SYTYCD Canada Finale

12 09 2011

Season 4 of SYTYCD Canada came to a close last night, the winner was announced and Canada has a new favourite dancer.

After allowing a ‘final 6’ to compete for the prize (a cop out in my opinoin) a jam-packed final results show was capped off by announcing the winner.

Y’know what else was jam packed? The judges table… every single person who has ever graced the panel was on-hand. The ever entertaining Mary Murphy and the elusive Mia Michaels joined the usual company of Jean Marc, Tre and Blake. It looked like the painting of the Last Supper up there… just sayin’.

It was 2 hours– so you can imagine. Lots of dancing, lots of crying, Leah trying to cry through the 3 inch thick makeup,  lots of half nakedness, standing ovations, and judges pouring their souls out for each contestant.

Jump to the resultsMatt, Christian, Lindsay and Shane were quickly given the boot, leaving Melissa and Jordan in the running as the ‘final 2’.

I have to make mention, that Jordan was my favorite female in the competition from the very beginning. So not only do I enjoy some personal satisfaction over her success… it makes my heart tingle to think that I shared that opinion with a large majority of SYTYCD canada fans and voters.

Melissa had been a judges favourite all along, and interesting how both the Canadian and American versions this season featured two girls in the final 2.

To the final minutes, and the dramatic reveal…

Canada’s Favourite dancer and the winner of some serious swag is…..


Cue the confetti!


SYTYCD Canada: Top 10 Results

24 08 2011

Another elimination night on SYTYCD Canada.

Since there are no BAD dancers, this gets tougher and tougher each week.

last night, the bottom three looked like this:

Guys: Francois, Christian, Adam

Girls: Denitsa, Yulia and Melissa

Some of those results shocked me, you know how I feel about Christian, and Melissa is a judges favourite.

In the end, both were safe and the two going home were Yulia and Francois. The rest will head to the Top 8 and perform again next week.

SYTYCD Canada: Top 10 August 22

23 08 2011

The SYTYCD Canada Top 10 dancers took to the stage last night – and now it is starting to get tough to choose just one favourite.

I have, however, been able to… sort of.

Last night, it made it asefully hard, each dancer approached their dances with a renewe intensity and level of compete.

Mambo: Denitsa and François: A great pairing for this dance, both dancers looked to be in their element and started off the show with a fast paced, lightening speed mambo with class and style. However, it was a mambo… not traditionally the highest voted dance by an audience of 13-17 year olds.
Contemporary: Lindsay and Adam: A bit of redemption for Blake McGrath who hasnt been nearly as poetic and inspired this season in my opinon. This was a beautiful and strong piece danced to it’s 110% by the dancers. Both are ‘in it to win it’ and stand a good chance after tonights breakthrough.

Hip-hop: Melissa and Shane: I’m not loving the hip Hop on this show this season. Sorry. I think they need some fresh choreographers to shake it up a bit. However, Melisss and Shane danced the heck out of this number… but was it enough?

Contemporary: Yuliya and Matt: This was a contemporary piece choreographed by the rising star Sabrina Matthews. She may be tough, but she inspires strength and precision. Great dance, great choreography perhaps even better than the first contemporary piece of the evening.

Jazz: Jordan and Christian: I told you I had favourites. Well, this week my two favourites were paired together in Jordan and Christian. Cutest couple ever, and also… serious serious dancing machines. Jordan is a powerhouse, Christian matches it in quiet masculinity.

Fore me, Jordan/Christian and Yulia/Matt stole the night …


SYTYCD Canada: Top 12 Results

17 08 2011

The Top 12 became the Top 10 last night as two more dancers were eliminated.


So close, but yet…

The bottom 3 couples were not who I wouldve selected as the bottom performances last night, but somehow Lindsay, Yulia and Geisha fell in the bottom along with their partners Joey,  Shane and Christian.

They all danced for their lives with stunning solos… best of the season by far.

The judges then had to make the final call… Geisha (frequent bottom 3 dweller) and Joey were eliminated, barely missing the Top 10.

Someones gotta go… that’s the name of the game.

