • Its just not the same without that Brooklyn Basketcase piping up with creative ideas….sigh, these women think they are interesting, but they are sooooo vanilla!
  • Guys are scatterbrained again, the problem is that they leave all creative to an emotionally unstable ADHD adult  former “rockstar”… soes it really need to be spelled out for them?
  • FINALLY Cyndi returns, and Holly WHosit is upset that she wants to record a jingle..really, like thats not totally up her alley after 20 years in the industry?
  • Oh, and Brett gets a phone call, (coincidentally) his daughter “might” have diebetis…and her docs appt “might” be today, and we “might” hear the news any time.
  • Michael meets with Trump to announce he is leaving because of “family issues”…vague….which means he’ll talke about it for a large sum of money at a later date. Cue an appearance on Ellen.
  • In the boardroom: The ads came out surprisingly mediocre (I was expecting much worse…)
  • If looks could kill, there wouldve been a masacre in that room. Holly obviously has a celebrity complex. When Trump asked Cyndi to sing the jingle…burn!
  • The Winner: The Guys. It’s going to be a dooooozy of a boardroom with those girls and their self esteem issues! darn you commerical breaks!
  • 2 strong personalities, 1 weak one… Soleda (?) goes home.

** dont forget to check out my interview and vote for the blog : http://bloginterviewer.com/television/tv-night-chrissi-sheppard **

Some Sunday recaps

4 04 2010

Happy Easter weekend!…but even if you didnt watch the 10 Commandments or Ben Hur, there were other options!

Celebrity Apprentice:

Can I just say one thing, Rod-Blag is useless. An idiot, and talentless. I just dont get it…he WAS a governor…not an overly great one (obviously)…but a “leader” of a state nonetheless…he had to have had a Russian-sized ARMY of people carrying out tasks and actually doing the work FOR him. But Idigress…

Recap of the Night:

  • Rod Blag and VS model are chosen as PMs
  • Both PMs are flown offsite to ORlando
  • Task: create a 3D Harry Potter Promo for Universal Studios
  • Remember, ROD-Blag  is technologically challenged…yes that means cell phones, texting, emailing, and general computer turning-on (think early 1970’s communication methods…)
  • He hands over the responsibility to the  (previously)strung out, pretty haired, romantically delusional rocker…a safe bet right?
  • Both PM’s spend the majority of the task in Trumps plane, in Florida or en route.
  • The women used every communication method possible to stay in touch and on point.
  • Rod Blag is useless….have I mentioned that?
  • They tried to make Cyndi look like a raving lunatic-ess… again. But in the end, this was a task directed at slightly twisted, nerdy children who believe in magic and witches…an area she excelled in. (wasnt that her fanbase in the 80’s?)
  • Best quote of the night goes to (the always entertaining) Sharon Osbourne sticking up for Cyndi “If Cyndi wasnt here, it would be like watching ice melt“…love her.
  • Ultimately, The boys promo was verging on creepy and definitly a cornball attempt.
  • The womens was a much more interactive experience…and they have the secret weapon…Cyndi (frickin) Lauper.
  • Boys lose: Rod Blag brings Curtis (okay….?!) and Michael (what the…?) into the boardroom…
  • Now the (excrucutiatingly long) deliberation over who is the most uselss (you KNOW my vote…)
  • And there IS a god..Rod Blag is off TV (for tonight…watch for his appearances on various morning shows tomorrow morning)

Apprentice Recap

29 03 2010

Dont get me wrong…I love this show. In fact, it’s one of my favourite vices…and I love that it’s outside the weekly mix, on sundays.

But is anyone thinking the boardroom ‘situation’ is taking waaaaaay toooo much time? This show is 2 hours, and we spent an hour of that looking at Trumps mug asking people “who should I fire“. Beating a dead horse. No one EVER says who should be fired until they are cohersed at agonizing length. No one ever has an opinion on why they lost. Theres always a winner and a loser…(Trump should know this by now…) sometimes there is no real rhyme or reason; especially when the winner is crwoned based on the preference of the judges. In this case, you gotta just fire the most inadequate person- because isnt the point (if this were real) you would not want this person ‘on staff’ (again, if this was jockeying for a real job and not just a jump-start to an extra 15 minutes of fame).

The whole “fire the PM” routine is getting a little old as well. Your weakest link is often not your leader, its the dimwits working for him/her. Just because you signed up to be the PM…doesnt mean every task should be brilliantly masterminded and executed by…YOU. Yes, responsibility for completion of the task is yours. But when the success of the task is judged by people based on opinion/preference… at this point, it has nothing to do with the leaders management.

