SYTYCD Elimination June 16

17 06 2011

Last night on SYTYCD, it was the first elimination night of the season.

If you can call it an elimination show.

I’ll get to that.

First, we find out who the bottom 6/7 are (remember, Mitchell had an auto-pass into the bottom, but his partner made it thorugh.)

They all ‘dance for their lives’

We see a lip-synched and mediocre performance by Keri Hilson. Hint: It’s a dancing show,  if you aren’t a great dancer, or have anything new to offer…don’t try. Just sing.

We also get a sneak peek of Lady Gaga’s new Edge of Glory video featuring the recently hospitalized E-Street Band Saxophonist, Clarence Clemons. However, either Gaga didnt provide enough reel (doubtful), or the show made a terrible decision based on timing (likely)… Clarences solo was cut off for commercials. Ouch.

Back to the judges decision. Apparantly, they hadnt come to one yet – and asked two boys to dance again. Strange and awkward, because we had JUST seen the very same dance…30 seconds earlier. Nothing has changed since then Nigel.

In the end, the judges hummed and hawed and told each dancer how great they were…and the outcome? No Eliminations this week.

Cop out.

I mean, I love all the dancers too…but that’s the nature of the beast! It’s a competition show, only one winner will emerge…I just feel a little bit cheated by the whole thing.

C’est la vie … there will be another Top 20 dance-off next week.


What did you think of the decision?



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