SYTYCD Canada: Top 14 results

10 08 2011

Another tuesday night ameans another elimination for the Top 14 dancers on SYTYCD Canada.

It’s at this stage when things begin to get really tough for judges and the voting public. There are no BAD dancers, so favourites start to emerge.

last night, however, there were still a few dancers that could be weeded out to make the Top 12 a stronger bunch. I know that I dont share this opinion with every person voting, so I didn’t have high expectations that my thoughts would be mirrored by the results.

In some cases, I am pleasantly surprised that the outcome is on-point with my assessments. Last night was one of them!

I suggested that JP and Carlena were not in the same league, nor have they been pushed as much as the other dancers. They both fell into the bottom last night, and were the two dancers ultimately eliminated from the competition.

It’s nice to be vindicated sometimes.


SYTYCD Canada: Top 14

9 08 2011

It’s getting serious on SYTYCD Canada, and last night, the Top 14 dancers took the stage with gusto… some of them might actually want to WIN this thing!

Surprise surprise…. new partners are picked.

Jordin and Fracois: Samba

A true power couple, expecially in this style of dance. Jordin can master anything and is one of the strongest dancers in this competition, and she is partnered by Francois is the king of this style! There was so much hip action i was getting dizzy! If Mary was on the panel, there wouldve been Hoots and Hollars all throughout the dance… it was hot, it was fast, it was a perfect way to set the tone for the night.

Geisha and Joey: Contemporary

I would call these two a power couple as well. Joey is a powerhouse dancer, and in his style he is dominant. Geisha is emerging as a force to be reckoned with, and was beautiful in this dance. This was another beautiful, and memorable contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey, and the dancers gave full emotion to the story.

Julia and JP: Hip Hop

This was not a highlight of the night for me. JP is not in the same league as some of these other dancers, and Julia was too far out of her stly eot make this work. The judges don’t like to criticize, and have a love-affair with certain dancers (JP included) so they watered down their response. I won’t. I think JP is wrong for this competition, and he brings down all of his partners. There, I said it. I dont care how many dimples he has.

Lindsay and Christian: Jazz Funk

Blake McGrath was back choreographing this piece showcasing the dancers ability to committ to his wild-abondon style. Both dancers kept up with the movements and eachother to create a solid dance. I don’t know how much I will remember this moving forward, but I think these two are on the cusp of being contenders with one really great dance. I don’t think last night’s performance will do it quite yet.

Denitsa and Matt: Cha Cha

No one likes getting the Cha Cha (or the tango, or the waltz…etc) but Matt and Denitsa might just be the perfect pair for this style. Denitsa is a beautiful ballroom dancer – she has legs for days and the costumes are made for her body. Seriously. Matt is a very strong dancer with a great spirit. He learns well, and executes new dances flawlessly. A great dance, not the best of the night.

Carlena and Shane: Contemporary

Finally they throw a challenge at Carlena…a slow, emotional contemporary. In fact, it might’ve been too slow. There wasnt enough content to ‘WOW’ me, but I thought they danced it well. I’m glad this wasn’t the first or the last dance of the night… it didn’t set any kind of tone. It was just, fine.

Melissa and Adam: Hip Hop

I’m not usually a fan of Luther Browns routines, but this one was really hard hitting and showed off his dancers abilities more than I’ve seen in the past. Both Melissa and Adam invested 100% into this dance, and it was fast, sexy, and exuded ‘swagga’ (the word of the year apparently). Great way to end the night!


SYTYCD Canada: Top 16 Results

3 08 2011

The results for SYTYCD Canada last night were not at ALL what I expected.

Probably the biggest upset in SYTYCD Canada history.

Here’s why.

There were obvious standouts last night… those people were all in the bottom three. Jordan, Shelaina, Kevin, Joey, Shane and Denitsa.

They were all the best of the best last night, and yet, they all landed in the bottom?! Really…consistently the strongest dancers of the competition, and all of them are in danger.

2 had to go… and in the end, the judges stunned me AGAIN by eliminating Shelaina and Kevin!
Probably my favourite pair of the night.


You know how I feel…

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