Put it this way; if the task was completly botched, was not competed, or was far from the expectations of the outline….fire the PM. That’s his/her fault: management and completion of the task.

In saying (allll) that, last night was a particularly strange episode. Teams were faced with the task of designing an advertorial campaign for the (new and world changing!) Identity Theft product (really…is identity theft the most pressing issue in America right now?).

The girls were a mess. The (D-list unknown) PM was mismanaging her troops. Let Cyndi be creative! You need people with ideas to feel free to share their visions (no matter how LSD induced). NO one else has anything new and original to offer…so let the woman speak! They are now treating her like she’s the child theyve been forced to babysit for the day…giving her menial tasks to complete and giving her the ‘hush’ finger when she opens her mouth (one step down from giving her a popsicle and a pop up book.)

Guys were not much better. Especially since they ARE babysitting a kid for the day with Brett Michaels. This guy is super annoying- it would make a difference if he was useful in any capacity, but he is not. They carry more dead-weight in Rod -Blag. Not only does he offer NOTHING in terms of creative vision, he doesnt know how to turn on a computer (never mind go beyond that…and do research on said machine). How DID this guy  land a position of power in America? Somewhere George W Bush is giggling in a corner.

In the end, neither were particularly…usable, but the judges deemed the Mens attempt LESS usable.

in the (painfully long) boardroom…Trump went the ‘fire the PM’ route…until (out of left field! sorry…) Darrel Strawberry says HE wasnts to be fired. Really?! this took everyone by surprise…and there was no real explanation. Strawberry tried to save his reputation by giving the “its for the team” statement and vehemently denying that he was “quitting” (just leaving voluntarily.)

weird right? Thats why I love this show…

Amazing Race Sunday

28 03 2010

Amazing Race:
The stereotypes took to the open roads again this week…this time heading to Seychelles (google it…).

Here are the highlights:

  • The (annoying) models started off really well…but it was bound not to last (lets face it…)
  • On the helicopter ride, The gay boys were “being followed by a rainbow” (ohhh the irony) …literally
  • The first challenge was a choice between luring a tortoise with a banana or guiding an oxen with a wagon full of cocnuts into town. (hint: has fable told you nothing? always choose the TURTLE!)
  • Father daughter team picked the right turtle, that thing was motoring- the turtle on a mission! (or severly underfed and starvinf for some potassium)
  • unfortunately, they forgot one tiny thing on their way to the next leg…everything they own. Backpacks. (apparantly ‘make up’ is what daughter will miss the most…I wouldve said underwear. but thats just me.)
  • Other teams struggled to load coconuts into a wagon and driving oxen.
  • Biggest problem: managing to keep all their eggs in one basket (ok, coconuts in one wagon) before reaching the vendor.
  • Cowboys, Lesbians and models ALL had issues with missing (coco)nuts.
  • Every team trash talked the “mean lesbians” at the pitstop…infact, male model said it was an “anonymous’ feeling among the groups. he meant Unanimous…in case you were wondering.
  • After the cowboys had to retrace their steps…they narrowly came in last.
  • but fear NOT! it is (the blessed) non elimination round and thye live to see another day (or get back on the bull…using yet another cowboy analogy…cant get enough of THOSE)

Sunday Night in Review

22 03 2010

Pretty good huh? I’m enjoying Sunday nights…not only does it stand on it’s own two feet pragramming-wise, it preceedes an ALL NEW exciting Monday!

Here’s what happened last night…before we can foray into all monday madness!

Amazing Race:
I’m loving the stereotypes still racing: Cowboys, Gay brothers, LEsbians, Father/daughter, Models, reality-“stars”, Police partners… my favourites are the Police partners and the Cowboys 🙂


  • It apparantly gets cold in the South of France. (come to Canada!)
  • Police partner one liners: “I’d still be getting the mail in my boxers in New England” and “If I can find crack in a guys butt, I can sure the marked grapes”…love it!
  • Model asks “Joan of Arc…didnt she carry animals on a boat?”…nope. that’s Noah. Nice try.
  • Another model asks “Maybe it’s said Arc de Joan…like Arc de Triumph“. Another solid guess.
  • I love how in France, they follow a guy in a Porsche…in India they follow guys on Donkeys.
  • In the end, one of the two model couples got the axe. Does it really matter which one?



  • Cyndi Lauper lugs a rug through the busy streets of NYC.
  • Brett Michaels does his best impression of a) a four year old in time out or b) a Diva. Either would be correct.
  • Sinbad started to sound like Paula Abdul… incapable of finishing a sentence.
  • I want a hug from Daryl Strawberry…he just reminds me of a neighbour, or an uncle…
  • Sharon O hacks all over the cupcakes…lovely. I’ll take two…
  • Rod B preens more than the victoria secret models…and Brett Michaels…combined.
  • Victoria Secret Model cant stand Cyndi Lauper’s stories…sorry…WHAT’s your name?
  • In the boardroom: Boys lose
  • Sinbad cant articulate and isnt as pretty as Brett and Rod…gets FIRED.

Review: Sunday night

15 03 2010

we may have LOST an hour this weekend, but we also managed to pick up 2 new NBC shows…Insert punchline here.

I personally watched both last night as:
a)I’m a sucker for stressful game shows
b)i’m a sucker for reality shows with celebrity involvement and
c)I guess i’m just a sucker for any programming on a sunday night…

Here’s what happened last night:

Celebrity Apprentice:
Ok. If you’re looking for a someone to absolutly LOVE on TV right now…check out Cyndi Lauper. This woman is a characature of herself, a spoof 0f herself and….herself all in one. Amazing. DWTS should take note…you need STARS with personalities to make good tv. Kudos to Donald Trump for getting this legend (and also, Rosie O’Donells best friend…drama drama) along with a gaggle of other big players.

The Task: Run a diner for 3 (whole!) hours, raising as much money for charity as possible. Winner takes the cake and avoids the boardroom…the teams were split girls/boys (just like recess…or dodgeball).

moments of the night:

  • Sharon Osbourne “I dont play well with others…” ha!
  • The re-emergence of Sinbad…and he got to hold a sandwich board on a corner in NYC (quite possibly what he’s been doing since the late 90’s…)
  • Brett Michaels emphatically warning everyone that he’s on 1 hour sleep…(and that, yes, he will be wearing that sequened hat all season)
  • Rod Blabbermouth (former governor) wont stop (former governer) talking about (former governer)…his former career…he was a governer yano.
  • Oh ya, Brett Michaels has a diebetic attack while selling fried food…in support of a Diebetes Charity. I’m not even gonna touch that.
  • Cyndi Lauper holds an impromptu concert for diners…just her and an accordian ‘friend’ bust out “True Colours”. Priceless.
  • Only in NYC can you get truffle shavings for an extra 100 bucks on your cheeseburger…nice. I pay for an extra slice of cheese at Subway.
  • The guys have named their team “Rock Solid“…just waiting for the inappropriate euphemisms from Brett Michaels…and the endless “Rock On” hand gestures… with tongue. (by the way, his clothing line also happens to be called Rock Solid…coincidence?)
  • Joan Rivers stops by each joint to BURN the teams…I love this woman. To Blabbermouth she simply says “dont touch the customers…”  short, sweet…buuuuurn.
  • I love how Trump has (seamlessly) dumped both ‘advisors’ Carolyn and George for his spawn…he gave them an offer they couldnt refuse.
  • Ladies lose the task — shouldve gone with the fois gras on the menu

In the end, after a loooong deliberation, the Comedienne Carol goes home…not because she was a trainwreck because she was virtually unknown, uninteresting and didnt join in the sing-along.

Minute to Win it:

As I was watching this show…I couldnt really make a decision on whether I was loving or hating it.


  • Like Deal or No deal…but more action.
  • Like Deal or no Deal…but no sexy models pretending to like Howie Mandel
  • Useful. As in, next babysitting gig…you’ll be set for games.
  • Variety. Lots of games, if you arenet interested…wait 60 seconds, the game will change.
  • Possible. unlike Deal or No Deal…not completly based on luck and odds.


  • Overproduced. JUST like Deal or No Deal. (Americans should actually take a page from Japanese game shows…they are raw, unrehearsed and really entertaining. They take all the ideas from them…but the always water it down with production value)
  • Host? Weird…Guy Fierio is a guy who has made his money by scarfing down fatty fried foods on TV and over-bleaching his hair. That’s every guy over 30 anywhere south of Iowa.
  • Flash in the pan? Maybe…I dont know how much of this show I will watch on a regular basis…shouldve been a summer thing I think.

It was not a complete waste of an hour, and was certainly a good way to get through commercials while watching other shows.

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